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Meteorologist CV

Meteorologists are the weather forecasters or atmospheric scientists who studies and research on weather. They are the one who keeps all the minute details regarding climate and weather. Therefore, the CV of the candidate applying for the position of meteorologist must highlight all his essential skills and knowledge.

Sample Meteorologist CV

Martin Lewis

67 A, Newland street


Phone number: 87897

Email id:

Career Objective:

I want to exercise my skills and experience as a meteorologist by getting associated with a repute association. Moreover, I am looking for an association that would help me best to explore my knowledge.

Educational Qualification:

2007-2009: Masters of engineering, major dynamic meteorology and weather analysis, American engineering college of meteorology.

2004-2007: Bachelors of engineering, major meteorology, American engineering college of meteorology.

Professional Experience:

2010- Present: Working in the position of junior meteorology scientist at Ocean and atmosphere analyzing institute.

2008: Completed internship of seven months successfully from National Institute of weather forecast.

2006: Completed internship of five months successfully from Institute of atmosphere and oceanic science.


  • Efficient in weather forecasting and analysis.
  • Excellent in implementing new methodologies for weather forecast and oceanic atmosphere.
  • Capable of analyzing oceanic atmosphere by the help of other measures like atmospheric pressure, ocean depth etc.


  • First class degree in Graduation, American engineering college of meteorology
  • Received best intern certificate from Institute of atmosphere and oceanic science.
  • Received best junior meteorologist performance award from Ocean and atmosphere analyzing Institute on the year 2010


Can be provided upon request.

Forensic Scientist CV

Forensic Scientist is the person responsible for investigating crime by analyzing the collected physical evidences. They are appointed by various crime investigating departments for investigating and researching on any particular crime. Therefore, a candidate applying for the position of forensic scientist should have all the skills highlighted on his CV.

Sample Forensic Scientist CV

Aisha Richards

78 Longman Street


Phone number: 7879009


Career Objective:

With my strong skill in investigation of crime I desire to get associated with a repute forensic Organization. Moreover, I want to get enormous exposure for utilizing crime investigating skills for the betterment of the future social life.

Educational Qualification:

2008: Present: Researching on DNA fingerprinting, American Forensic research center.

2005:2007 Masters in Crime Investigation and Forensic science, University of California

2003-2005   Bachelors of Science in Forensic Science, University of California.

Professional Experience:

2009: Present: Working as assistant Forensic scientist, American Forensic research center.

Career Skills:

  • Efficient in detecting crime from the collected physical evidences.
  • Efficient in performing DNA fingerprinting and speech analyze technique for detecting criminals.
  • Capable of assisting criminal investigation detection team at its best.
  • Efficient in implementing new methodologies which would help in criminal findings.
  • Efficient in preparing reports for the criminal investigation department based on which they look for the criminals and the type of the crime they are involved in.


  • First class degree in Graduation, University of California
  • Received the degree of excellence for my work on detecting criminal gene effect, American forensic research Center

Physiological Scientist CV

Physiological scientist are clinically specialized physiologist who develop and uses techniques and equipments for measuring the function of body’s vital organs like heart, lung etc. They are responsible for developing new equipments which would detect any kind of abnormalities in these vital organs. Therefore, the CV of a physiological scientist must contain all noteworthy skills of the candidate.

Sample Physiological Scientist CV

Davis Longwin

78, strand ford road

New york-88

Phone number: 678989

Email id:

Career Objective:

With my professional skill and experience I want to serve the people at its best. Therefore, I want to get associated with such a medical organization where I can exercise my skills as physiological scientist.

Educational Qualification:

2007-Present: Researching on human Physiology, Government state medical research center.

2005-2007: Masters in human Physiology, College of medical science, New York

2000-2005: MBBS, College of medical Science, New York

Professional Experience:

2007-Present: Assisting various physicians regarding lab test reports, government State medical research center.

2006: Working as an assistant physiological scientist, College of Medical Science, New York.

2005: Worked as an Intern at college of medical science, New York

Career Skills:

  • Efficient in diagnosing any disorders or diseases related to human physiology.
  • Prepare detailed lab reports of the patient’s physiology thorough research.
  • Can assist senior physiological scientist with extreme expertise.
  • Efficient in developing and implementing new techniques for analyzing the function of vital organs more in details.


  • Received best research scholar degree for researching on human physiology, Government State Medical Research Center.

Perfusionist CV

A perfusionist is a clinical specialized person responsible for operating the heart lung machine during the cardiac and other surgeries. They always had to take a major role in surgery team. Therefore, this job position looks for highly skilled and knowledge candidates.

Sample Perfusionist CV

Richa Lewis

7/B homely street


Phone number: 989800

Email Id:

Career Objective:

I want to utilize my specialized skills and knowledge as a perfusionist by getting associated with a repute medical institute. Moreover, I want to implement my clinical skills for the betterment of the people in future.

Educational Qualification:

2005-2007: Masters in clinical perfusion and anesthesia, St Mary’s medical hospital and research center.

2000-2005: MBBS, St Mary’s Medical Hospital and Research Center.

