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Mining Geological Engineer CV

Mining geological engineer’s task is to design machineries and processes to extract, find and prepare metals, coals, minerals, rare minerals or earths so that they can be processed by mining industries and commercial use. Therefore, mining geological engineer CV must outline the essential know-how of a candidate that recruiters of a mining company look for.

Sample Mining Geological Engineer CV

Engr. Mac Rosalind

33- Highland Park


Phone number: 1238860

Email id:

Career Objective:

I have a strong desire to be a part of a mining team who expose the engineers to various challenging situations. Moreover, I am looking for such a working environment which would give me an opportunity to excel in the particular field of mining.

Academic Background:

  • 2002-2006: Bachelor of Engineering with Major in Metals and Metallurgy Engineering, Basilica University of Engineering, USA
  • 2006-2008: Masters of Technology with specialization in Mining Science, Basilica University of Engineering, USA

Professional Experience:

  • 2008- Present: Assistant Mining Geological Engineer at Pfizer Mining Industries Ltd.

Responsibilities Undertaken:

  1. In underground evacuation process, I supervised the construction of new mining tunnels and shafts.
  2. Developing a thorough designing process for mineral transport and processing the products received from the plant.
  3. Designed and planned advance machineries required for carrying out a quality processing and evacuation of essential minerals.
  4. Made strategies which helped in mining process.


  • Awarded as the” best mining assistant engineer of 2010” by Pfizer Mining Industries Ltd.
  • Receive the title of reliable evacuator of Pfizer Mining Industries Ltd on 2011.

Nuclear Equipment Technician CV

A nuclear equipment technician must be trained in handling extremely sensitive and sophisticated equipment which need careful monitoring. This requires considerable skill and technical acumen. Thus a nuclear equipment technician CV must encompass all the necessary details about the candidate in order to provide a clear picture about his or her suitability for the job position.

Sample Nuclear Equipment Technician CV:

Daniel Sanders

456 West Court Road


Telephone number: 83775643

Mobile number: 487767656/ 387767476

Email address:

Career Objective:

I want to seek a position in a nuclear power plant as an equipment technician. This work will not only be challenging, but it will also, in a way, benefit society through the generation of power. I am a skilled worker and my previous experience in this field will help me.

Educational Background:

2005: Obtained a Bachelor’s degree from University of Texas in Nuclear Physics.

2007: Obtained a Master’s degree from the University of Cambridge in Nuclear Physics with a high first class.

2008: Became a full time member of the Nuclear Workers’ Guild [NWG]

Professional Qualifications:

I have achieved all the necessary permits and government clearances issued to nuclear technicians. Photocopies of these documents are enclosed with my application form.

I am a skilled worker with a lot of dedication and sincerity.

My previous experiences of working in nuclear power plants equip me with the knowledge of what it takes to work in such conditions.

Professional Experience:

2008-Present: Working as an assistant technician in the JUTA Nuclear Plant in Washington D.C.

Nuclear Power Plant Engineer CV

A nuclear power plant engineer will be required to control the operations of a civilian nuclear plant facility, monitor its production and capacity and detect threats of any abnormal activity which may have far reaching consequences. A nuclear power plant CV thus must have the requisite training and academic background and a nuclear power plant engineer’s CV must be appropriate.

Sample Nuclear Power Plant Engineer CV:

Tuscan Roberts

Red Street


Telephone number: 4674756

Mobile number: 734877645

Email address:

Career Objective:

I want to be employed as a nuclear power plant engineer in a government set up. This will not only allow me to use my degree constructively, but also provide me with invaluable experience and field work that will add a lit to my professional resume.

Educational Background:

2007: Obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Nuclear Engineering, with Particle Physics as a major from MIT, Boston.

2009: Obtained a Master’s degree in Nuclear Fission Technology with a summa cum laude from Harvard University.

Professional Qualification:

During my academic stint at Harvard, we were subjected to enormous amounts of fieldwork in the US government’s various nuclear power plants.

This provided me with invaluable experience of working in the actual conditions of a nuclear power plant.

I am diligent and industrious worker who is aware of the enormity of the responsibilities entrusted to a nuclear power plant engineer.

Professional Experience:

2009-2011: Trainee engineer in the USCIVIL nuclear power plant in Illinois. I was awarded the “GK Tester Award for excellent performance” in 2010.

Oil Reservoir Engineer CV

An oil reservoir engineer must be trained to handle the myriad challenges his job will create for him. He must be well trained in surface analysis, reservoir design; pressure mapping etc. and he must have the necessary educational and professional qualifications as well. Thus an oil reservoir engineer’s CV must outline the essential and other important areas.

Sample Oil Reservoir Engineer CV

Martin Henkel

347 Band Stand Street


Telephone number: 857476547 [R] 34764766 [O]

Mobile number: 348755568

Email address:

Career Objectives:

To be employed as an oil reservoir engineer in a reputed petrochemicals firm with a good salary and great work challenges. I am also looking for work experience and can guarantee a dedicated performance from my side.

Educational Background:

2003: Obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Petrochemical Engineering and mining from MIT, Boston.

