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Metallurgist CV

Metallurgist is the person responsible for studying and researching the behavior of different metals and alloys. They are specialized in investigating the performance of any metal. Therefore a candidate applying for the position of metallurgist must highlight all his essential knowledge in his CV.

Sample Metallurgist CV

Harry Peterson

45A, ringroad

New Virginia

Phone number:8997979

Email id:

Career Objective:

With my strong knowledge in metallurgy, I am looking for a position as metallurgist in a repute organization. That would help me best to exercise my knowledge and skills on the field of metallurgy.

Educational Qualification:

2009- Present: Research on Undiscovered metalloids, International institute of metals and metallurgy.

2007-2009: Masters of engineering, major metallurgy, University of Northern Virginia.

2004:2007: Bachelors of engineering, major metallurgy, University of Northern Virginia.

Professional Experience:

2010- Present: Working as an assistant metallurgist, University of Northern Virginia.

2008: Completed six months internship successfully at Norway metallurgy firm

2006: Completed four months internship successfully at American metals and metalloids corporation Ltd.


  • Efficient in researching the undiscovered metals, non-metals and metalloids.
  • Capable of predicting the future of the metals along with its utilization.
  • Efficient in purifying the metals for further use of it.
  • Efficient in analyzing hard metals and soft metals.
  • Efficient in utilizing alloys for future use.


  • First class degree in Graduation, University of Northern Virginia
  • Gold medalist in masters, University of Northern Virginia.
  • Received guest invitation award for my speech on undiscovered metals at American annual conference on earth metals.

Language Interpreter CV

The job of a language interpreter mainly includes giving assistance to non-English speaking parties. It also includes providing a wide range of interpretation activities for court personnel and the public. Hence certain qualities must be pertained in a candidate applying for the post of a language interpreter and these qualities must be highlighted in the CV.

Sample Language Interpreter CV

Personal Profile:

NAME- Van de Cell Graff

AGE- 30

ADDRESS- 56B-2 Silver Springdale villas, Times Square New York-67

PHONE NUMBER- 457894367

MOBILE NUMBER- 9556811423


Languages Known: English, Spanish, German, and French.

Career Objective:

As a language interpreter, I would make conversation with foreign countries easier for people of my country. This would help to increase connectivity between people of different countries. It would also help people recognize the traditions, customs and linguistic styles of different countries, hence improving trade and other commercial ventures, both for the government and the people.

Educational Background:

2009- PhD in Linguistic studies, Yorkshire University.

2008- Masters in translation, interpretation and association of arts, Keel University.

2006- Bachelor of arts in public relations with minor in psychology, Lest University

Professional Work Experiences:

1)   Worked as a court interpreter for the Superior Court of New York, translating Spanish to American English. This included interpretation for the judges, attorney, court staff and other related departments at the order of the court.

2)   Worked as the chief language interpreter in the Chicago state court.

3)   Worked in Z Corporation as the chief language interpreter.


1)   Gold medalist in linguistic studies in year 2009.

2)   Became the first Certified Spanish Court Interpreter in the Chicago state court in year 2008.


Trade Union Research Officer CV

A trade union research officer is someone who informs the actions and strategic progress of trade alliances by collecting, examining and distributing information on social, economic and political problems. The CV of such a person has details of his job objectives, career experience as well as career related skills.

Sample Trade Union Research Officer CV

Richard Jones

32 New Roadways

New Jersey


Phone number- 2234 5678

Mobile Number- 98765678987

Fax number- 0223456 6789

Email id –

Career skills

My skills include:-

    applying quantitative and qualitative techniques to research schemes for the union on financial, communal, political and trade issues;

    interrogating members of the public, union employees and trade union officers;

    communicating with other unions and other establishments in the USA and abroad;

    keeping myself updated with trade and union improvements.

Work Experiences

I used to work as a trade union research officer from 2002 to 2007 in Alliance Firm, Texas and my main responsibilities were:-

   To provide statistical information and other data for negotiations;

   To analyse official certification and legislation (current and past) for assessing its influence on union activities and welfare

   To work with all union staff, administration and industry officials to produce research data

   To gather information and produce reports and hold gatherings to inform and produce union policies;

Educational background

I have a degree in:-

  • Bachelor of Arts with sociology as my major from Texas University, 2000
  • Master of Arts with Political Science as my major from New York University, 2002

Social Researcher CV

Social researchers are individuals who scheme, design and run social research ventures. They collect and scrutinize information, using a number of computer softwares to systematize the data, which they put forward orally or in writing. A social researcher‘s CV must contain details of his educational background as well as job objectives along with his career experience and skills.