Professional experience:

  • 2007: Assisting the cardiovascular surgery team as assistant perfusionist, St Mary’s Medical hospital and research center.
  • 2005-2007 Researching on clinical anesthesia and perfusion system, St. Mary’s medical hospital and research center.
  • 2005: Worked as Intern, St Mary’s Medical hospital and research center


  • Efficient in handling the patient during implantation of anesthesia or perfusion.
  • Efficient in implementing perfusion system for the cardiovascular disorder patients.
  • Excellent in team work and always contributed essential advice for the surgery team.
  • Handled tremendous surgery situations with ease and always shown presence of mind while assisting senior physician.


  • First class degree in MBBS from the class of 2005, St. Mary’s Medical Hospital and Research Center.
  • Received the degree of excellence for my performance in handling perfusion system application on world’s youngest patient suffering with cardiovascular disorder.

Immunologist CV

Immunologist is the person who is responsible for investigating about the function of body’s immune system and applies his knowledge towards controlling range of disorders and diseases. They are the one who develop new therapies for treating various diseases. Therefore, a candidate applying for the position of immunologist must highlight his knowledge on his CV.

Sample Immunologist CV

Daniel Richards

78-Hosuton bay


Phone number: 7870989

Email Id:

Career Objective:

I have a strong desire to be a part of such a medical organization where I can best implement my skills, knowledge and experience of over 5years as an immunologist.

Educational Qualification:

2003-2005: Masters in Immunology, Washington institute of medical science.

1999-2003: MBBS, Washington institute of medical science.

Professional Experience:

2003-2005: Worked as an Intern at Washington institute of medical science.

Career Skills:

  • Efficient in implementing any new methodologies for diagnosing the proper function of patient’s immune system.
  • Efficient in detecting any genetic disorders by the thorough study of patient’s immune system.
  • Capable of making reports based on the research done by senior physicians or immunologist.
  • Keen in developing new methods and strategies for better treatment of immune system disorders or diseases.
  • Excellent advisor, have strong presence of mind and can work handle situations under any circumstances.


  • Gold medalist in MBBS from the batch of 2003, Washington institute of medical science.
  • Received the best intern award from Washington institute of medical science.
  • Received the honorary guest invitation from Science and welfare society for the Health awareness program on 2007.

Hematologist CV

Haematologist is a specialized physician who expertises in the field of blood disease. His chief job is to identify, treat and cure ailments related to the blood system. Therefore the haematologist’s CV should highlight his educational qualifications, specialization and professional experiences in the field of medical sciences.

Sample for Haematologist CV

Personal Details:-

Name- Lily Caxton

Age- 35

Address-12, Felix Rendall Avenue, Central Colony, Manhattan-55.

Phone Number- 5527485867

Mobile Number- 7364859629

Email id-

Career Objectives:-

As an established haematologist, I want to impartially reach out to the people of my nation who have been suffering from various blood ailments but cannot access advanced means of treatments due to their poor economic condition. Therefore I aspire to serve in the best way possible to those who are needy yet cannot avail expensive treatments that can cure them of their diseases.

Educational Background:-

1997- MBBS from University of Medical Sciences, Manhattan

1998- Specialization in Hematology

Professional Experience:-

1999- Regent State Hospital Manhattan.

2005- Red Cross Medical Workshops held in various parts of Ontario and Toronto.


  • I can contribute in the vast research that is going on to find advanced cure for blood disorders like idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura and haemophilia.
  • Like all haematologists, I intend to work towards finding a successful cure against the malignancies like leukaemia and lymphoma.
  • After specializing in stem cell transplantation and the science of transfusion of blood, I aim to treat complicacies in blood and bone marrow that have been untreated till now due to their unknown causes.


2003- Award for the Breakthrough research in California Doctor’s Association.

2006- Initiative for the needy Award by Red Cross in Ontario.

Genetic Technologist CV

The job profile of a genetic technologist essentially consists of performing various researches to detect and explain abnormalities of chromosomes from various samples. These experiments help to understand genetic disorders that are likely to happen in the future. A genetic technologist CV should mirror his intense knowledge on genetic science and related subjects.

Sample Genetic Technologist CV

Personal details:-

Name- Andrea Garrett.

Age- 26

Address- 31, Vivian Park Avenue, New York-15.

Phone Number-733951500

Mobile Number- 8355284758


Career Objectives:-

As a genetic technologist I want to employ my knowledge in molecular biology and genetics to the fullest. I further aspire to implement my practical skills of genetic research for the purpose of aiding in finding breakthrough treatment in genetic disorders and hybridization.

Educational Background.

2009- M.Sc in Genetic Sciences from the University of Michigan

2007- B.Sc in Microbiology from the University of Michigan

Professional Experience:-

2008- Internship in Genomics from the University of Manhattan.

2006- Internship in Molecular Biology from University of Manhattan.


2009- Best Scholar of the year from University of Michigan

2009- Best All Rounder of the year from University of Michigan.


