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Top 10 tips for writing a CV

A CV or curriculum vitae is a document which is used by people to send across the details of their skills, qualifications and work experience to the employer or recruiter. A CV is a formal document that is quite effective in recording all the important career and educational details of any person. These documents must be framed very carefully because on them, depends the future course of the career of any individual.

CVs consist of details such as academic information, hobbies, special interests, qualities, skills and previous work experience etc. Generally a CV also has a career objective statement which is used to define the career goal of the person and the reason why he/she has applied for the job. Given below are the top 10 most important tips which should be considered while writing a CV.

  1. One of the most important tips to keep in mind while framing a CV is to use formal language and a proper format of framing the document.
  2. The CV must only consist of facts and details which can be backed by proof if required.
  3. The first part of the CV must consist of personal information about applicant such as his name, address, date of birth, contact number, gender etc.
  4. The next part of the CV should have the work objective or career goal of the applicant. This part must not take more than 2-3 lines and should be kept extremely brief and precise.
  5. The educational qualifications form the next part. Information about schooling, graduation, post graduation and higher studies must be given here.
  6. The skills and hobbies must be written under a separate heading after academic details.
  7. One section of the CV can also be reserved for giving the names of the certificates, awards earned by the applicant.
  8. Throughout the CV, one must sound confident but not over confident or arrogant.
  9. A CV must not take more than 1 or 2 sheets.
  10. A CV should consist of a heading saying ‘curriculum Vitae’.

Sample Singaporean CV Format

A CV is something which is not confined or limited to a definite system, hence there are no rules guiding the format. Still a CV requires certain unavoidable things. It should consist of the detailed presentation of your academic qualification, work experience, merits of personality and achievements. It should be like a clear mirror reflecting your personality. Only then the reader can’t avoid being impressed.

You will find below a sample Singaporean CV which can be a good asset to build up your CV in an efficacious way.

Sample Singaporean CV Format

Alice Martini

33, John Street, Times Square,


Cell phone number: +65 9622446578

Home or office phone: +65 21453422

Career Objective:

It is highly necessary to elucidate your objectives of joining the company and building your career under its auspices. You should also mention how you will adopt all the feasible ways to exercise your guts for the job.

Professional Experience:

Present the detailed information of your job experience with the total spells of time and with the names of the companies. Your job profile may make your CV conspicuous.


Give detailed information of all your degrees and certificates with the names of the universities and institutions in a proper order.


Your achievements need a clear but simple mention to specify your career. If you have got nothing creditable to be mentioned in case of being a fresher, mention how best efforts you will put in using your best abilities in all the feasible ways to perform duty. This will highlight your merits and strengihs.


Mention the pastime activities done in spare time as they reveal many aspects of personality..


References should be given if they are demanded.

Sample Sri Lankan CV Format

It is true that no rules have been formed to confine a CV to a particular format. It means that a CV should comprise of your educational qualification, total job experience, your merits, your accomplishments and the striking features of your personality in such a way that the reader may be impressed. You can win the favor by presenting all distinctly and lucidly.

A sample Sri Lankan CV format is furnished just to help you prepare your CV to create good impression upon the reader.

Sample Sri Lankan CV Format

Jaychandra Someshavrya

72, Dilshan Flats, Sukun Garden road,

Colombo Central,

Sri Lanka.

Cell phone number: +94 9522471134

Home or office phone: +94 1 45122311

Career Objective:

Make your objectives known in the CV. State how you will work for the betterment of the company and thereby enhance your career to the higher peaks.

Professional Experience:

The details of job experience can work magic so give the names of the companies where you worked with the dates of joining and leaving. Your job profile is a must so add all the minute details.


Mention all your degrees and certificates with the names of the universities and institutions.


Here write about your creditable heights earned so far in your career. If you are a novice (fresher), mention how you will perform well using all your abilities in the best possible ways.


State your pastimes, the activities done in leisurely hours.


If instructed, references should be produced.

Sample Bangladeshi CV Format

No particular rules can guide you in writing your CV. Despite it, a CV should be prepared in such a way that it may reveal all about you in a distinct way. All the aspects of your personality along with your noteworthy achievements should be included in a noticeable way. Academic qualification and job experience should be stated in a chronological way. Your CV should display all your striking merits, talents and guts in the reader’s mind in a convincing way.

A sample Bangladeshi CV is given below for your reference. With the help of it you can make your CV effective enough to impress the reader.

Sample Bangladeshi CV Format

Javed Nazan

34, Aftab Society, Court Road,

Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Cell phone number: +880 932256788

Home or office phone: +880 2 43125688

Career Objective:

Mention your objectives of joining the company. State how you will serve two purposes of building your career and increasing the name and progress of the company.

Professional Experience:

Here you have to mention the names of the companies where you have had the work experience with exact spells of time. Give all the necessary details of your job profile here.


Give all data of your degrees and certificates with the names of the universities and institutions.


Here mention all the creditable accomplishments you have earned in the course of building your career. If you are a fresher, mention how you will put in your best efforts and best talents in performing duty. This will earn you extra marks.


Write clearly the chosen activities of your leisurely hours.


Attach references if instructed.

Sample Pakistani CV Format

As a matter of fact there can never be the rules to write a CV yet it is imperative that you should write a CV in such a way that it may give a clear idea about you. A CV must contain all the necessary details like the personal details, educational qualification, job experience and achievements. The CV should like a crystal-clear mirror reflecting your personality, character and abilities. It should win the reader’s heart.

