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Criminal Investigator CV

Criminal Investigators work mostly state and federal investigatory policies agencies and are responsible for determining and establishing the scientific evidence behind a criminal event.  Said evidence is established to withstand scrutiny in a court of law to convict an alleged criminal.  They harness observatory, analytical and deductive skills with the help of modern forensic tools.

Criminal Investigator CV Format

Drew D. McDermont

Spring Garden St., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Phone:  (215) 788-0243

Career Objective

To work as a criminal investigator in a large state or federal law enforcement agency

Professional Experience

2003 – Present: Criminal Investigator, Criminal Investigation Laboratory, Chinatown, CIS Philadelphia

  • Assist the Chief of Police and assigned law enforcement officers in the conduct of any investigation for open homicide and criminal cases.
  • Perform on-site and laboratory investigation and examination while ensuring that the scene of any crime is preserved, artifacts gathered and pictures taken in all applicable angles.
  • Ensure that laboratory findings conform with the rigors of scientific research  and are conducted in methods that are admissible and defensible in any court trial.
  • Interview relatives and friends of victims, suspects, witness and professionals associated with the circumstances of a case.
  • Provide evidentiary testimony in a criminal trial.

Skills and Qualification

  • Excellent deductive analytical, observation and deductive reasoning skills
  • Above average command of investigative and forensic science and technologies
  • Excellent negotiating and communication skills


Received Police Chief commendation in 2004 and 2006 for excellent investigative work resulting in 95% success rate in convicting more than 200 alleged criminals


2001 – Present: In-house training on forensics, investigative laboratory research, criminal psychology and computer database systems

1998 – 2001:  BA Criminology, Philadelphia State University

Professional and Character References

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Airport Immigration Officer CV

Airport Immigration officers are responsible for securing the country’s borders from terrorists, undocumented and undesirable aliens attempting to penetrate the country’s ports of entries and borders.  Assigned in airports categorized as ports of entry, the man counters to check travel papers, identification and passports against a database of persons with valid US visas, against blacklisted persons or those wanted by Interpol, the FBI and Homeland Security.

Airport Immigration Officer CV Format

Ferris C. Cartwright

Torrance, LA, CA

Phone: (310) 5776-3355

Career Objective

To work as an Immigration Officer in a port of entry airport serving New York

Professional Experience

1999 – Present: Airport Immigration Officer, Tom Bradley International Terminal LAX International Airport

  • Conduct documentary and ocular inspections of each foreign national attended to at the immigration counters, checking to ensure the visas, passports and other documents are above board.
  • Stamp passports and indicate maximum duration of visit for both business and leisure visitors.
  • Review identification and check against database systems for blacklisted and undesirable aliens as defined by the bureau.
  • Order detention and/or deportation of wrongly documented foreigners, advising airlines to return to origin port and to pay the prescribed fines.

Skills and Qualification

  • 12 years as an immigration officer in one of the busiest airports in the west coast.
  • Above average presence of mind in identifying dubious travel documents and suspicious behaviour in passengers.
  • Above average command of database and immigration application systems
  • Excellent familiarity with geographies, nationalities, and immigration laws


1998: In-house training on immigration laws, blacklist databases and profiling systems, terrorist acts and identification verification systems

1994 – 1998: BA Public Administration, New York State University

Professional and Character References

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Probation & Parole Officer CV

Parole Officers are responsible in helping paroled convicts and felons in getting reintegrated back into mainstream society and ensure they have reformed well enough not to engage in the same criminals or felonious acts that have brought them to prison. Paroled convicts technically remain prisoners serving their sentences but have been granted freedom by the Parole Board for reasons like good behavior.  It is now the responsibility of the Parole Officer to prove that the paroled offender deserves it.

Probation / Parole Officer CV Format

David R. Fawcett, Jr.

Toca Hills, Atlanta, Georgia

Phone: (404) 577-1766

Career Objective

To work as a parole officer in a large metropolis on the west coast.

Professional Experience

2004 – Present:  Parole Officer,  Atlanta Parole Board, GA

  • Assist the correctional authorities and the parole board in processing and screening candidates for parole.
  • Create rapport with parolees to gain their trust and allow them to work within the guidelines imposed in the parole conditions.
  • Update the parole board on the progress of societal integration
  • Recommend parole lifting or cancellation as necessary.

1998 – 2004:  Police Detective,  Metropolitan Atlanta Police

  • Coordinate with the CSI office in conducting any criminal investigation as assigned by the Police Chief
  • Apprehend suspects and file the necessary cases with the district attorney.

