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Offshore Banker CV Template

If you think that you could manage offshore investment funds efficiently you might want to think about writing your resume for a job like this. Don’t forget that just as in case of any other job, your resume shouldn’t be longer than two pages, or the employers might not read it.


Always start with your objectives. Remember that you have to ‘sell yourself’ so you should mention that you want to increase the profitability of the given company through the X years of experience you have in the field and through the knowledge that you have gathered in all this time.

Areas of expertise

In this part of your resume you should just mention the fields that you are good in. These may include budget management, pro forma analysis, key performance measures procedures and policies and any other field that you are an expert in.


Always start with your latest work experience. Include in your resume the things that you were responsible for. For instance you could mention that you performed controlling and capacity managing and you handled security traders and treasury.

It is also a good idea to mention the improvements that you brought to the process to speed it up, such as using Microsoft spreadsheets. Mention the information you gathered into reports, thus improving the reporting technique of the company. You might have created yearly reports of the accounts of the subsidiaries so don’t forget about that.

Maybe you kept in touch with the external auditors regarding banking standards and regulations. Usually the offshore bankers prepare financial statements analysis and reporting regarding capital adequacy. Include the innovations that you made, such as forecast and budgetary projection and also mention the value of this projection if we are talking about a larger sum.

It is important to have good communication and negotiation skills, so if you happened to negotiate with other people, such as vendors, this would make you resume look more appealing. If you were working with an outsource team, you should mention this as well because it will show the employer that you are prepared for the job.

Another important thing to think about is the ability to deliver presentations. In some cases the bankers are expected to deliver presentations in order to sell their services or to show the clients that their money is safe.


In the end also talk about your education and the certificates that you might have that are relevant for the job.

Bank Teller CV Template

The main duty of the bank teller is to deal with the financial transactions of the customers. This means that they have to take deposits, process and account loan payments and performing withdrawals. If you would like to have a job of this kind and to help choose the best bank account for the client, you must have a resume which convinces the employer that you are the most suitable for the job.

Objective statement

This is an important part of the resume. You should state that you are looking for the position of a bank teller. You should also add that you want to assist the development of the bank through managing the monetary transactions and assisting the customers with the transactions that they need.

Professional experience

In this part you should tell the employer about your past experiences. Include the date and location of your employment. Your resume should say that you maintained daily records of the customers’ monetary transactions and made sure that all the payments were made to the persons who were authorized. You made sure by checking the name, signature and details.

Also mention the fact you helped the customers with their deposits by comparing the amount of money received and the one on the pay-in-slip. You maintained records of the transactions both in digital and written formats to be able to generate receipts and statements for the customers.

Mention the equipment that you used for your job, such as the counting machines to keep a record of the deposited currencies that were shipped to other branches and that you sent the same information to the manager as well.

Inform the employer that in case there were any discrepancies regarding the transactions and accounts of the customers, you sorted out these problems. In case a customer wished to open a new account, you helped him or her through processing the information offering help with the needed documents.

Skills, competencies and strength

In this section you could include accuracy meaning that you pay attention to details, being organized and the ability to set your priorities, a certain level of knowledge regarding computers and the ability to work with deadlines and with computers.

Education and qualifications

Make sure that you include all information about your education that is relevant for the employer (also include those that don’t seem to be relevant). Although the resume should offer an advantageous picture of you, you should never distort reality.

Mortgage Broker Specialist CV Template

A Mortgage Broker Specialist is trained as a real estate broker specializing in assisting home buyers in the selection, processing and closing of a home mortgage loan. Whether as a freelance broker or employed in a financing brokerage firm the Mortgage Broker Specialists acts as a middle man between a prospective property buyer and the bank or lending institution. The objective is to achieve the best financing deal for a particular property that with suit the needs of a buyer.

Sample Mortgage Broker Specialist CV Template

Barry B. Higgins

Oakley Rd., Redditch, England

Phone: 01905 776 44409


Looking for a Mortgage Broker Specialist position in a major mortgage financing firm

Professional Experience

2004 – Present: Jr. Mortgage Broker Specialist, Derek Young Mortgage Consultancy, Ltd.

  • Assess loan eligibility of applicants for a mortgage loan according to standard banking criteria.
  • Educate buyer with various mortgage types and options.
  • Recommend most suitable mortgage proposal for client based on income and repayment capability.
  • Check with various banks when sourcing for various mortgage deals.
  • Inform client if mortgage application has been approved or not


  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills to maintain good relations with banks and lenders, work with a team and interact with clients
  • Must have excellent salesmanship and marketing skills
  • Must have a good understanding of the real estate business, economic trends and property valuation dynamics


  • Awarded 2nd Most Productive Employee by the bank in 2006
  • Exceeded the $10 million mark in approved mortgage loans in 2007


2001 – 2005: BS in Business Administration, Sheffield College, Yorkshire


To be furnished upon request

Mortgage Accounts Officer CV

The Loan Accounts Officer who specializes in processing loans secured by residential properties is the Mortgage Accounts Officer or more commonly known as a home loan account officer in the credit department of a bank.  These are essentially credit officers tasked to evaluate property values and the borrower’s credit worthiness to recommend the correct level of mortgage financing as per banking policies.

Sample Mortgage Accounts Officer CV Template

Mary Rose C. Valdez

Farnsworth, Bolton, England

Phone: 01204-587711


A management position as a Mortgage Accounts Officer in a major bank or financing company with extensive mortgage loan products.

