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Sample CV Template

As you write your resume for a retail manager for instance, one thing matters and that is performance. Whether you are a cashier, salesperson, manager, shop assistant or merchandiser you need a strong CV. It should demonstrate your contributions to your former company’s success. Make it easy for your recruiter to determine your key qualifications and job target. Read the job advertisement to have a good idea of what the recruiter or hiring personnel is looking for. Here is a CV template for a retail manager you can use as a guide.

Sample CV Template

Kelly S. Patrone

Unit 2, Nottingham South NG85

Ruddington Lane 4HR

Mobile Number: 983 166 09121

Telephone Number: 0119 882 1092


Career Objective:

Enthusiastic retail manager with extensive experience in all areas of the retail field. Exceptional leader with the ability to initiate goals and achieve them in a timely manner. Believe in motivating each other so as to work with inspiration from conception till completion. I am a proactive worker who thinks critically and logically when faced with challenges.

Educational Background:

2003 – 2005: Masters in Business Administration, University of Cambridge

1999 – 2003: Bachelor of Science in Business Management, University of Birmingham

Work Experience:

2005 – Present: Retail Manager, Bradford Inc.


  • Motivating and developing staff members to be responsible in meeting budgetary targets
  • Controlling of store accounts according to the set criteria for net profit
  • Reviewing and evaluating weekly sales turn outs and presenting a report to CEO
  • Maximizing every sale opportunity by offering the best customer care and placing reasonable prices on goods
  • Ensuring staff is motivated, productive and successful in their own departments
  • Developing and managing the stores monthly incentives to customers
  • Creating a suggestion box to be aware of customer concerns, and making use of criticism to promote growth.
  • Taking note of loop holes and finding ways to fill them up
  • Introducing seminars for staff, as a way to educate them on better practices that will benefit the company


  • Increased sales growth by an outstanding 50% in the store
  • Had a total increase in turnover of an excess 1 million pounds per year
  • Turned the failing business around to a reputable successful one
  • Won over 3000 pounds bonuses in a league of 30 other retail managers

Skills Based CV Template

When writing your skills based CV place emphasis on your personal skills and statement. Getting it wrong can mean that your chances of being invited to an interview are reduced. Be sure to highlight your professional goals and attributes summarizing why you should be considered for the job. When stating your accreditations in your skills based resume, your most impressive achievements should be priority. Remember flexibility and good communication qualities will enhance your chances of landing that job.

Skills Based CV Template

Andrew S. Anderson

66 Lower Richmond Rd

London SW15 8JY

Mobile Number: 1034 875 223

Telephone Number: 0129 8720 993

Relevant Skills

Team Work:

  • Participated with a team in stage performance play which won awards
  • Worked as a team member of Garners sales team to meet target sales and promote new film
  • Worked closely with production and design team to make appropriate costumes for various films
  • Worked with team members on ways to reduce production costs

Time Management:

  • Designed and produced 10 costumes for the play Maria and Joseph in 2 days
  • Worked under intense pressure to submit film proposal while working part time as a film lecturer
  • Developed time management skills and met all set deadlines
  • Produced 5 film scripts for the local theater presentation


  • Negotiated for an extension of the deadline of a big project on behalf of the company
  • Negotiated with fabric suppliers on a discount on the chosen materials for costumes


2000 – 2004: Bachelor of Science in Performing arts, London College of Fashion

Work Experience:

2004 – Present: Film Costume Designer


  • Purchasing materials for proposed costumes
  • Visiting market and sampling of various materials
  • Designing embroidery on the finished costumes
  • Introduced ways to simplify pattern cutting and as a result submit finished products in a timely manner

Other skills:

  • Familiar with Photoshop, Windows Vista applications
  • Able to speak German and French fluently.