  • As an efficient and dedicated genetic technologist I can help to assist in the production of DNA probes which can be used to diagnose ailments such as malaria, sleeping sickness etc.
  • I can also aid in the development of various kinds of vaccines like recombinant vaccines against human hepatitis B virus and Rabies Virus.
  • Through research I can contribute in production of valuable drugs like human insulin, human interferon, human and bovine growth hormones, etc.

Audiological Scientist CV

Audiological scientist implements scientific principles to diagnose assess and manage patients who have balance, hearing and tinnitus problems. They ensure that evidence assessment techniques are used as well as develop and assess new techniques. The CV of audiological scientist should clearly show his clinical expertise and sound knowledge in every stature of audiology.

Audiological Scientist CV Sample

Sam Colin

54 Samtreet Street


United States of America

Mobile No – 6589742152

Fax No: 5987221254

Email:  sam.colin

Educational Background

  • I passed my bachelors degree in audiology from College of Human Biology, 1995.
  • I passed my master degree in audiological balances from Samsen College of Audiology in 2000.
  • I did my fellowship in audiological stoichiometry from Samsen College.

Work Experience

I am working as the Head of The Department of Audiology in States University (Audiological Sciences).

Career Objective

Being a hardworking, passionate and experienced audiological scientist, I aspire to reach out to people who come with complicated and not-so-common symptoms. My theoretical knowledge equipped with practical experience will also be an asset for research fellows to unearth some new techniques of audiology.


  • Received the Samsen Undergraduate Scholarship while in high school.
  • Received the Shauntons Memory Brilliance State Awards For a presentation showing hearing sensation as nothing but a mere electric impulse.
    • Won the CIST prize from Michigan State University in Audiology, 2005.


  • Performing jobs related to wide scope of audiology.
  • Help junior audiology researchers.
  • Providing consultation to other audiological scientists.
  • Get indulged in research oriented jobs related to audiology. 

Clinical Molecular Geneticist CV

A clinical molecular geneticist uses molecular and biochemical biology to identify genetic abnormalities associated with a disease. A molecular geneticist needs to be very well updated with the everyday change in biochemical world and diagnose the symptoms accurately. The CV of clinical molecular geneticist should provide information regarding his work experience.

Clinical Molecular Geneticist CV Sample

Paul Colin

54 Samtreet Street


United States of America

Mobile No – 6589742152

Fax No: 5987221254

Email:  paulcolin

Educational Background

  • I have a bachelors degree in biochemistry from Michigan State University , 1998
  • I have a masters degree in molecular biology from Michigan College of Sciences , 2005

Work Experience

  • I worked as an assistant molecular geneticist at the Academy of Kenworthy for three years.
  • I also served at the Institution for Chemical Biology, California as the genetics department supervisor.

Career Objective

Being a clinical molecular geneticist, I aspire to work in an environment that will help me learn in every walk. I want to exercise my theoretical knowledge acquired during my academic period and acquire practical experience at the same time.


The responsibilities that I can handle include-

  • Involve in supervising assisting the work of intern students.
  • Preparing reports for doctors, paediatricians and neurologists in particular, who have performed tests on collected samples.
  • Interpreting the acquired observations in terms of genetic and DNA related analysis.
  • Help research geneticists in performing their tasks
  • Helping clinical colleagues and other health care professionals.


Awarded the Best Student of the Year 2005 at Michigan College of Sciences.

Clinical Cytogeneticist CV

The job of a clinical cytogeneticist mainly includes performing research and attending scientific conferences which includes display of proper research findings. It also includes writing interesting articles for publication in scientific journals. Hence certain qualities must be pertained in the candidate applying for the post of clinical cytogeneticist.

Sample Clinical Cytogeneticist Cv

Personal Profile:

NAME- Louis Andrews

AGE- 32

ADDRESS- 56A opghaf buildings, Leeward road, Kensiltown IIlanois-67

PHONE NUMBER- 26558974

MOBILE NUMBER- 9988745612


Career Objective:

As a clinical cytogeneticist, my main objective is to carry out various pathological studies and to observe chromosomal activities in various culture slides, to detect or diagnose a particular disease using the latest medical technologies. This would demand working with health professionals such as obstetricians, pediatricians etc.

Educational Background:

2009- PhD in microbial studies, York’s University.

2006- Master of Technology in Biomedical Engineering with specialization artificial organ creation.

2005- Bachelor of Technology in Bio-Medical engineering with specialization in medical diagnosis, Wales University

Professional Work Experiences:

1)   Worked as a rat colony keeper in Dr.Smith’s laboratory in year 2003.

2)   Worked as a junior assistant researcher in Pfizer Corporations in year 2005.The work mainly involved close study of certain rare microbes which have the potential to create damage to lives in the future.

3)   Worked as a biomedical intern in ‘The Johnsons’ pharmaceuticals in year 2006.

4)   Worked as a medical research analyst for Dr.Paul in year 2009.


1)   Awarded gold medal in Biomedical engineering in year 2005.

2)   Awarded ‘The most promising young scientist of the future’ in year 2009 for my work in Microbial studies.