Sample Social Researcher CV

George Taylor

32 Charing Cross

New York


Phone number- 23456789

Mobile number- 9876788990

Email id-

Fax number – 022 7655 6789

Educational qualification

I have a degree in

  • Bachelor of  social science from new York college in New York, 2000
  • Master of social science from Texas university in Texas, 2002

Career experience

I was a social researcher in Texas youth centre in Texas from 2002 to 2007 and my job included:-

  • Conducting research by a variety of ways, such as interviews, surveys and focus researches that are used to look into the views of populace samples on definite issues.
  • Conducting in depth exploration as well as research on population arrangement and immigration, unemployment; felony; health care;   transport; gender, social services; education and the natural environment.
  • Using the Survey results to shape the future course of action or to inspect the efficiency of present policy.

Career skills

My special skills include:-

  • refining and defining the research purpose;
  • designing survey patterns;
  • using a suitable and creative method to design and administer a research scheme
  • applying various research methods to collect information like document investigation, questionnaires, case studies etc

Trade Mark Attorney CV

Trade mark attorneys are expert legal professionals capable of advising clients about defending and enforcing their trade mark privileges. By offering legal assistance on the enlistment, use and utilization of new and present trademarks, trade mark attorneys make sure of the fact that companies fruitfully protect the individuality and reliability of their brands. The CV must have all the information regarding his qualifications, career skills and his career experience.

Sample Trade Mark Attorney CV

John Malcolm

32 New Highway Streets

New York


Phone number- 2234 5678

Fax number- 022 9876 3456

Mobile number- 9272727654

Email id –

Career skills

My skills characteristically involve:

  • investigating new trademarks;
  • exploring properly to see if the planned trade mark is previously in use;
  • counselling on trade mark accessibility for use or registration;

Educational background

I have a degree in

  • Bachelor Of Laws, from Texas Law School, Texas, 2000
  • Master Of Laws, from New York Law School, 2002

Career experience

I was a trademark attorney from 2002 to 2005 in John & Jacob Trademark Firm, New York and my tasks were:-

  • managing, defending and enforcing rational property rights, especially trademarks, exclusive rights, copyrights, proposals, and the look of a product that is its design or image;
  • collaborating in disputes about trademarks;

    taking some kind of action on trade mark violation

    offering back-up to the advocates and barristers who are conducting a legal case

    giving advice to clients on how to safeguard trade marks and giving information on      the services that a registration covers

Patent Examiner CV

A patent examiner is basically a civil servant working in a patent’s office. The main job of a patent examiner is to review the patent application and decide whether the claimed invention should be granted a patent. Hence certain qualities must be pertained in a candidate applying for the post of a patent examiner.

Sample Patent Examiner CV

Personal Profile:

NAME- Melissa Benignly

AGE- 28

ADDRESS- 43A-2 Russell Lane, Highway Road, Zenith Square London-24

PHONE NUMBER- 589964472

MOBILE NUMBER- 964458937


Career Objective:

As a patent examiner, I would search databases, conduct documental analysis, judge the validity of patents and maintain patent communications. My work would also include determination of the scope of the invention and to check similarity with any past invention of that kind.

Educational Background:

2009- Arts degree in linguistic studies from Rain University..

2008- Masters of Engineering in structural engineering with specialization in industrial technology, Upion University

2006- Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering from York University

Professional Work Experiences:

1)   Worked as a quality examining officer in Dr.Holmes laboratory in 2005.

2)   Received industrial training in Weldon in year 2006.

3)   Worked as a junior quality researcher for Dr.Dell in ‘Eco friendly Construction Materials’.


1)   Became youngest member of the coalition of patent’s member representative organization in 2009.

2)           Gold Medalist in Structural Engineering in year 2008.

3)           Silver medalist in civil engineering in year 2006.

4)   Wrote a short story in French ‘The Rouse’ (English Translation) which was awarded ‘The Best Gripping Story Written by a Fresher’ in year 2009.


Patent Attorney CV

The work of a patent attorney mainly includes representing clients in acquiring patents and acting in procedures and matters related to patent practice and law. The work mainly includes legalization and granting of patents. Hence certain qualities must be pertained in a candidate applying for the post of a patent attorney.

Sample Patent Attorney CV

Personal Profile:

NAME- Jim Shekel

AGE- 27

ADDRESS- 5C Sea hill Apartment, Kenningway town, London-58

PHONE NUMBER- 26778956451

MOBILE NUMBER- 956664781


Career Objective:

As a patent attorney, I would like to represent my clients before the European Patent Organization, to help legalize and validate patents. Also in any case if patent rights have been denied or any breach of patent acts has taken place, I aspire to bring that as well to the notice of the jury through legalized and lawful proceedings.

Educational Background:

2008- Passed the European Qualifying Examination to Become a European Patent Attorney.

2005- Masters in Molecular physics with a minor in Pre Law, Oprest University

2004- Bachelors in Molecular Physics, Hill University

Professional Work Experiences:

1)   Worked under Dr.Wilkins as a junior researcher on Kinesis of Sub-Atomic Level Particle, in year 2003.