Below is given a sample Pakistani CV. This format is only for guidelines. You can build up your CV and make it more impressive and effective to the reader.

Sample Pakistani CV Format

Hamid Syed

22, Jama Masjid Street,



Cell phone number: +92 9711335467

Home or office phone: +92 42 46733124

Career Objective:

You have to specify your objectives here. You should clearly mention why you want to join the organization with the definite career aim. State clearly your possible approach for the job.

Professional Experience:

Here you have to furnish all the details of your professional work experience including the names of the companies with the total spell of time you have worked for them. The details of your job profile should be added.


Mention all the degrees with the names of the universities. Mention other certificates besides your degrees.


Here you may mention the achievements you have earned in your career. If you are a novice or fresher, think this to be the platform to highlight you abilities so that you can make your merits and guts noticed.


Mention all your creditable activities done by you in your free time.


You may give the references on demand.

Sample Indian CV Format

As such there are no rules to write a CV but it is necessary that you should write a CV in a manner that it gives clear idea about you. This includes all the details of yours like educational qualification, professional experience, personal details and achievements. The CV should be written in a manner that it gives its reader a reflection of your character and your abilities.

Given below is a sample Indian CV. You can follow this format and make your CV more effective to the reader.

Sample Indian CV Format

Shreya Singh

99, Prerana Vihar



Cell phone number: +91 9610089567

Home or office phone: +91 11 34587634

Career Objective:

Here you have to give the clear idea about your objectives like why you want to join the organization and regarding your career aim. You should also clear your possible approach for the job.

Professional Experience:

Here you have to give all the details of your professional work experience including the name of the companies and for how many years you have worked for the same company. Also add the details about your job profile.


State all your degrees along with the name of the universities. Give details about other certification if you have any other than your main degree.


Here give the clear idea of all your achievements in your career. If you are applying as a beginner than also mention the things which you can do best as per your ability that also gives an idea about your strengths.


Give idea about the activities which you are doing in your free time.


Give references if requested.

CV Form

A CV form is a resume that is totally different in formatting from the tradition al curriculum vitas we know. A CV form is formatted in such a manner that it is a table and the resume’s details are entered for easy access and in an organized chronological manner. Here is a sample of a Form CV

Sample Form CV

CV Form

Scannable CV

A scannable CV is a type of resume that is designed just like a traditional resume, only that the formatting features must be clear and free of graphics. A scannable CV is often printed on a white page with black font for clear and high contrast to make it easy to feed into the system either for storage or for conversion electronically using OCR software.

Sample Scannable Resume Format

Smith B Marvin

8932 Carriage Court, Knoxville, TN

Home Telephone: 865-902-7832

Cell Telephone: 865-783-9089


Career objective

An experienced bank teller focusing on transaction efficiency and quality, customer education, customer relations, and teamwork

Work History

August 2007 – Date: Bank Teller II, Davis Financial Bank – Fountain City, TN


  • Processing tax, treasury and loan payments
  • Providing teller transaction efficiency and quality to customers
  • Selling official instruments, including traveler’s checks, cashier’s checks and money orders
  • Educating customers about bank products and their benefits
  • Promoting the sale of bank products
  • Cross-selling existing bank services to customers
  • Assisting customers with funds availability queries

December 2003 – May 2007: Bank Teller I, Community Cooperative society, Central Knoxville, TN


  • Accurately and efficiently processing transactions in accordance with laid down policies.
  • Balancing cash funds daily
  • Completing short/over adjustments and sending totals to the operations Department.
  • Preparing, sorting and distributing reports to concerned branches and departments
  • Supplying other tellers with currency and coins as needed

Professional qualification

February 1999 – August 2003: Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Bookkeeping, Knoxville Community College – Knoxville, TN

December 1998: High School Diploma, Chesterfield High School, Chesterfield, MA

Creative CV

A creative CV sells! It catches the eye of the recruiter and expresses the message that a particular applicant may inject a ton of ideas into a company or institution. No employer would prefer an inactive employee. The current market is dynamic and job applicants need to use more than they learn in classing in impressing recruiters. Here is a sample of a creative CV

Sample Creative Resume Template

Personal Details

Vale Marvin Jackson

Date of Birth: 1975

Sex: Male

Address: 128 Wills vale, Pequannock, NJ

Cell Phone: (555) 892 7893

Home Phone: 783-932-8472


Career objective

To retire from the trade with dozens of broken ribs in my closet

Employment history

2006 – 2009: Lead actor and production designer, Bleak productions – St. Peters, NJ


  • Lead actor in model TV commercials
  • Cast supervisor
  • Assistant production manager
  • Resource allocator in the movie ‘Outcast’

2002 – 2006: Assistant production designer, Prone Cinemas – Beverly Hills, CA


  • Costume design supervisor
  • Script proofreader and approver
  • Cast supervisor


Mentored the idea behind the best selling films ‘Dusk ram’ and ‘Dusk Ram 2’

Educational qualification:

1996-2001: MBA in performing Arts, University of South California – Los Angeles, CA

  • Played ‘Dim’ in the play ‘Gone with the wind’ and was awarded the second best student actor, 1994

1993 – 1995: Advanced Diploma in scripting, Oregon College– Exeter, CA

  • Registered member of Society of California Actors

1991: High School Diploma, South Gate high School – Quinn’s, NJ

  • Active member of the student drama club


  • Scripting
  • Watching movies and plays
  • Acting
  • Reading novels