2005: Obtained a Master’s degree in the same field from the same institution with a cum laude.

Professional Qualifications:

I am very well versed with my subject and can overcome challenges easily.

I am a diligent worker and I do not shy away from strenuous work.

I am prepared to travel and put in long hours of work.

I am adept at using ECLIPSE.

Professional Experience:

2005-2008: Worked as a trainee pressure transient analyst for JUR Oil refinery in Iraq.

2008-present: Working as an oil reservoir assistant engineer at SHARP petrochemicals, Saudi Arabia. Responsibilities include: reservoir management, pressure transient analysis, fluid gauging and implementing safety measures.

Achievements: Awarded “Best Employee of the Year” in 2009. Also made a member of WPWA [World Petroleum Workers’ Association]

Geophysicist CV

A geophysicist has a wide variety of fields to choose from when it comes to professional work. He can be a seismic interpreter, an important member of coal mining companies, a structural analysts, a soil tester etc. Thus a geophysicist’s CV must be adequate and comprehensive. It must outline his field of interest and the reasons for it.

Sample Geophysicist CV

Brain Martin

23A West Park Avenue

Central Park Area

New York

Telephone number: 74637465

Mobile number: 348747564

Email address:

Career Objectives:

I hope to be employed as a seismic interpreter in a reputed company dealing with geological interests like petroleum or coal. My expertise and considerable experience in this field will stand me in good stead and allow me to make a lasting contribution to society.

Educational Background:

2002: Obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Cornell University.

2004: Obtained a Master’s degree in Physics specializing in Geophysics from Harvard University. I was awarded a summa cum laude.

2004: Also made a Fellow of Geophysicist Club, Harvard.

Professional Qualifications:

  • I have excellent grasp of my subject and am consider an authority on seismic interpretation by many international committees.
  • I have huge experience in this field and can make an effective contribution.
  • I have the dedication and honesty to work long hours and make the most of my skills. I am also a tireless worker.

Professional Experience:

2007-2010: Worked as part of the US Govt.’s flagship project dealing with seismic interpretation after the tsunamis of 2004.

2010-Present: I am working as a consultant geophysicist on the IHA oil refinery project; responsibilities include marking drilling sites, testing soil stress capacity and effective waste management.

Oil Refinery Supervisor CV

An oil refinery supervisor is entrusted with an extremely important responsibility of supervising the processes at an oil refinery. Any slight mistake on his part shall cause major health and fire hazards in the oil refinery and hence the right kind of expertise and experience is needed for this post. An oil refinery supervisor CV should highlight essential qualifications required for the position.

Sample Oil Refinery Supervisor CV

Joshua Lincoln

23B Kent Road


United States

Telephone number: 728325467

Mobile number: 9388357473

Email address:

Career Objective:

I want to be employed in the capacity of a supervisor at a reputed oil refinery and petrochemicals company as it will utilize my degree as well as my previous work experience in the field. I am aware of the nature of the job and am seeking the challenges that come with it.

Educational Background:

2005: Obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Florida with a high second class.

2007: Obtained a Master’s degree in Chemistry specializing in Petrochemicals from the University of Harvard with a first class.

2007: Made a Fellow of the Harvard Petrochemicals society.

Professional Qualifications:

I have a through grasp of my subject and I am dedicated and sincere as a worker.

I have previously worked in the petrochemicals industry and know much about the nature of the work, the conditions and the responsibilities expected of me.

Professional Experience:

2008-2009: Worked as a control room supervisor at OIL, Saudi Arabia.

2009-2011: Worked as an oil refinery supervisor in IGA, Saudi Arabia.

Responsibilities included: coordinating with various departments, commissions work manuals, training new interns about work processes and overseeing safety regulations.

Oil Refinery Foreman CV

An oil refinery foreman is a person who works in an oil refinery site and leads the team of workers, who are working in the organization. Their primary duty is to supervise and coordinate the oil refining procedure procedures that are adopted by the workers. An oil refinery foreman CV should include his educational qualification, team management experience and past work profile.

Sample Oil Refinery Foreman CV

Mark Lewis

32, Elm Street

Boston, BL 47743

Mobile Number: 44 907 58776

Telephone Number: 44 1057 53446


Career Objective:

Seeking the post of an oil refinery foreman in a reputed company, where I can utilize my educational, professional and managerial skills, for the all round development of the refinery site, and help to meet the company’s financial objectives with the best of my abilities.

Educational Qualification:

1998-2001: Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering, University of Texas.

2001: Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering, Centre for Petroleum Studies.

Work Experience:

  • 2002-2006: Saudi Oil Refinery (oil refinery worker)


I.    Works as assigned by supervisor

II.    Internal leader of refining team

  • 2006-2009: Iraq oil field refinery (oil refinery foreman)


I.    Supervisor and mentor of team workers.

II.    Work progress analyzer.

III.    Controller of salary and payment account.

IV.    Arranging required equipments and materials for each project.

V.    Chief executive, implements and accessories department.

  • 2009-present: COP oil refinery, Houston, TX (oil refinery foreman)


I.    Directing, scheduling and coordinating projects.

II.    Preparing time sheets and project plans.

III.    Supervisor of site foremen.

IV.    Arranging equipments, implements, materials and accessories for each project.

V.    Distribution of salaries to site foremen.

Hobbies: photography and traveling.

