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Guidelines for writing a good CV

A CV is a formal document which is very important in shaping the career of a person. A CV is a document which consists of all those details about a person which will help to acquire him a certain job position in a company or an organization. A CV consists of details like the academic information, skills, qualifications, experience details, hobbies etc.

By reading a CV an employer can decide whether or not the candidate is suitable for the given job title or not. Therefore it is important that a CV is drafted carefully, keeping in mind certain guidelines. The following are a few of the most important guidelines for writing a good CV.

  • The first and the most important guideline to write a good CV is that the formulation or the structure of it is correct. Spaces must be left at necessary positions and qualifications must be entered pointwise and not in paragraphs.
  • A CV must always have sections for each heading for example, academic details must be entered within a certain heading whereas skills and qualifications should come under another heading.
  • A CV must have a formal tone attached to it and no casual words must be used while writing a CV.
  • A good CV is one which also has a career objective statement of the person. This statement must be brief and should mention the reason of the person for applying for the job position.
  • There must be a separate section in the CV which must be designated to write about the certificates and awards earned or acquired by the applicant.
  • A CV must also give the personal information about applicant such as his/her name, address, phone number, date of birth, age, gender etc. This part can be written either in the beginning or at the end of the CV.

Content Writer CV

The job of content writers requires them to have excellent command over their language and top class writing skills. They should be able to express and create content for any idea or concept. Before developing the content, the content writer should undertake proper research to have reliable content. Content writers should know word processing software and must be always highly motivated. They are most of the times expected to be innovative.

Content writer CV is helpful for all people who want to work as content writers in companies.

Content Writer CV Template

Carl Watson

25, St. Johns Street,

Salt Lake City,


The United States of America

Mobile No: +1 873 25 09 24 4

Telephone Number: + 1 208 249 0863

Career Objective: I am looking for the job of a content writer in any large size publications company.

Professional Experience:

2008 – 2009: Kings Publications Company, Utah

I have worked with Kings Publications Company, Utah as content developer. As a content developer I was responsible for doing appropriate research and write the content fortnightly magazine of the company related to politics and culture.

2006 – 2007: Jet Software Solutions, Utah

I have worked as content developer with Jet Software solutions, Utah. I interacted with clients to understand their requirements and write appropriate content for their websites to promote products.


2001 – 2003: Bachelor of Arts in Advertising, University of Utah

2004 – 2005: Master of Arts in Advertising, University of Oregon


My short stories have been published in many magazines.


  • Boxing
  • Travelling


I will provide references on request.

Simple CV template

Simple CVs are short and not so detailed CVs, essentially used by those with casual or temporary jobs and applying for similar posts. The emphasis is on the skills that can be useful to the company along with the relevant qualification, which is put in a simple yet concise format, which attempts to get the attention of the employer.

Simon Baker,

234 Villa Rd,



Mobile Number: 44 2343 5767

Telephone Number: 012345 86958

Career Objective

Having just completed my bachelors in retail administration and having limited retail experience, I would like to understand more in detail about retailing. My prior experience as a salesperson has helped me develop the necessary customer service skills required to handle such jobs. Being meticulous and straightforward in my approach, I can handle inventory very well. I would like to use my creativity to ensure increase in sales and maximizing profits of the store.

Educational Background

Bachelors in Retail administration, 2007

Work Experience

2007-Present: Sales person, Manford Stores


  • Handled merchandise presentation
  • Customer sales and service
  • Handled customer queries and complaints and ensured they were handled immediately
  • Assisted in creating layouts for display in store
  • Handled inventory of all items sold in store
  • Maintained database of inventory
  • Maximized sales and profits
  • Other duties as required


  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Meticulous Approach
  • Great inventory skills
  • Multilingual in Spanish, German, French and English
  • Ability to grasp and learn things
  • Ability to adjust in any situation and solve problems creatively


  • Maximized sales and profits
  • Handled independent layouts of store

CV application

With the increasing use of internet and the World Wide Web, most job seekers prefer to use the electronic mode of creating and submitting a CV. Most leading employers and job websites have their own CV application form, which are required to be filled by the prospective or job seeking applicant. These CV application forms normally adhere to the same rules and principles as laid out for creating good and impressive CVs and therefore require the same information, albeit in a different format.

