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Retail Purchasing Agents CV

A retail purchasing agent is entrusted with the task of scouring wholesale markets in order to buy products at a cheap rate which are then sold in stores and markets at a higher rate resulting in massive profits. Thus a retail purchasing agent’s CV must display his convincing and buying skills and well as his ability to strike a good deal.

Sample Retail Purchasing Agent’s CV

Brain Kennedy

42nd West End Street


Phone number: 2847356

Mobile number: 3746754546

Email address:

Career Objective:

To be employed as a retail purchasing agent with a supermarket or a departmental store where I can put my education and previous work experience to good use, contributing to my company’s expansion as well as my own professional growth.

Educational Background:

2005: Obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Cornell University.

2007: Obtained a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the same institution.

Professional Qualification:

  • I have excellent communication skills which will stand me in good stead while negotiating with wholesale dealers and getting a good price for their products.
  • I have some work experience as a retail purchasing agent and so I am aware of the nuances of the job, and the kind of responsibilities expected of me.

Professional Experience:

2007-Present: I am working as a retail purchasing agent at The Giant Store. My responsibilities include obtaining products from wholesale dealers at attractive prices, keeping records of such purchase details and other clerical jobs.


I have been named “Performer of the Year” by The Giant Store Review Committee for the years 2009 and 2010.



Supermarket Sales Assistant CV

A supermarket sales assistant is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring a smooth buying experience for shoppers, and the effortless running of day to day activities dealing with sales. Only a store registering good sales can survive in the cutthroat and competitive world of giant stores. Thus supermarket sales assistant CV must highlight the candidate’s qualities in this respect.

Sample Supermarket Sales Assistant CV

Joshua Roomer

12B Pollock Street

New York

Telephone number: 3746575

Mobile number: 837476575

Email address:

Career Objective:

To attain a good position at a departmental store as a sales assistant, which will allow me to utilize the education I have received as well as my experience in working in the supermarket setup. I hope to perform well and thus contribute to my professional growth as well as to the development of the store.

Educational Background:

2006: Obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a high second class.

2007: Completed a correspondence course in Sales Techniques offered by Louisiana University.

2008: Participated in a seminar on “Death of a Salesman: Reality and Myth” organized by the Salesmen’s Union of North America [SUNA]

Professional Qualification:

  • I have the necessary communication skills necessary to make it big in this field.
  • I am open and honest with customers and thus, I can convince them as to buying the right product without being imposing or overbearing.
  • I have served as a sales assistant before so I am familiar with the operations of a supermarket, and will need little or no initiation.

Professional Experience:

2009-Present: Working as a sales assistant in The Supermarket where I have been adjudged the “Best Salesman of the Year” in 2010

Supermarket Manager CV

A supermarket manager is entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing operations in his supermarket, and ensuring that daily activities are run smoothly in order to facilitate customer as well as employee satisfaction. Hence a supermarket manager CV must comprehensively highlight these qualities which may facilitate his employment.

Sample Supermarket Manager CV

Jason Roberts

34B Canal Street

Harley town


Telephone number: 8477567622 [R] 7475746565 [O]

Cellular number: 857485647675

Email address:

Career Objective:

To be employed as a supermarket manager in Super Stores Pvt. Ltd. in order to utilize my considerable work experience in departmental stores, as well as to be associated with a reputed brand like Super Stores.

Educational Background:

2004: Obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Home Science from George Washington University with a first class distinction.

2005: Obtained a Master of Business Administration, specializing in Sales Administration from Georgia University with a high second class.

2007: Completed a correspondence course in Sales Innovations from Louisiana University.

Professional Qualifications:

  • I have excellent communication skills and know how to speak my mind clearly and get my point across without resorting to bullying tactics.
  • I have considerable experience in working in supermarkets in various capacities and thus am familiar with the whole setup.

Professional Experience:

2006-2009: Worked as a sales executive in The One-Stop-Shop. Responsibilities included bookkeeping, managing client profiles, regular inspection of goods as well as framing official reports at the end of every month.

2009-Present: Working as a supermarket assistant manager in Shopper’s Paradise.

A detailed professional resume shall be mailed only if asked for.

Shop Assistant CV

A shop assistant task varies depending upon the requirements of the store and its capacity. Therefore, a shop assistant CV must outline the essential skills of an individual required for assisting a shop operation. The essential job includes handling of payments, maintenance of stores, restocking of shelves etc. Even the CV should be so designed that it is effective to gauge the attitude and approach of the individual as well.

