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Business Development Executive CV

A business development executive evaluates business chances and possible markets by analyzing fiscal feasibility studies and handling market research. He also oversees endeavours to maintain and assist the association in identifying and obtaining new trade opportunities. The CV must contain information regarding the candidate’s qualifications, job objective and his work experiences with career skills.

Sample Business Development Executive CV

Monica Geller

32 Manhattan Street

New York


Phone number- 9873547895

Email id-

Career objectives

I am looking for an administration position as a business development executive with a corporation that will exploit my previous know-how and skills to meet industry objectives and maintain commitments to client service, employee progress, and continuous development.

Educational qualifications

  • I have done my bachelor of business administration from New York University in 2000 and Master of business administration from Texas University 2002.
  • I have computer skills regarding Ms Word, excel, access, power point and internet.

Work experience

  • I worked as a business development executive from 2003 to 2005 in Krueger Enterprises. I had the duty of managing corporation units like program executive, administrative subordinates, CAD designers, business designers, sample shops, suppliers.
  • I was also a business development executive from 2005 to 2007 in Mark Corporation. I had built, developed and sustained Business relations within purchasing, manufactured goods planning, engineering, marketing, gathering plants, establishing grounds and checking facilities.
  • I have also prepared & preserved quarterly, yearly & 5 year estimates, budgets, promotion (brochures, flyers, etc.) and report plans.


Can be provided on request.

Loan Consultant CV

A loan consultant helps in providing information and organizing all kinds of loans for people. He must be capable of multitasking while assisting clients with mortgage as well as home loan applications and attainment. The CV must contain details of qualifications, job objectives, skills as well as career skills.

Sample Loan Consultant CV

Anne Frank

32 New Jersey Street

New Jersey


Phone number- 9856789098


Educational qualifications

  • I got my B Com degree from New York University in the year 2000.
  • I did my M Com from Texas University in 2002.
  • I have also pursued a diploma in Loan Management from ABC Institute.

Work Experience

  • I was a loan processor in New Loans Today, New York from 2002 to 2004. My responsibilities were to process compliant, nonconforming liquid money and all alternate loans. I had to make sure that an application met all underwriting rules and laws. I used to put forward total loan packages to sponsor for final sanction.
  • I was a loan consultant from 2005 to 2009 in Loan Now. I had presented mortgage loans with creative financing all through prime lending. I managed consumer files to guarantee timely and precise closing. I used to perform every approved state via telephone and e-mails.

Career skills

I possess career skills as following which will surely prove to be beneficial for the organisation I work for:

  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Can understand the needs of the customers
  • Good with numbers and have an analytical bent of mind.


Can be provided upon request.

Bank Branch Manager CV

A bank branch manager is a person who is responsible for handling the overall branch of a bank. He has knowledge of laws, rules as well as regulations of the bank and has managerial capabilities towards the staff of the bank. He must be able to co ordinate his subordinates and assist customers in transactional operations. The CV of bank branch manager must have details related to qualifications, objective, skills and experience of the person in question.

Bank Branch Manager CV

Ross Geller

32 New Road

New Jersey


Phone Number- 9876543212

Email Id-

Educational qualifications

  • I did my Master of Business Administration from New York University in the year 2000.
  • I acquired the bachelor’s degree in Economics from Yale University.

Career skills

My skills include:

  • Broad based knowledge in retail banks that includes individual and commercial loan providing.
  • Strong operational knowledge of banking criterion, laws and processes.
  • Possess established expertise in fiscal lending processes.

Work experience

I am working as banking manager in American Bank since 2003 till date where my responsibilities include:

  • Assisting clients in getting mortgage finance for buying a new home.
  • Interviewing customers submitting an application for housing real estate loan.
  • Providing client consultation on finance options and credit programs.

I also have experience as a banking manager in USA Bank for 5 years from 1998 to 2003 where my job was to administer banking operation for this business-related in-store branch. I constantly achieved sale goals by efficiently promoting products and facilities. I had trained, administered employees in branch process and sales plans.

Probationary Officer CV

The main job of a probationary officer is to understand the needs and requirements of a customer and direct them to the main facilities of the bank. They might even have to execute various transactions of foreign currency.  Hence the CV of probationary officer must bring out all the career highlights and educational qualifications of the officer.

Sample Probationary Officer CV

Regina Malcolm

32 New Jersey Street

New Jersey



Mobile- 9873467890

Phone- 23456789

Career objective

I want to acquire a post of probationary officer in a well known organization where my specialized experiences will be utilised for the development of the organization further.

Educational qualifications

I have a degree in

  • Bachelor of commerce (accounting) from Texas University
  • MS in finance and accounts from New York College of finance.