The advantage of using a CV application form is that you do not have to worry about the font type, size, colour or the formatting of the paper and all other things that would otherwise be relevant factors while drafting a CV. Most employers and job sites normally have their own formatting style, which allows them to use the information, so entered by you, to be printed as per their needs. However, one major drawback could be the fact that some of the categories could have either specific word counts or character counts and this could be a challenge while creating your CV.

A normal CV application form starts with fields seeking information regarding personal details like name, address and the like. Once personal details are filled, then it asks for educational qualifications. Such online forms may have options for more than one qualification and give you the opportunity to add them, if you wish.

Experience follows education, where again the same system of adding experience as you work through the form is present. Depending on the format preferred by the employer, you could be asked to list your experience chronologically or in the reverse order.

The CV application form also provides place for filling in your career objective, personal interests, languages known and all other miscellaneous information that may play a decisive role in final selection.

CV form

CV form is a tool used by employers, especially in Europe, to get detailed information about their prospective employees. These are forms regularly used by employers along with their applications and are similar in format to your regular CV, which you would anyway submit while seeking a job. The CV form allows employees to provide detailed personal information including the freedom of writing something about himself or herself, which could help the employer decide whether the person is the right candidate for the job or not.

The CV form starts with the routine personal details as is required of any CV, which include the name, address, contact numbers, mobile, email address, nationality, date of birth and marital status.

The second part of this CV form relates to the educational qualifications obtained by the individual. This includes only the basic academic and professional qualification attained by the individual. You can write about all other miscellaneous courses and trainings attended in part four of this CV form, which asks you to provide all such information.

Next is the employment history of the individual, which can be in chronological or reverse chronological order and which contains details of positions held along with responsibilities handled.

The fourth part of the CV form along with seeking information on other courses attended also asks you about the languages you know and your prizes or achievements in your professional life.

The best part of a CV form is that it allows you to highlight your skills and qualifications in a separate column, whereby you can actually promote yourself as well as your knowledge and try and attract the prospective employer.

The last part of CV form deals with hobbies and personal interests and also seeks the names of references, who can vouch for you professionally.

Electronic CV

Electronic CV is the new age CV, which has become very popular today, largely due to the advent of the internet. The increased usage of the internet for various things, including job search has created a need for E-CVs or electronic CVs.

These are CVs specially created for various online job sites, keeping in mind their requirements and formatting needs. It is very important to ensure such electronic CVs are keyword rich CVs as this is perhaps the most important aspect of creating such CVs. Keywords relevant to your experience or job title help search engines identify your CV and a keyword rich CV will definitely rank higher on the search engine list, thereby giving you a better chance of getting the job.

Similarly, it is important that electronic CVs are achievement oriented CVs, where achievements are also linked with keywords specified for the job. The CV, if drafted using a word processing software like MS Word, can actually use the properties tool to display the keywords used in the CV, which in turn will ensure search engines notice it before others.

Formatting and style of such CVs is very important as also layout. In the electronic format, it is very easy to create styles and formats that are both professional as well as attractive using the various web layout programs as well as designing programs available online. However, it is important never to overdo the designing but concentrate on the content.

Lastly, like with all other CVs, electronic CVs should also be proof read for both spelling as well as grammatical mistakes. Having your friend or colleague read it before submitting will also help avoid future problems.

Web based CV

With the advent of technology and the extensive use of World Wide Web for everything, it is obvious that CVs will not be left behind and will definitely enter the virtual world. Web based CV as the name suggests is a CV that is tailor made for online websites and job market. Given the situation today, it is absolutely imperative that you have a web based CV at your disposal to post at various job websites and forums.

The basic criteria to be kept in mind while drafting a web based CV are the keywords that you will use. Always ensure to create a keyword rich CV, using the relevant keywords that are used to search for CVs such as yours. This is very important as employers often look for CVs under specific categories and having a keyword rich CV will definitely place you higher in search engine rankings under that category. Secondly, it is important to create an achievements based CV, as this will definitely make your CV stand apart from the others.

