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CGI Special Effects Technician CV

CGI Special Effects Technicians work as a team under the direct supervision of the CGU Special Effects Director for a film or movie production company. They are responsible for doing conventional photographic and CGI –based post processing of films shot against a blue or green backdrop in a studio.  In a mega-budget movie, you can find them working at various levels of processing such as conceptualization, basic wire mesh rendering, texture and terrain mapping and compositing.

CGI Special Effects Technician CV Format

Gary B. Mendel

Burbank, LA, California

Phone: (818) 768-9223

Career Objective

To work as part of a team of CGI Special Effects Technician in major or independent movie production company.

Professional Experience

2001– Present: 2nd CGI Special Effects Technician, Burbank Studios

  • Work closely with the CGI Director, Cinematographer and Film Director in achieving the overall prescribed for the movie.
  • Assist stage hands in setting-up blue or green backdrop in a studio prior to capturing real actins against it.
  • Process blue or green-screen videos for compositing with CGI generated images on the Silicon Graphics Workstations
  • Operate MASSIVE (Multiple Agent Simulator System in Virtual Environment) to realistically simulate large crowds in CGI special effects development

Skills and Qualification

  • Excellent computer competence in using Silicon Graphics supercomputers
  • Above Average creativity in developing computer generated animation from video libraries and captured images


Portfolio of movies with CGI special effects development participation


1998 – Present: In-house training in the use of Silicon Graphics computer system, CGI animation techniques and tools and blue backdrop set-ups.

1997 – 1998: Diploma in 3D Animation, Milwaukee Institute of Art Design

1994 – 1997: BS Computer Science, DeVry University

Professional and Character References

To be furnished upon request

Theme Park Manager CV

A theme park manager is responsible for every aspect of the day-to-day running of a theme park. This includes key functions, such as managing the customer experience, strategic planning and development, monitoring health and safety, overseeing the park’s finances and handling staff appraisals.

Sample Theme Park Manager CV

Mr. Karthik,

Kences road,

257, Park Avenue South, Hyderabad.

Mobile No: +91 945 2456547

Telephone No: +91 345 42014

Professional Experience:

Working as theme park manager in Mount opera theme park from Sep 2004 to till date and developed the park as one of the Landmarks in the city

Theme park manager Objectives:

• To take proper action on Toxic tort
• to take proper action for removing Hazardous waste
• to take proper steps for controlling Pollution
• to Contamination
• to take responsibility of Sewer systems
• to take action for proper Septic systems
• Wastewater treatment/discharge
• Storm water
• Flooding
• to maintain Hydraulics
• to monitor Surface water quantity
• to monitor Groundwater   quantity


2000-2004: Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, Andhra University.


Best theme park in India 2008 award was achieved. Rated as 5 star by Indian Tourism .


  • Photography
  • Gardening
  • Internet surfing


“Upon request”

Theater CV

People with a theater background can use this template to get further jobs or roles in different plays. Along with the routine description about yourself, you should include the details of plays that you have performed. Along with experience, if you have any play writing or singing or dancing experience, do not forget to mention it. Theater is such a creative field that there is scope for everyone who is creatively inclined.

Sample Theater CV

Uday kumar

343 Gandhi Nagar


Mobile No: +91 445 4546547

Telephone No: +91 345 54 005

Career Objective: Prop manager seeking similar position in a theater company. Team player and will use organizational and design skills for the success of the company. Ready to relocate and travel with the theater company when the season begins.

Professional Experience:

2004 – 2009: Prop Manager with the Star Buzz Theater Company

Theater Manager Objectives:

  • To design props for stage performances
  • To Oversaw the construction and making of props for stage performances
  • To Work in a close collaboration with director and script writer  and set up props on stage
  • To assist director in dress rehearsals and  ensure that props function properly
  • To Oversaw the orders and delivery of props for performances
  • To Repair worn out and damaged props for reuse in the same and subsequent productions


Bachelor of Arts (English Language Studies/Drama Studies) Pune institute of Film studies.


Achieved best theater prop manager for several programs in India and in overseas.


  • Typeface setting
  • Walking


“Upon request”

Musician CV

A musician is the person who is responsible right from the composing music to the performance part of it. He entertains audience with his instrument skills and quite professional in his ways to ensure all modes of recreation gets revealed when it comes to music.