2)   Worked as student body representative in year 2005 in Oprest University.

3)   Worked as a part time junior consultant in Dr.Levys firm in year 2007

4)   Worked as a patent rights consultant officer in Mr. Andrews’s firm in year 2008.


1)           Became youngest case representative for the European patent office in year 2009.

2)           Gold Medalist in Molecular Physics in year 2005.

3)           Ranked First in the European qualifying examination, in year 2008.

Museum Exhibition Officer CV

The work of a museum exhibition officer mainly includes marketing, buying and maintaining the traveling or permanent exhibitions. A museum exhibition officer’s job mainly includes working with professionals involved in logistics and public relations. Hence certain qualities must be pertained in the candidate applying for the post of a museum exhibition officer.

Sample Museum Exhibition Officer CV

Personal Profile:

NAME- George Levy

AGE- 26

ADDRESS- 34-1 Leslie villas, Dior ego Planes Florida-76

PHONE NUMBER- 5558966317

MOBILE NUMBER- 5893362147


Career Objective:

As a museum exhibition officer I want to draw up newer budget plans for exhibition and plan coordination between subject specialists and designers. My work will involve planning proper exhibition strategies with curators and monitoring the production and installation schedule deadlines. An extension of my work would also include researching artists and selecting authentic work.

Educational Background:

2009- PhD in Museum studies and maintenance of archives, Razell University

2005- Masters in archive and museum studies with specialization in spatial design, Land University

2003- Bachelors in Archaeological studies with specialization in art conservation, Polltup University

Professional Work Experiences:

1)   Worked as a junior designer in ‘The Verveisens’ in year 2006.

2)   Assisted Mr. Fields in Spatial designing of ‘The Sensation’ gallery.

3)   Worked with Mr. Tom Paul in the research regarding History of art in year 2009.

4)   Worked as a museum education officer in ‘The American Museum’ in year 2006.


1)           Became youngest member of the Museum, Library And Archive Council(MLA)

2)           Gold Medalist in archive and museum studies.

3)           Gold Medalist in Archaeological studies.

Museum Curator CV

A museum curator is a person who manages historical and cultural collections in the museum. Often a candidate with profound background in anthropology archaeology and history are preferred as a museum curator. Hence, the CV of the candidate applying as museum curator must highlight all the required qualities.

Sample Museum Curator CV

Ricky Frazier

House no-4, Street of Margaret

North lane, Florida

Phone number: 70970972

Email Id:

Career Objective:

I have a strong desire to serve as a museum curator in a national or large metropolitan museum where I can best utilize my skills to uphold the reputation of the museum.

Educational Qualification:

2003-2005: Masters in Business Administration, University of Florida

1999-2003 Bachelors of Science, in Archaeology, University of Florida

Job Experience:

2005- Present: Working as Museum curator in State Museum


  • Coordinate with history professors, anthropologist and archaeologist in ensuring and evaluating the historical artifacts of famous historical persons.
  • Coordinate with the security of the museum to ensure that all the exhibit materials are well protected and securely mounted.
  • Making proper organization and list of the exhibit materials present in the museum.
  • Develop museum catalogues for management of museum artifacts.
  • Managing and mentoring the museum staffs.
  • Supervising all the process going on at museum and taking utmost care of the exhibit.


  • First class in graduation from the class of 2003 Bachelors of Science, in Archaeology, University of Florida.
  • Received the award for excellent museum curator by the State Museum.
  • Received degree of excellence for performance by the local civic society.

Museum Education Officer CV

Museum education officers work in museums to ensure visitors and children get best educational experience from their visit. A museum education officer has to be informative and must have sound knowledge of various things kept at museum. Therefore, the CV of the candidate applying for this position must highlight all his or her skills and knowledge.

Sample Museum Education Officer CV

Fred G. Peterson

45B, Houston Bay

California- 89

Phone Number: 6789789

Email Id: fredpeterson @

Career Objective:

I want to get associated with such a museum where I can best exercise my skills and knowledge in educating people about various things.

Educational Qualification:

2003: Masters in museum studies, University of California

2001: Bachelor of Arts in Museum studies, University of California

2002: Vocational degree in Museum conservation and education, Great Ford Museum.

Professional Experience:

2004-2008- I was associated with California State Museum as an assistant museum education officer.


  • Develop education and learning strategies inorder to meet the aim of the museum.
  • Worked with other museum staffs in team in order to build up an effective museum awareness team to create enormous awareness about museum objects.
  • Reach out to various international visitors to make them understand about the fact and essence related to museum objects.
  • Coordinating an educational team for hosting various educational workshops which inturn has benefited many research students across the globe.
  • Promoting various museum related education among school and college students during their visit at museum.
  • Promoting educations related to museum in innovative ways like story telling.