  • Costumes I designed for 9 films received awards
  • 6 of the films I produced were selected to be viewed internationally
  • Was awarded 6 contracts to work on international films

CV Design Templates

There are various CV design templates and it can be confusing when deciding which one to use. Some of the resume designs include functional, performance, targeted, chronological, universal, hybrid and brief curriculum vitae. When deciding the appropriate one, pick a design that will best present your qualifications, skills, profile and experience. Make sure the template chosen gives a good and lasting impression on your prospective employer as a result getting you an interview.

CV Design Template

Hillary K. Duff

Brocas St. Windsor SL 2

Berks 8BW.

Mobile Number: 44 2301 3856

Telephone Number: 9242 298 923


Career Objective:

Film producer and director with 5 years experience in the corporate field. With an in depth knowledge in film production, advertisement and design. Adapt in tight working conditions that call for task prioritization. Looking to use my skills in interactive TV, technology convergence, audio visual script writing and digital media technologies to reach targeted goals.

Educational Experience:

2001 – 2004: Masters in Digital Television Management, UCCA

2000 – 2004: Bachelors of Arts in Film and Video, Manchester University

Work Experience:

2004 – Present: Film Producer and Director, Sky News


  • Directing TV commercials for leading products and adding special effects
  • Directed production of corporate image films for international companies and government sectors
  • Enhancing of creative culture of films to increase business revenues and receive more contracts
  • Producing corporate video segments various companies
  • Directed television interview segment and suggested ways to enhance viewer satisfaction
  • Produced documentary films shot in Africa and aired in Europe and Asia
  • Devised a production schedule for live footage of refugees in Sudan which is now streaming on company websites and airs on various local stations worldwide
  • Designed studio settings for interviews.
  • Selected music compositions used on various Sky new programs
  • Suggested new programs that viewers may prefer
  • Directed the live reality shows aired in Britain and included various designs
  • Directed star actors on a film entitled ‘Paying Forward’ which featured stars volunteering in their hometowns


  • Was appointed as point person for film editing
  • Able to speak Bahasa, Tagalog and Hindu fluently
  • Strengthened brand positioning through advertisements and awareness campaigns
  • Directed 100’s special effect films and 20 documentaries in 6 months.

Standard CV Template

A standard CV template is good for every day job. It is known to be very informative yet clear, simple and easy to read. Your standard CV resume should include your career functions targeting the job you are applying for. State in your curriculum vitae what specific contributions the company will benefit from. Your aim should be to convince a prospective employer that without your skills they will lose. Here is a sample standard CV template for a software programmer that you can emulate.

Standard CV Template Example

Marian J, Dunkins

44 Union Street

Manchester F6 4AE

Mobile Number: 44 9823 2233

Telephone Number: 0161 9289 121

Career Objective:

A software developer with an in depth knowledge in web application and development. Gained skills in software engineering, web design, java script, technical security, hard ware and software support.

Educational Background:

2003 – 2006: Masters in Information Technology, University of Kent

1998 – 2003: Bachelor of Science in Software Development, University College London

Work Experience:

2006 – Present: Software Developer, Jones and Smith Company


  • Designing specialist software systems for the finance sector
  • Providing MIS solutions and producing a web application for the education sector
  • Managing company data and storage
  • Connecting databases to be accessible by different departments
  • Working on installing wireless connections to all company computers
  • Developing industrial computer functioning control systems used by airports
  • Working as analyst on research labs around the city
  • Making sure all servers and running without default
  • Teaching colleagues the use a Linux a new operating system introduced
  • Working on Oracle SQL server version 7
  • Delivered client counseling regarding their personal computers and how to maintain them
  • Developed a software that will automate all general duties
  • Leading a team of 4 people on internet applications


  • Was made in charge of overseeing oracle V8 and V9 databases
  • Was awarded a certificate for best in web application support
  • Led a team of 4 to install data covers that were adopted by schools as a way of monitoring attendance, teacher details, school buses to name a few
  • Developed a software that was used to automate all company records for easier storage and retrieval
  • Was appointed as person in charge of teaching new staff about Java Script

Creative CV Template

You may be considered as the best production manager in your company however to be employed by another company you have to prove that your management skill will contribute to the company. When writing your CV or curriculum vitae, think about how your previous company benefited from your management abilities. To show emphasis on resume, have these skills and achievements bulleted. Right below is a creative sample of a production managers resume. This CV template can be used a guide when writing your own resume.