A musician CV can fulfill the roles of a composer, music assistant, music consultant, producer and of course the role of an organist.

Sample Musician CV Format

345, open plaza front

Lords, 567-67


Mobile No: +440676496756

Telephone No: +44055067895

Career objective: To become a famous musician and offer the best class of music to the people of entire world and to innovate some greatest compositions in the history of music.

Professional experience:

2007-2009: Music teacher in Academy of contemporary music

2009- Present: Music Director of the Jazz audio company

Musician’s objectives:

  • Performing in concerts and participating in recording sittings
  • Learning new pieces of music to extend the collections
  • Organizing publicity and negotiating fees
  • Searching out and liaising with new venues in which to perform
  • Delivering educational work in businesses and the wider community


2003-2007: Degree in Music program, Royal College of Music, London


Nominated for the best musician’s award in the city of Lords and honored with various prizes during the graduate days in the form of organizer and best producer.


  • Composing different genres with instruments
  • Writing songs and re-mixing the established ones.
  • Playing guitar
  • Travelling


“Upon request”

Mimicry Artist CV

Mimicry artists are also called as impressionists. Mimicry artist is performer whose act consists of giving the impression of being someone else by imitating other person’s voice and mannerisms. If you want to become successful Mimicry artist you should have proper training, practice and unique talent. So if you want to attend any competitions or jobs, regarding to mimicry you can use this cv template.

Sample Mimicry Artist CV Format

Spike Jones

Crossing Street



Mobile No: +987 39872 987

Telephone No: +8 72983 7

Career Objective: To be a crowd puller and famous Mimicry artist through a renowned Event management organization.


I am having 10 years of experience in the field of mimicry. And I Have had done about 500 stage performances all over India in three different languages Hindi, Telugu and English.

Computer Hardware Engineer Objectives:

  • To develop new skills regularly
  • To have good sense of humor
  • To plan the sequences correctly and frequently updating the concepts by observing the world.


1998-2001: BBA, S.V.University.


Achieved tons of awards in this field. Achieved best compliments from President of India.


  • Walking
  • Chess


“Upon request”


A disc jockey is a person who selects and plays recorded music for an audience. There are several types of DJs, Radio DJs introduces and plays music for the listeners through radio frequency or through internet radio and club DJs plays music in bars, clubs, pubs and some events. So if you are applying for DJ job use this template and get ready for the audition

Sample DJ CV Format

Kiran Blaze

Plot no: 12

S.D road


Mobile No: +91 98514 22251

Telephone No: 91 345 040 1634

Career Objective: seeking a position of DJ in a renowned entertainment company or Pub and also seeking one time or reoccurring events from private parties such as birthdays and weddings, to larger events such as corporate functions.

Professional Experience:

Black Hole Pub, 2008-Present: working as Disc Jockey at this famous pub and events were having at least 100 people. Uses Harmonic mixing to choose songs. Also an expert in tunable techniques such as beat matching, phrasing beat juggling and needle drops.

Disc Jockey objectives:

-To create a quality music

-To have good knowledge on type of equipment

-To have good interpersonal skills

-To have good relationship with club-goers


2004-2007: B.A. (Mass Communication), Loyola College, Delhi

Achievement: Won many awards in university Music competitions and many celebrities appreciated me for unique quality music.

Awarded as top DJ in city by club Mahindra group.


  • books
  • cooking


“Upon request”

Dancer CV

If you want a successful dance career, you should have proper training, practice regularly and have unique talent. Even though you are a successful dancer, you will find it difficult when comes to auditions. So you will need a winning dance resume to land an audition. Dance CVs are important for theater dancers, pop-video dancers, classical dancers, ball-room dancers, hip-hop dancers and all other dancers; this cv is useful for all types of Dancers.

Sample Dancer CV Format

Jim carry

West Street



Mobile No: +44 131 26724 122

Telephone No: +232 182788 5 4

Career Objective: To contribute the good dancing skills to the school through my unique and dedicated work as a Dancer Teacher.

Professional Experience:

2005-2009: Little angels dance school: worked as dancer teacher and trained the children with Hip-Hop and Ball room type dances.

2002-2005: St Ann’s high school: worked as dancer teacher

Dancer Responsibilities:

  • To Taught Children classical, jazz, hip hop and contemporary dance
  • to prepare students for competitions
  • to choreograph dances for different types of competitions
  • to organize several competitions
  • to judge dancers in local and national championships


1998-2001: Bachelors in English (Distance), University of George Town.