Sample Shop Assistant CV

Richa Matthew

96, South Bay

Texas: 789

Contact number: 8798090

Email id:

Career Objective:

I have a strong determination to excel in the field of retailing and shop assistances by utilizing my organizational and communication skills. Moreover, I have an aim to bring maximum profit by servicing the customers at its best.

Educational Background:

  • 1995-1997: Bachelor’s of Commerce, Denver University, USA
  • 1998: One year vocational course in retail management.

Professional Qualification:

  • Worked as an intern at “Happy Style” company in 1998 for 3months.
  • Worked as a shop assistant for 5 years in “Dresses for Dressers” on 1999 onwards.

Responsibilities performed:

  • Guided the customer according to their needs.
  • Help other shop assistants to maintain the stock and shelves of the shop
  • Successfully performed the cashier duties and even maintained countless number of customers at the point of service


  • Certified as the “Best intern of 1998 batch” at retailing shop “Happy Style”.
  • Certified as “Best on duty performer in handling point of services and customers at retailing shop “Happy Style”.

Retail Template CV

A retail template CV outlines the resume of a candidate who wishes to join the retail industry. It should form the layout of a resume which must have all the important points highlighted. Moreover, it should also be framed in a way so that it remains successful in achieving recruiter’s acceptance and help them to gauge the candidate’s ability through it.

Sample Retail Template CV

Personal Details: [In this section a candidate must outline all the necessary personal details so that the recruiters find it easier to contact with the desired candidate]

Name of the candidate ____________________________

Date of birth _____________________

Address of the candidate _____________________

Contact number __________________________

Academic Background: [This section must essentially enunciate the educational qualification of the candidate related to field of retail]

  • _________________________________ [Description of academic qualification 1]
  • _________________________________ [Description of academic qualification 2]
  • _________________________________ [Description of academic qualification 3]

Professional Experience: [In this section mention about the professional experience gathered by the candidate in the field of retailing]

  • ____________________________ [Description of professional experience 1]
  • ____________________________ [Description of professional experience 2]
  • ____________________________ [Description of professional experience 3]

Achievements: [In this section the candidate must elaborately state all his or her achievements throughout the academic career so that it is easier for the recruiters to gauge the true abilities in the field of retailing]

  • ______________________________ [Description of achievement 1]
  • ______________________________ [Description of achievement 2]
  • ______________________________ [Description of achievement 3]

Hobbies: [In this section candidate should mention about the sidelines which interest him or her.]

  • ___________________[ description of hobby 1]
  • ___________________[ description of hobby 2]

Retail Duty Manager CV

Retail jobs involved broad spectrum of activities and duties to perform depending on the merchandise, service and product offered by the employer. A job of a retail duty manager is of managing all this activities for its smooth functioning. Therefore, retail duty manager CV must outline the managerial skills and key competencies which a person must possess for acquiring this position.

Sample Retail Duty Manager CV

Emily Gonzalvas

P-20H Bakery Road

North Minnesota

Phone number: 965772778

Email id:

Career Objective:

My aim is to provide my managerial skills and expertise in the duty of retail management in a repute organization so that it could help to bring maximum profit and client satisfaction.

Educational Qualifications:

2000-2002: Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies, University of Minnesota, Minnesota, USA

2002-2004: Master’s Degree in Business Administration, University of Minnesota, Minnesota, USA

Professional Background:

  • From 2005-2006,worked as an Assistant Retail Duty Manager at IDA stores, overseeing the activity of the stores and security measures along with handling the customer services.
  • From 2006- Present working as a Retail Duty Manager at Starmark, responsible for the appearances of store, measuring security, inspecting the fragile and perishable items and customer servicing.

Responsibility Performed:

  • Proficient in managing the retail operation of the stores.
  • Efficient in making such security protocols which are useful for the operation of the store or company.
  • Proficient in handling customers and clients along with fulfilling their necessary needs and attaining all retailing related concern.
  • Overseeing the retail duty of every employee.

Retail Coordinator CV

The work of a retail coordinator is to assist the manager in procuring products, servicing customers and coordinating store related activities or processes. Hence, a retail coordinator CV must highlight the essential qualities of a candidate that is demanded by the position. Moreover, the CV should be so designed that it must detail the relevant skills and qualification of an individual required to function as a coordinator in retail industry.

Sample Retail Coordinator CV

Runa Michael

67, Russell Street

South California- 899

Phone number: 46577881

Email id:

Career Objective:

I have a strong desire to utilize my dedication for acquiring a position of retail coordinator in a repute retail company or store. Moreover, being a coordinator, I want to expose my skills in various challenges.