Creative CV Templates

Dan F. Humphrey

Peto Way, Lowestoft NR 22

North Quay Business Park 2ED

Mobile Number: 44 9223 132

Telephone Number: 0112 983 81813


Career Objective:

Production manager with excellent experience gained while working in a large multi- production company over the past 3 years. Experience in record optimizing, minimizing production losses, establishing new control systems, reducing downtime and meeting company objectives. Seeking to make significant contribution in a similar position in the Western Region.

Educational Background:

2003 – 2006: Masters in Business Management, Tideway Schulers University

1999 – 2003: Bachelor of Science in Business Management, University of London

Professional Experience:

2006 – 2008: Production Manager, London Oak Company


  • In charge of onsite manufacturing of bottles and keeping production at optimum levels
  • Maintained quality output on all products by use of SAP ERP planning techniques
  • As a member of the management team, contributed on strategy formulation
  • Supervised a team of 8 skilled operators
  • Trained and coached new employees while developing older staff
  • Carried out a search for fault in the system and provided solution
  • Loaded and unloaded finished products onto trucks for distribution
  • Responsible for the running of a high tech controlled coating machine
  • Advised staff on purchases, deliveries and product locations
  • Carried out accident investigation on production site
  • Led the launching of a new product with success and high income turnovers
  • Initiated ways to avoid excess waste and opened a recycling unit


    • Led company through the quality assurance assessment and received ISO certification
    • Led production team to increase performance from 20% to 60%.
    • Was voted as company spokesperson at the annual seminars held in Manchester
    • Received a certificate as best employee of the year

CV Format Template

The CV format template you use should enable the reader to easily scroll through resume and see your key strengths as relevant to the job. One can choose to bolden information they want to highlight. Use the right font for consistency purposes. Any hobbies or additional skills that might give you an advantage when looking for a job should be included in your curriculum vitae. Bullet your work to make your CV template easy to read.

Example of CV Format Template

Maria Cox

George Square




Telephone 244-0123 8492

Mobile: 382 389 0123


Educational Qualifications

2004: B.A in Philosophy, Bath Spa University

2000: Marches School G.C.SE

Professional Qualifications

2009: Editor


  • Conducting interviews on various people to be featured in the magazine on Homes and gardens
  • Researching information for facts and verifying truthfulness of information
  • Writing photo captions
  • Coming up with imaginative and eye catching titles for various columns

2008: Assistant Editor, Elle Magazine


  • Liaising with the graphic designer to ensure proper page layout
  • Following up leads to stories
  • Scouting for models for photo shoots
  • Keeping up with the latest trend in fashion and writing fashion stories

2005: Freelance Writer


    • Writing feature stories for various magazines
    • Writing commercials
    • Writing Radio plays some of which featured in BBC
    • Writing press releases
    1. Student Mentor at Kingsley High School


  • Mentoring 10 students for 2 hours every week
  • Listening to them and helping them in any problem areas they might have
  • Assisting them in school assignments

Summer 2002: Waitress, Nandos Food and Drinks Restaurant


  • Taking orders, serving food and drinks
  • Setting and clearing table
  • Setting up and serving buffets in the restaurant and in outside catering
  • Signing off and ensuring final copies to go to print
  • Writing short articles and features on local stories and carrying out pagination

Supplementary Skills

MS outlook, MS word, Web design, Access, Video Editing, Graphic Design

Personal Details

Date of Birth: 24 September1982

Hobbies: Playing lawn tennis, travelling, debating


Tom Clayton

Prof. University of Liverpool

Liverpool L56 4AD

Telephone: 44 873 9203

Julia Hunt

Administrative Secretary

Valmoadona Trust

Turner Drive

London WN 15

Telephone: 67 201 034

Microsoft Office CV Templates

Microsoft Office CV templates are quite useful especially when making online applications. To use these curriculum vitae templates, you can use PDF to avoid alteration of the information. Most people have PDF in their computers, so this should not be a problem. One can also have the resume in Doc, Txt or HTML format. These are usually easier to edit. Avoid flashy graphics in the layout.