Thirdly, style and formatting of the CV is very important and plays a very important role in attracting the prospective employer. Using word processing software as well as the web layout software, you can create a CV that is very well presented.

The next important factor is to make total use of the tools provided by various forums and online websites for creation of your CV and making it presentable. This can be stated as the advantage of creating a web based CV as it is easy to tailor make each CV for every website you visit.

Last but not the least, always test run your CV and proof read for mistakes before you make that final posting.

Hybrid CV

A hybrid CV is essentially a mixture of both functional as well as chronological CV, where both are presented to the reader in a concise format. As with functional CVs, the hybrid CV begins with a listing of key skills and achievements, which are then followed by the chronological case history of each employment held by the individual.

The skills section of a hybrid CV contains the relevant skills plus the areas where it was demonstrated or learnt. Additionally, this data is supported by details in the chronological format, thereby making this CV very comprehensive.

The reader of such a CV need not wonder about the skills and experience of the individual as it is presented concisely in the beginning and if interested then he can read in detail in the chronology part of the CV.

The ideal break up of hybrid CVs include a section on core competencies or skills followed by employment history in detail, on the job training, if any, educational qualifications, personal details, including contact number and lastly personal interests or likings or hobbies, if any.

While this CV is definitely more advantageous than other CVs, there is always that fear of overwriting. It is very important that you maintain word count of such CVs as also page count. Always stick to a maximum of two pages, which considering the amount of information that is required in such CVs, makes it impossible to maintain. This is where true creativity and proficiency of language comes to the rescue.

CV writers

CV is a very important tool that helps us get our dream job. However, for any tool to be effective it has to be perfect. Similarly, if you want that dream job then it is essential that you draft a perfect CV that matches the required profile so that you get your prospective employer to call you for an interview. While this is an ideal situation, it is possible that many of us out there are not aware of the intricacies of a CV and how to draft the perfect one. This is where you can enlist the help of CV writers, who are professionals that are trained to help you draft the perfect CV.

CV writers are a group of people who have the technical knowledge as well as expertise along with creativity to help you create the dream CV, which will get you your dream job. Creating a CV requires a lot of time and effort and is a painstaking task, for which most of us either do not have the time or do not have the requisite expertise. By handing over this task to CV writers you can rest in peace and be assured that they will do the job to perfection.

Similarly, CV writing is a technical job with a lot of tricky questions, especially if you have an uncharted career full of gaps or do not have relevant experience or frequently change your jobs. In all such cases as well as when you lack adequate education, handing over the task of writing your CV to a CV writer will help you get the best CV in the world, guaranteed to get you that interview call. These trained professionals are well aware of how to deal with situations and create a CV that highlights your good points while subduing your bad ones.

Creative CV writing

Creative CVs are more useful to those in creative fields like advertising, design and the like. While content of CV and experience play a very important role in any job search, designers and creative people can add a little panache to the otherwise boring template so as to attract the attention of the prospective employer. It is however, important to understand never to overdo it and keep it muted at all times.

It is pertinent to note that creative CVs can be of different styles, depending on the person designing it and the company for which he or she is creating the CV. Large organisations normally prefer regular CV formats and structures and do not like any fancy frills. Small companies, on the other hand, prefer that individual touch and flavour to a CV. Therefore before actually creating your CV, it is advisable to ascertain the company regulations.

Creative CVs should essentially focus on the relevant practical skills acquired and the experience attained during the past years. This could include organising or participating in exhibitions, knowledge of various designing software and many other such things. Similarly, it can also include a special mention of your likes, personal interests and hobbies so as to enable the employer to understand you better.

Design wise, a creative CV could include a watermark, which is elegant and muted or it could have a border. Similarly, you could use the landscape format or the book format to make your CV stand out from the rest. However, before deciding on all these issues, it is best to learn more about the company and also have some others check your CV for any problems. This is because what may be attractive to one can mean a disaster for another. Lastly, it is important that you provide a link to all the work you have done in your CV as this will help in attracting more employers.