I also have knowledge of MS Word, Access, Power point, Excel as well as the internet.

Professional experience

I was a probationary officer in the New York Corporation from 2000 to 2004. My duties included

  • Recognizing the client needs and refer customers to suitable banking facilities.
  • Giving money to clients according to recommendation slips, cheque or transferable documents
  • Evaluating the feasibility and credit possibility of business and customer loan offers.
  • Carrying out foreign money transactions for out of the country travellers.

Career skills

I posses the following skills that will prove to be beneficial for my job

  • Good communication  skills
  • Impressive interpersonal skills
  • Analytical bent of mind and good with numbers


Will be provided on request.

Financial Planner CV

A financial planner is a practicing professional who helps people to deal with their personal financial issues strategically. They help people to resolve their financial issues through proper planning and methods. Therefore a financial planner’s CV must highlight the essential quality of a candidate.

Sample Financial Planner CV

Nancy Lewis

69B, Tobin Road Cambridge Park- 789

Telephone number: 99997575

Email: lewis.nancy@

Career Objective:

I have strong desire to get associated with such a company where I can best utilize my skills as financial planner to solve financial issues of people. Moreover, I am looking for a position that would help me to implement my planning skills at its best.

Educational Background:


2006: Masters in Business Administration with Finance as a Major, University of California.

2004: Bachelor in Finance, University of California.

Professional Qualifications:


2007: Associated with Finance chambers of California

2008: Worked as a financial planner for the finance group of JKV multinational


  • Analyzing the profitability and finance
  • Responsible for proper finance planning
  • Responsible for solving financial issues
  • Has the responsibility to solve issues with other banks and financial institutions.


  • Prepare financial reports for the company.
  • Researched on various financial issues and solved them with utter precision.
  • Have experience in solving budget related issues of a company.
  • Participated in various finance conference and have taken an effective role in dealing international as well as national issues


  • Graduation with first class honors
  • Received degree of excellence for performance at Finance chambers of California
  • Gold medalist from the class of 2006, University of California

Personal Banker CV

A personal banker has the responsibility to perform intermediate support and duties related to financial services and operational activities of banks. A candidate applying for this position must have profound knowledge and skill related to banking. Therefore the candidate’s CV must reflect all these qualities as well.

Sample Personal Banker CV

Ceria Ronaldo

45C. Houston Bay New York City

Telephone Number: 8984562


Career Objective:

I am looking for a position as a personal banker in a repute company that would give me an ample scope to practice my banking skills at its best. Moreover, I want a position through which I could assist people in their issues related to banking.

Educational Background:


2002: Masters in Business Administration, University of Glasgow.

2000: Bachelors in Finance and Banking, University of Glasgow.

2003: Executive degree in personal Banking, University of Glasgow

Professional Qualification:

2003: Worked as a Researcher in banking at University of Glasgow.

2004-2007 was associated with Government bank associations.

2007-2008 Worked as a personal banker for JB group of Banks.


  • Prepared budget report and analyzed banking related issues of various sectors of industry.
  • Have experience in dealing clients regarding various banking issues and solving them efficiently.
  • Have experience in preparing new banking policies and implementing them. Many clients have been benefited by this.
  • Have strong skill in personal banking.



  • Graduation with first class degree in Finance and banking
  • Silver medalist from the class of 2002, University of Glasgow.
  • Received the degree of excellence for performance as a researcher from Finance and banking department, University of Glasgow

Sample Banker CV

Bankers have great opportunities of business and work. They are in great demand and are being appointed worldwide. There are several banking designations and each requires a specialist in the field. For this it is helpful if the employing body is provided with CVs that have an organized and clear picture of the qualifications of the people employing for the job. A banker CV helps both the applicant and as well as the provider.

Sample Banker CV

Stephen Mathews

34, Regent Street,

Regent House,

London 12345

Email- mathews01@gmail. com


Seeking position in a bank that will allow the opportunity to apply innovative banking skills and knowledge towards the betterment of the organization and the society at large.

Summary of Qualifications

  • All banking activities rules and regulations can be handled and maintained properly.
  • Adequate knowledge about the financial structure, financial laws and the applications of the banking sector.
  • Skill to organize the staff activities and build a healthy environment in the organization.



Bachelor in Economics

Regent College


Masters in Economics

London University,


Diploma in Banking

University if Ireland

Career Experience

  • Investment Analyst at Morgan Stanley House.
  • Standard Chartered Bank

[Head Clerical Officer]

  • Regency Bank


  • Goldman Sachs

[Credit Analyst]


  • Received an award for the best credit analyst in corporate banking field.
  • Best employee award at the Regency Bank for excellent work and public relations.
  • Regarded as the best banking official among the lot till date.