Oil Refinery Manager CV

An oil refinery manager is a person, who is responsible for managing the various projects of the oil refinery. He is in charge of the entire organization and coordinates the planning, execution and implementation of various projects as well as supervises the workers and members of the refinery. Thus an oil refinery manager CV should include his education qualifications, his field of specialization and his past work experiences.

Sample Oil Refinery Manager CV

William Kane

45, Locust Street

Albany, PG 23154

Mobile number: 44 125 66098

Telephone number: 44 5548 46567


Career Objective:

Seeking for the post of an oil refinery manager in a reputed company, which can utilize my educational and professional skills, for their betterment. I shall work with the best of my abilities and try to meet the company’s financial objectives by assimilating my educational, professional, technical and managerial skills.

Educational Qualification:

1997-2000: Bachelor of Science in Geophysics, University of London.

2000-2001: of Science in Petroleum management, Centre for Petroleum Studies.

2002: Diploma in Refinery management, University of Glasgow.

Work Experience:

  • 2003-2006: Saudi Oil Refinery (Oil Refinery Executive)


I.    Preparing refinery plans and budgets.

II.    Supervisor of refinery management trainees.

III.    Project coordinator and business supervisor.

  • 2006-2009: Iraq Oil Field Refinery (Oil Refinery Foreman)


I.    Supervisor and chief mentor of team members.

II.    Controller of payment account.

III.    Chief Executive, implements and accessories department.

IV.    Equipments and product distributor.

  • 2009-present: COP oil refinery, Houston, TX (Oil refinery manager)


I.    Team member recruitment.

II.    Project supervisor and distributor.

III.    Managing equipments and inventory department.

IV.    Trainer promotion and level checking.

Hobbies: Travelling and reading.

Achievements: Graduation (first class honours).

Post Graduation (first class degree).

Solar Engineer CV

Solar engineers have the essential task of managing the solar energy efficiently. Therefore, a solar engineer CV must effectively enunciate the essential know-how of a candidate that this field requires. Moreover, as this field is one of the demanding one for management of a useful sources of energy hence a candidate must outline his or her work and experience in this particular field.

Sample Solar Engineer CV

Anthony Richardson

M 16 Central Park,


Contact number: 78980081

Email id:

Career Objective:

Seeking for a position of solar engineer in repute organization which would utilize my skills and qualification for achieving desired success. Even I want to expose my skills in various challenges in order to represent my true abilities at its best.

Education Qualification:

  • 2004: Bachelor’s of Technology with Major in Renewable Engineering, Stanford University of Engineering, USA
  • 2006: Master’s of Technology with specialization in Solar energy engineering, American Institute of Solar Energy Research, USA
  • Certified degree in various computer programming languages.

Professional Experience:

  • 2005: Worked as an engineering intern at Madrid Energy Conservation Company, USA
  • 2007-2008 Worked as an engineering intern at Royal’s Energy Savior Company, USA
  • 2008-Present: Working in the position of Research Solar scientist at American Solar Energy Controls, USA

Responsibilities Undertaken:

  • Supervised in developing improved process and advanced solar cells.
  • Efficient in designing solar projects as per commercial need.
  • Gained strong experience in developing and setting construction at solar power stations.


  • Awarded with an degree of excellence in “Solar power Research” by American Solar Energy Control, USA

Petroleum Engineer CV

Petroleum refineries are referred as the beehives for the cutting edge engineering. Petroleum engineers are the specialist who is responsible for extracting crude oil with various techniques. Even petroleum engineers are of high demand these days as they are responsible for finding out new strategies for developing resources on the existing available sources. Therefore, petroleum engineer CV must enunciate the essential qualities of an individual that the organizations mainly look for.

Sample Petroleum Engineer CV

Andy Richards

345, West Lawn Street


Contact number: 5767899

Email id:

Career Objective:

With my extensive knowledge in the field of petroleum engineering, I am looking for a challenging position through which I could exercise my skills and qualifications at its best. Moreover, I am looking for a position that would help me to formulate new strategies in the particular field.

Academic Qualification:

  • 2005: Bachelor’s of Engineering with Major in Chemical Engineering, Denver University of Engineering, USA
  • 2007: Master’s of Technology with specialization in Oil Extraction engineering, American Institute of Oil Extraction and Purification Engineering, USA
  • Certified degree in Computer Languages in C++ and JAVA From CMC Computer Solutions

Professional Qualification:

  • From 2007-2008 worked as an intern in Power Grid Co-operation.
  • From 2009- present working as an assistant petroleum engineer at American Oil refinery

Responsibilities undertaken:

  • Through deep knowledge in geological and environmental engineering, best assistances are put forwarded at the time of decision making.
  • Proficient in mapping oil refineries and building strategies that would help the organization as well as country to find petroleum resources.