Skills and Qualification

  • Excellent social and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills


Received commendations from the Mayor and the Parole Board in 2005 and 2008 for a 95% success rate of parolees integrated back to society


1997 – 1998:  Passed the Atlanta PD Academy training

1997:  Black Belt in Karate, Montezuma Martial Arts School, Macon County, GA

1994 – 1997:  BA Criminology, Georgia State University

Professional and Character References

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Bailiff Officer CV

Bailiff Officers are state and local officers responsible in securing judges, attorneys and witness in a court of law and may serve as security guards, correctional officers, as well as bouncers and messengers to perform errands for court staff.  They are officers of the law who serve court summons and orders and generally secure court participants and detained felons in district, appellate and superior courts

Bailiff Officer CV Format

Nelson T. Lerner

Sandy Springs, Atlanta, Georgia

Phone: (404) 464 5745

Career Objective

To work as a Senior Bailiff Officer in an appellate or superior court

Professional Experience

2006 – Present:  Bailiff Officer, Downtown Appeals Court, Atlanta

  • Usher detained felons from the city jail to the court salas
  • Deliver court summons, orders and legal notices as may be directed by the court judge in relation to schedules trials and hearings.
  • Examine and screen incoming mails addressed to judges and court personnel.
  • Provide escort to witnesses, juries and attorneys for court appearance.

2000 – 2006:  Patrol Police Officer, Atlanta Police Station

  • Conduct regular patrol of the assigned streets and districts in the city.
  • Accost and conduct inspections of potentially problematic areas and persons.
  • Provide information to citizens when inquired.

Skills and Qualification

  • Clean police record and driver license record
  • Excellent medical and physical condition
  • Above average communication and interpersonal skills.


Received commendation from the Atlanta mayor for successful recapture of a convicted criminal on parole in 2004


1999 – 2000:  Passed the Atlanta PD Academy training

1999: Jujitsu, Master Martial Arts, Glynn Country Defense Arts

1996 – 1999: Associate in Criminal Justice, Brunswick High School, GA

Professional and Character References

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Airport Customs Inspection Officer CV

Airport Customs Officers implement the nation’s customs import and export laws as they apply in international airports that are categorized as ports of entry.  They check shipments and their corresponding manifests and declarations as they arrive from air freight transports as well as conduct random checks on baggage content from arriving passengers form international airlines.

Airport Customs Officer CV Template

Burgess T. Kernshaw

Santa Monica, CA

Phone: (310) 466-2436

Career Objective

To work as a Customs Officer at the Kennedy International airport

Professional Experience

2001 – Present: Customs Officer, Tom Bradley International, LA

  • Observe airport work shift hours to coincide with arrival times of inbound international passenger and freight airlines.
  • Conduct random inspection and clearance checks of passenger baggage and apply import duties on items exceeding allowed volumes or those with commercial values.
  • Conduct inspection of cargo and corresponding waybills and indicate import tariffs to be charged depending on commodity types and volume.
  • Respond to passenger requests and inquiries courteously and firmly implement customs rules and regulations.
  • Initiate the necessary criminal and civil charges in cases of customs violation.

Skills and Qualification

  • 8 years of experience as a deputized customs officers
  • Excellent knowledge of the nation’s import and export laws and regulations
  • Excellent organizational discipline and can long work hours when needed
  • Above average communication and interpersonal skills.


2002 – Present: Government seminars and training on import tariffs, commodity types, dangerous goods and banned substances, and the penal code for customs violations

1999– 2002: BA Commerce, Vanderbilt University, Tennessee

Professional and Character References

To be furnished upon request

Federal Air Marshal CV

Air Marshals are law enforcement agents specialized in implementing the laws against terrorism in airports and occasionally boarding flights to implement the same while in flight.  They are among the law enforcers of the Department of Homeland Security and they work closely with airport immigration officers. airport and airline security officers as well as local police in enforcing strict adherence to homeland security laws and regulations.

Federal Air Marshal CV Format

Simon W. Barnes

North St., Midtown, New York City

Phone: (212) 724-7998

Career Objective

To work as a Federal Air Marshal assigned in a west coast airport such as LAX International.

Professional Experience

2006 – Present: Air Marshal, JFK International, NYC

  • Ensure observance of airport work shift hours as assigned but remain vigilant to extend work hours if required.
  • Board flights at random and  inconspicuously as a passenger without alerting crew of a police office on board.
  • Conduct random checks of passengers entering the restrictive boarding areas of the terminal, checking IDs and travel documents while making informal friendly chat to check on speech behavior.
  • Coordinate with airport security in apprehending suspects and those in breach of immigration laws.

2002 – 2006: Police 1st class Officer,  JFK Precinct, NYC

  • Conduct patrol of airport perimeter on a regular and random schedule to discourage vagrancy around the area
  • Respond to airport security breach problems

Skills and Qualification

  • 8 years of experience in law enforcement with the last 4 years assigned at the airport security detachment
  • Excellent medical and physical health with 20/20 vision and knowledge n self defense such as Judo and Jujitsu


2001 – 2002:  Police training at the Nevada PD

1998 – 2001: BA Public Administration, University of Nevada, Las Vegas campus

Professional and Character References

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Licensing Clerk CV

Licensing Clerks are tasked to accept and screen registrants or applicants for licensure exams for certain profession that are regulated by the state or by non governmental association in order to practice locally.  They are often found in government and professional regulatory agencies.  The work can bring them to issuing licenses for professional driving, nursing and the medical profession, and engineering, to mention some.