  • Choreographer of the Salsa Dance and that won first place at the National  Dance Competition (2006)
  • Winner of the National Dance Championship at 14 years of age.
  • Winner of the National Professional Classic Dance Competition (2005)


  • Oil Painting
  • traveling


“Upon request”

Comedian CV

A comedian is a skilled entertainer who cracks jokes or performs a variety of comic skits in a most professional manner. His prime concern is to engage his or customers in loads of laughter and fun with his or her Repertoire of jokes which are uniquely funny. They are a major part of entertainment industry who adds flavors to the movies or any stage show may it be an award ceremony or any promotional events.

A comedian’s role can be extended to multiple lines of work from voice acting to stand up entertainer. Also a comedian can be hired by the director as the writer keeping the humor and fun parts of a movie or story in eyes.

Sample Comedian CV Format

1264, West 67 Street

Carlisle, MP 01541

(123)-456 7990

San Francisco

Mobile No: +15006496756

Telephone No: +15550674565

Career objective: To get established as a comedian and to broaden the experience with it and become enriched with more acclamation from audiences.

Professional experience:

2007-2008: Educational theatre experience in Abilene Christian University, Abilene

2008- Present: Teaching experience in Arizona State University

Comedian’s objectives:

    • To make audiences laugh by telling jokes or comedy lines.
    • To sign humorous songs
    • To perform comedy walks or dance steps.
    • To amuse audiences with facial contortions and by wearing funny costumes.


2000-2003: BA in Economics, California College of the Arts

2003-2007: Theatre degree from Abilene Christian University


Performed several stage shows during the graduate days and honored with many prizes including the best entertainer of Abilene Christian University in the spring festival 2006.


  • Public speaking
  • Gaining audience’s acclamation in stage shows


“Upon request”

Circus CV

A circus is commonly a traveling company of performers that may include acrobats, clowns, trained animals, trapeze acts, musicians, hoopers, tightrope walkers, jugglers, unicyclists and other stunt-oriented artists. So one who will apply for circus performer job should be willing to travel from place to place and also cv should be simple and straight forward.

Sample Circus CV Format


Round Street

San Antigo

Mobile No: +74 13463 4 4

Telephone No: +7535 34 33

Career Objective: Position as a circus Performer to prove my skills and talent

Professional Experience:

Rajkamal circus, 2005-2009: I worked as a Circus stage performer and performed some unique stunts.

Also my special skills are Stilt Walking, Trapeze, Contortion, Hand-balancing, Rope walking.

Circus performer Objectives:

  • To follow the instructions of circus agent or manager.
  • To work with a group and they should have good synchronization
  • To travel with troop from place to place


2002-2005: Diploma in Event management, River Bank college, Ohio.


I have been awarded cash prizes for my unique stunts in several events.





“Upon request”

Cinema Manager CV

A cinema manager is responsible for the day-to-day control of all cinema activities. The role incorporates a variety of areas including customer satisfaction and safety, human resources responsibilities, training staff and marketing initiatives to ensure optimum profit. Other tasks include liaising with local press and websites to promote film premieres and cinema times.

Sample Cinema Manager CV Format

Robin Shashank


Puran mandhir road


Mobile No: +91 66949 48374

Telephone No: +91 44763 44577

Career Objective: To use my dedication and skills for providing the best facilities to the audience and to manage the theater like never before.

Professional Experience:

2010-Present: Working as a cinema manager for big cinemas, Pune from 2007.

Auto Technician Objectives:

  • To achieve audience and sales targets
  • To make audience satisfy
  • To advertise and promote films
  • To handle press and public relations
  • managing promotions within the cinema;
  • budgeting, cash handling and stock control
  • to develop an understanding of the local market
  • to have a good relationship with film societies and other groups within the industry
  • to prepare reports, statistics, forecasts and financial accounts
  • To ensure renewal of license and health and safety regulations
  • To recruit, train and supervise large numbers of part-time staff to work as a team
  • to market the cinema within a local arena
  • to organize  shifts and wage payments.


2000-2004: Bachelor Degree in electronics, central university, Pune.

2004-2006: Masters in Business management, IIPM, Bangalore.


Achieved the Best Theater Maintaince award from State Government of Maharastra.


  • Skiing
  • Movies


“Upon request”