Example of Microsoft Office Template

Martins Clarke

23B Albert Road

London WN3 SJ7

Telephone: 782 545 1938

Mobile: 44 042 0549


Career Profile

Leading financial consultant with over two years experience and has a track record of improving sales and revenue figures.

Educational Qualifications

2003-2005: PHD in Financial Services, Thames Valley University

2000-2002: Masters in Finance, Thames Valley University

1996-1999: B.Sc. in Finance and Accounting, Swansea Metropolitan University

1990-1995: Birmingham High School, G.C.S.E; Maths A, English B, Science A, History A


    1. Financial and Operations Manager


    • Strategic financial management of the organization
    • Decentralization of key accounts
    • Communicating with managers and directors
    • Coming up with a financial modeling system for effective control of company resources
    • Involved in the restructuring of an automated financial reporting system
    • Improved quality control systems in the organization
    • Developed new payroll accounting system for employees that enabled prompt and efficient payment
    • Provided continuous improvement on the organization
    • Conducted financial system seminar for staff and other stakeholders
    • Calculating the income tax and income returns to the government shareholder selling of shares
    • Involved in public listing of the company in the stock exchange

2007: General Finance Manager, Thames and Sons Franchises


  • Involved in budgeting, planning and product control
  • Involved in sales forecasting
  • Involved in the acquisition of new assets
  • Making financial statements, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, journal and ledger entries
  • Coordination of financial reporting in over 20 franchises within the UK
  • Training staff in the use of financial reporting systems
  • Directly supervised 1000 staff
  • Financial management of the company
  • Prepared budget line financial statements in the company line
  • Processing of claims on insurance of employees on injuries and pension


2006 Post Doctoral Fellowship, the Open University

Functional CV Template

A functional CV template or resume should be used when you don’t have extensive experience or when your experience is not that wide. This template is good when one is entering the job market, when one is changing careers or you have not had jobs regularly. This curriculum vitae format generally includes only what is relevant to the job you are looking for. Examples of details to include are; contact information, skills, education and work experience.

Sample Functional CV Template

Susan Boyle

6439 Zimmer Rd, Williamston

Telephone: 848 383 9983

Mobile: 583 432 2141


Career Objective

To be a Human Resource specialist in recruitment and interviewing of human resource personnel. Also, coming up with evaluation of employee performance tools and systems to encourage maximum employee input.

Educational Qualifications

2000-2003: Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Kingston University

1996-1999: BCom specializing in Human Resource, Lancaster University

Professional Qualification

Jan 2004-June 2004: Human Resource Intern, Toshiba Enterprises


  • Assisted the management in carrying out survey on different personality types of people in the workplace
  • Carried out statistics for the yearly payroll and benefits of the employees
  • Coordinated interviews for hiring of part time and temporary employees
  • Coordinated training program for union laws and workers rights
    1. Human Resource Manager, Harvie and Hudson


  • Offered training courses on personal development and other areas for employees. Presented over 35 training courses for 600 employees.
  • Facilitating and motivating employees to pursue higher education
  • Preparation and presentation of reports on a monthly basis
  • Taught employees more effective and efficient ways to carry out their duties
  • Prepared incentive programs for employees
  • Visited over 20 branches of the company to oversee employee functioning
  • Counseling of employees
    1. Human Resource Director, Moss Boss Group


  • Facilitated the integration and merger of Moss and Boss companies to form the Moss Boss Group
  • Designing and implementing a new Human Resource system and structure for the Moss Boss Group
  • Administration and facilitation of 5000 employee organization with 20 branches traveling all over Europe
  • Developed an employee evaluation and performance review system to measure employee efficiency and effectiveness
  • Recruitment and supervision of full time employees and senior management personnel

Modern CV Template

In a modern CV, it is important not to include all the details about your life. A modern resume is a combination of functional and chronological CV templates. Include details relevant to the job you are applying for. Employers don’t have time to read all the details about your life. A modern curriculum vitae is a marketing tool. The format you chose should make well structured curriculum vitae. Include examples of your skills and experiences.