Licensing Clerk CV Format

Francine T. Butler

Brookhaven, Atlanta, Georgia

Phone:  (404) 354-1143

Career Objective

To work as a Licensing Clerk for a government private professional regulatory agency

Professional Experience

2002 – Present: Licensing Clerk, Department of Motor Vehicles, Atlanta

  • Assist inquiring applicants with the proper procedures on obtaining a driver’s license along with the mandatory training and documentary prerequisites
  • Ensure that registration forms are on hand when requested or direct applicants to the appropriate website for download
  • Collect the correct and prescribed registration fees.
  • Ensure completeness of documentary requirements are submitted with the completed registration form as required.
  • Update registration database and provide feedback to applicant on examination results and advice next steps to claim license if successfully passed.

Skills and Qualification

  • Almost 4 years experience as a licensing clerk in a
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent organizational and multitasking skills


Received management commendation for excellent customer services based on feedbacks survey.


2003 – 2006: High School Diploma, San Diego Municipal High School, CA

Professional and Character References

To be furnished upon request

Stenographer CV

Stenographer is a person who prepares exact reposts of conferences, legal proceeding and every events of an organization. They generally possess ability to write shorthand that are symbolic writing methods that increase brevity of writing and speed compared to normal writing. Therefore CV of a candidate applying for the position of stenographer must highlight all the needed qualities.

Sample Stenographer CV

Furman Carl

134/5 Hampshire

North California, USA

Phone number: 6879090

Email id:

Career Objective:

With my experience of 7years as a stenographer I want to acquire a challenging position in a repute company.

Educational Qualification:

2002: Masers in English Literature, University of Northern California,

2000: Bachelors in English Literature, University of Northern California


2003:2009 Working as a head stenographer in University of Frankenstein, USA.


Notes of Stenography, Co author- Nancy Dwell;

Word whole publishing, Northern California.


  • Excellent in writing shorthand and capable of submitting prompt work under any consequence.
  • Fluent in implementation of Pitman method of writing.
  • Have strong efficiency in interpreting stenographic characters, editing and its transcription.
  • Have high proficiency in word processing and typing.
  • Have strong knowledge about every method of shorthand and quite proficient in implementing each and every one of it in practical work.


  • Received first class degree in graduation, from the class of 2000, University of Northern California.
  • Received best stenography and shorthand award through the archive of pitman method.
  • Received enormous appreciation for the implementation of Greg style characters through the archive of Greg simplified method.

Government Auditor CV

Government appoints auditor or accountant for creating budget, tracking the cost and analyzing publicly funded programs. Government auditor therefore helps in keeping track of all the expenditures and income done. So a candidate must have certain qualities highlighted in their CV while applying for the position of Government Auditor.

Sample Government Auditor CV

Nancy Luke

32, Birmingham Street

USA- 45678


Career Objective:

I have a strong desire to be a part of the audit department of a government organization, where I can best exercise my accounting strategies to make progress in the government.


Educational Qualifications:

2005- Bachelors in Accountancy, University of Philadelphia

2007- Masters in Accountancy, University of Philadelphia

2008 – Executive degree for working professionals in Business, University of Texas

Professional Experience:

2008: Worked as a research scholar in accountancy, University of Texas

2009-2010 Associated with International audit group of companies, a unit of government audit department.


  • Efficient in managing both internal and external audit process.
  • Completing all the assigned work on given time.
  • Capable of handling issues regarding all the accounts
  • Efficient in safeguarding the accounts and in preparing audit reports.
  • Efficient in returning all the files and documents for auditing at the end of every fiscal year.



  • First class degree in Graduation from the class of 2005, University of Philadelphia
  • Received best scholar award from the department of accountancy and finance, University of Texas.
  • Received degree of excellence from International audit group of companies, a unit of Government audit department.


Government Cv Examples

Government Teacher CV

Teachers are the ones entrusted with the job of building up the future of a nation by providing the young students with consolidated education. Therefore, a government teacher is the one who has been employed in the government schools where there are a number of students with a variety of background. Educating them is a tough job that needs extra care hands, so the job of a government teacher is a very important one and thus their CV should highlight all the needed qualities and education qualifications.

Sample Government Teacher CV

Emma Gibson,

43, Main Court Road,

Los Alamos, NM 56032

Mobile: +00 12345 67890

Telephone: 012 3456 7890

Fax: 012 3456 7890

Email Address:

Objective: Seeking a demanding position as a teacher in a Government Institution where I can utilize my education and experience fully

Educational Qualification:

  • 1997 – Schooling completed from Springdale High School
  • 1997 – 2000 – Studied Mathematics in Los Alamos University and received a Bachelor’s degree in Science
  • 2000 – 2003 – Pursued PG in Science from Los Alamos University
  • Pursued special diploma in Child Psychology from ABC Institute in the year 2004

Summary of Professional Experience:

  • 2004 – 2006 – Mathematics teacher for 6th – 9th grade in Middlefield High School
  • 2006  till date – Teaching at Central Education School, a government institution as Mathematics teacher for 6th to 9th grade

Special Skills:

  • Excellent communication skills both verbal and written
  • Good listening capability
  • Organization capability


  • Setting a suitable curriculum for the young students
  • Organization of educational trips and excursions
  • Regular evaluation of the students with correct procedure to rectify their mistakes