Educational Background:

2001-2003: Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, California School of Business, California, USA

2003-2005: Masters Degree in Business Administration, California School of Business, California, USA

2005-2006: Vocational Degree in Retail Management. University of California, California, USA

Professional Experience:

  • Worked as a Retail Trainee Supervisor in Yorkshire retailers for 2 years.
  • Worked as an Assistant Retail Coordinator in Stop and Shop store for 3years

Responsibilities performed:

  • Managed the functions and operations during the establishment of new outlets
  • Assisted in hiring personnel according to the need of the company.
  • Helped in coordinating the process and operation along with the retail manager inorder to bring maximum profit for the company.
  • Participated in ensuring the formation of corporate policies and retail strategies as per the norms of the company.

Fashion Retail CV

A fashion retail CV must indicate the candidate’s familiarity with the world of fashion, the current and changing trends of the fashion milieu and the way fashion can be made to become important in the lives of ordinary shoppers. A fashion retail CV must indicate expertise in certain areas and also a certain degree of experience.

Sample Fashion Retail CV

Susan Roberts

45B Mayfair Avenue

West End


Career Objective:

Seeking a job position in fashion retail which will allow me utilize my excellent skills and in depth knowledge of world fashion, as well as the desire to make fashion available to everyone at affordable costs.

Educational Background:

2005: Completed Bachelor’s in Fashion Designing from National Institute of Fashion Designing, London with first class honors.

2006: Completed Master’s in Fashion designing from the same institution with a first class.

2007: Completed one year internship under Giancarlo Franco at Dior.

Professional Qualifications:

  • Excellent idea and grasp of world fashion.
  • Excellent selling abilities. I can convince shoppers about buying a particular item without being overbearing or imposing.
  • I can also explain to customers, the various fashion trends of the season.

Professional Experience:

2008-2009: Worked as an assistant retail manager of the fashion section at Harrod’s, London.

2009-present: Working as fashion retail in charge, Ralph Lauren, London.


  • Taking care of customers’ fashion retail needs.
  • Choosing and ordering supplies as well as making catalogues detailing the current fashion situation.
  • Organizing promotional events and coordinating with a number of prestigious fashion labels.

Retail Trainee CV

A trainee in retail industry must have relevant qualification for performing efficiently in a retail industry. Therefore, a retail trainee CV must contain those points which will outline the functional skills that are aligned with a company’s operational strategies. Even the CV must depict proficiency and expertise in the field of retail management in order to procure an employment in this field.

Sample Retail Trainee CV

Jacob Smith

52, Houston Lane

New Jersy-67781

Contact Number: 879809

Email id:

Career Objective:

I have a strong intention to serve a repute company which would help me to learn all the nitty-gritty of a retail industry. Even I have a strong desire to use my dedication and will to excel in this field immensely.

Educational Background:

  • 2001: Bachelor’s Degree in commerce, University of Houston
  • 2002-2004: Associate Degree in Public Services, University of Houston

Professional Trainings:

  • Worked as an Intern in running retail stores of California where I assisted senior retail executives in their process.
  • Participated in sales and purchase processing, customer servicing and various different activities of this running stores.


  • A documentary on retail process on America’s retail stores won the prestigious award of Golden Antelope in Washington State.
  • Honored by University of Houston for being the Best Associate in Public Services
  • Obtained best intern award from running retail stores of California.


  • Making documentary mainly on various retail process and comparing each of them.
  • Building own retail strategies depending on the retail operation of an organization

Retail Internship CV

A retail internship CV is designed by a retail intern or fresher to this industry seeking employment opportunities. Such kind of CV must elucidate the academic details, goals and objectives efficiently. Even it should also reflect a candidate’s ability in handling customers and process of a job store, interpersonal skills and efficiency in solving problems.

Sample Retail Internship CV

Richard Pitt

432, Ring Road

West California

Phone number: 689798

Email id:

Career Objective:

I have a strong desire to gain knowledge in the field of retail management as an intern so that I could put forward by best skills for this industry in future. Moreover, I wish to gain such experience which would augment my skills and know-how in the retail industry proficiently.

Academic Details:

2007: Masters in Business administration with Major in Retail Management, University of Virginia

2005: Bachelor’s in Business administration, University of Virginia.

Professional Experience:

  • Worked as a college trainee in Ninety Nine Stores for 56 days.
  • Participated in customer handling services in running retail stores of California.
  • Worked in kid store “Babyland” for 70 days as a management intern

Responsibilities Performed:

  • Proficiently handed customers and provide them with necessary services.
  • Worked for countless hours in order to make the profit and sell maximized for all the stores wherever I have worked.
  • Created store appearances and layout for the stores.


  • Awarded with “Most reliable retail management professional” by running retail stores of California.
  • Certified as “proficient store serviceman” by Ninety Nine stores.