Sample Modern CV Template

Anderson Ross

4, Any Road, London FG 3 5CV

Telephone 475 930 5940

Mobile: 948 759 9304


Career Objective

To engage in effective and excellent customer care service

Educational Qualifications

    1. B.A in Sociology, Middlesex University
    1. Diploma in Customer Service, College of North East London

Professional Qualifications

2005-2007: Assistant Customer Care Representative, Harrods Ltd


  • Welcoming of new staff and carrying out of orientation in the organization to introduce new staff to organizational policies and regulations, technology and people.
  • Carrying out correct training on dress code for staff members
  • Carrying out and facilitating other kinds of relevant training such as safety training and fire drills.
  • Resolving customer complaints
  • Opening, closing and monitoring of cash tills at the beginning and end of each day
  • Carrying out stock control
    1. Customer Care Representative, Harrods Ltd


  • Handling internal and external e-mail and postal communications. Involved sending out e-mails and reading incoming e-mails and responding to them as necessary.
  • Organizing and facilitating the running of weekly departmental meetings
  • Processing telephone orders
  • Handling customers and giving them advise on products before purchase
  • Controlling stock and merchandising
  • Initiated new promotion activities to increase customer’s sales during holiday seasons such as Easter and Christmas
  • Handling customers directly and processing sales
  • Handling customer queries, giving out information and resolving staff and customer complaints
  • Giving motivational talks to staff of 65 Full time employees and 12 Temporary employees
  • Connecting customers to the correct department when making purchase orders
  • Processing international orders over the telephone and facilitating delivery on time


Received certificate of Merit for Best Customer Care Representative in the region


Available on request

CV Resume Template

Having a CV resume template is essential, especially if you keep rewriting your curriculum vitae. If you are not sure how to go about writing your resume, using a CV template can be a starting point. You can download these CV templates are from the Internet. It is important to personalize your CV to highlight skills and abilities you have which fit the jobs you are applying for. Always use the right CV format.

Sample CV Resume Template

Jackson Wright

Waddington Galleries

20 Cork Street

London GHFT 7SY

Telephone: 374 639 9450

Mobile: 658 027 4834

Career Objective

To build on my extensive skills as a web developer in a challenging corporate environment in the environment sector which will also help me develop my professional development.

Educational Qualifications

2000-2003: First Class in B.Sc in IT, Edge Hill University

2004-2006: Postgraduate Diploma in Web Design & Development, Cranfield University

Professional Qualifications

2007: Administrative Assistant, The White Art Inn


  • Facilitating communication between the existing departments
  • Making and receiving telephone calls on behalf of senior managers in the Inn
  • Scheduling of maintenance services in the Inn
  • Making budgets for $ 30 000 for office administration expenses.
  • Preparing monthly reports on the progress of the Inn
  • Receiving and handling customer complaints and conflicts among staff and customers.

2008: Webmaster, Belfast Inc


  • In charge of the Web development Department
  • Redesigning the websites of the Company using PHP and MY SQL
  • Training other staff in the use of Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Joomla and Adobe Premier
  • Marketing of web design services to different clients
  • Designing websites for various organizations and companies all over the UK both private and public such as the website for ministry of Foreign Affairs. Using software such as Macromedia Dreamweaver, Dreamweaver flash, fireworks and Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Training clients on how to maintain their websites using Dreamweaver and built in FTP
  • Initiating the changeover of the company to a faster ISP

Selected Portfolio of Designed websites

Personal Details

Languages: Speaks English and French


Photography and Graphic design


Available on request