Professional references upon request.

Investment Banking CV

This one CV is quite difficult to create as compared to the others because this particular field of investment banking encompasses applicants from all background and not necessarily a particular financial background. The only pre requisite is to specify your past working experience as an investment banker executive. The investment banking CV should be such that should be able to demonstrate clearly your suitability for the job. Hence, you must research well and build a good CV before applying for the job.

Sample Investment Banking CV

Greg Watson

256, Allison Driveway,

Marshal Estate,

UK, 603 6Q

Email- greg@gmail. com


Looking for a job in investment banking with a focus on the investment activities carried out in the organization.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Assisted lots of customers in the Payment and withdrawal of sums that cannot be done over the counter.
  • Ability to scan the financial markets and decide the investment plans for the organization for the benefit of the bank in the long run and in turn benefits the customers as a whole.
  • Balancing the accounts and maintaining a fair picture of the series of operations and framing decisions regarding financial investment.



Bachelor in Finance

London University


Masters in Finance

Rachael Missions College,


Career Experience

  • Marshall Cooperative Society

[Investment Advisory head]

  • Investment banking advisor and Deputy Director of investments at Sincere Investment Corporations. – present


  • Managing over 100 accounts base successfully every year at the present job for two long years.
  • Maintained good team of workers and profitable strategy planning at the Marshall Cooperative Society.
  • Awarded the Best Financial Planner at Sincere Investment Corporations.

Professional references upon request.

Banking Assistant CV

Banking assistant’s job profile includes coordination and supervision of daily work flow that is required for smooth working of a bank. The assistant needs to work with in the existing guidelines and policies of the bank. The assistant might have to work in close association with senior officials of bank. Banking assistants might have to deliver their duties in different departments of bank like teller, loan, marketing, processing of acquired data, accounting and secretary to senior officials.

CV format for Banking assistant will help you while applying for positions line bank’ marketing executive, loan executives, teller executive and accounting executive.

Sample Banking Assistant CV Format

Derrick Parker

Salisbury RoadDenver


Mobile No: +1 500 88 68 87 7

Telephone Number: + 1 0845 337 2864

Career Objective: To peruse a successful banking career where my personal skills and experience can be utilized intensively and can be improved further.

Professional Experience:

Barclay’s bank, London

February 2008- till date

Banking Assistant

Working in a highly competitive and professional atmosphere where excellent interpersonal and presentation skills are required. During last two years, i opened more than 250 new savings accounts for the bank.  I was entrusted the responsibility of defining value entities to new customers. While interacting with customers, i had to give them the clearest picture regarding the savings products they are going for and clearing all their doubts regarding the products. For further queries i used to arrange their appointments with senior officials.

Banking Assistant objectives

Handling the assignment of new savings account opening

Increasing business with effective networking and client relationship

Assisting managers in exploring new avenues for sales

Preparing daily work reports

Delivering customer support as per the guidelines of the Bank

Educational Qualification

2006-2008: Master’s in Business


Awarded “Employee of the month” several times in current organization



Listening music


“Upon Request”

Bank Receptionist CV

Bank receptionists are the first faces that a customer encounters and interacts with in a bank. Hence the receptionist should be able to portray the image and the services that the bank is renowned for. It largely depends on the bank receptionist to make the experience of the bank’s customer a good one or an unpleasant one.

Bank receptionist CVs come in handy when applying for a receptionist’s position and the opportunity to interact with the bank manager, the sales manager and other bank personnel is a lucrative one.

Sample Bank Receptionist CV Format

Suzanne Diaz


Dublin, Ireland

Mobile No: (320) 877-4671

Telephone No: (954) 881-9453

Career Objective: To provide a friendly and amiable atmosphere to customers, interact with them and project the image of the bank in an impressive manner and ensure that customers benefit from the services rendered.

Professional Experience:

2004-2006: Worked as the bank receptionist at Advance Bank AG

2006-2008: Served as the bank receptionist at SGZ-Bank AG.

Bank Examiner Objectives:

  • Providing a satisfactory communication with customers and leave a good impression
  • Interact with bank personnel and customers
  • Perform basic clerical tasks as well as some administrative duties
  • Maintain a clean and proper presentation of the reception area


2001-2004: Bachelor of Finance and Accounting–South Cheshire College

2002-2003: Certificate Course on Microsoft Office


Noted by SGZ-Bank AG for the excellence in the rendering services that left a professional impression on customers and bank personnel.


  • Singing
  • Painting


“Upon request”