Professional Experience


2001 – Present:  Mortgage Accounts Officer, Secured Personal Loan, Halifax Bank, Bolton

  • Assist the Accounts Manager in the planning and control of loan activities in the credit department.
  • Administer mortgage and personal secured loan products.
  • Evaluate and review personal credit and loan applications and determine the valuation of properties to be used as securities and if needed, visit location of borrower and property to be mortgaged.
  • Ensure borrower has excellent credit ratings
  • Recommend approval, qualified approval or rejection of mortgage applications.
  • Establish credit limits and repayment plans or schedules


  • 10 years of experience in large bank as a Mortgage Loan Officer.
  • Extensive knowledge in the use of Microsoft/Great Plans Dynamics
  • Excellent oral, writing and organization skills



  • Awarded 2nd Most Productive Employee by the bank in 2007
  • Breached the ₤10 million mark in approved mortgage loans in 2006


1998 – 2001: Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Sheffield College, Yorkshire


To be furnished upon request

Corporate Loan Accounts Officer CV Template

When companies require financing for a project that goes beyond their budget are really designed to take advantage of financing, their finance officer talk to the a Corporate Loan Accounts Officer of a bank of financing institution.  The officer is often assigned and knowledgeable in the industry where the business operates, like manufacturing, airline, retail, etc., and processes the loan application according to the bank’s policies or even arrange for a loan syndication with other banks for amounts that are beyond the bank’s ability to finance.

Sample Corporate Loan Accounts Officer CV Template

Stephanie K. Hennessey

Wellington St., Sheffield, UK

Phone: 01226-400912


To work as a Corporate Loan Accounts Officer in a major bank or financing company.

Professional Experience


1999 – Present:  Assistant Loan Accounts Officer, Corporate Accounts, Barclays Bank, South Yorkshire

  • Process industrial and commercial corporate loan applications.
  • Evaluate corporate credit standing with the bank and other financing companies
  • Travel to client headquarters to interview company’s finance officers and assess business financing requirements.
  • Approve or reject loan applications with approved ceilings
  • Establish credit limits, repayment plans or schedules
  • Initiates collection mechanism of overdue or delinquent corporate accounts


  • With working knowledge in Oracle e-Business Suite
  • Excellent writing communication, interpersonal and organization skills



Successfully syndicated a ₤100 million loan among 5 banks to a local retail consumer electronics chain to finance its expansion purposes


1999 – 2005: In-house trainings and seminars on loan management and customer account management.

1996 – 1999: Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Sheffield College, Yorkshire


To be furnished upon request

Banking Loan CV

A Banking Loan employee is one in charge in processing loan and credit applications of bank’s clients seeing to it that it is commensurate to their financial status and the capacity for the loan applied for. One of the challenging tasks that a banking loan employee needs to deal with on a daily basis has to conduct interviews on loan applicants. It is also their duty to help them fill out application forms appropriately and correctly.


Banking Loan CV Template

William Martin

24, fifth street,

Bedford 03877

U. K.

Mobile No: +43 3245 62524

Telephone No: +425 3223 254





Trying to get a job in a reputable financial institution where my skills and expertise as a longtime banking loan employee will be fully developed and maximized.

Summary of Qualifications


  • Degree holder in Accountancy
  • ExCellent computer literacy and most comfortable dealing with Windows, Word, E-mail, and the Internet.
  • Highly competent in dealing with people from all walks of life
  • Good communication skills (written and oral English)
  • Proven track record for providing superb client satisfaction
  • Analytical and hardworking
  • Demonstrates a great sense of professionalism by adhering to work ethical standards at all times.



Masters in Accountancy, University of Dundee


Bachelor in accountancy, University of Chichester


Career Experience/Job History

2008 – Present

Banking loan employee

Madthew finance, Bedford


Worked as a clerk in London bank.



  • Commended for showing great sense of dedication for work based on client’s feedback.
  • Rewarded with promotions and trainings that further harnessed skills in all aspects of work

Professional references upon request


Banker CV

A banker naturally works with customers and bank clients on a day-to-day basis. Ensuring to meet the banking needs of each client is just one of the many challenging tasks that this position demands. One of the most challenging task that a banker needs to deal with nearly everyday is the burden of having to address clients’ complaints and resolve them appropriately and in the fastest way possible.


Banker CV Template

Shusan Talak

Davik’s Estate, 400th

Swindon 03869

U. K

Mobile No: +436 629493 43358

Telephone No: +897 5563 34579





To secure a challenging job in either private or state owned banks that give me the chance to share my expertise as a banker.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Accounting graduate from a reputable school
  • Over seven solid years experience as teller in both commercial and state owned banks
  • Responsible and highly organized with great sense for scrutinizing details in all financial transactions
  • Proficient in dealing with retirement accounts like IRA’s, KEOGH’S, 401K’s.
  • Superb computer literacy specializing in accounting software: Lotus 1-2-3, Lacerte, and Class.
  • Superb proficient with 10 key.
  • ExCellent communication skills both oral and written
  • Honest, hardworking and a team player



Bachelor’s in accountancy, University of Cumbria

Career Experience/Job History

2008- Present

Bank manager at Dena Bank, Dundee


Bank officer at Indusloan Bank


  • Received many personal commendations from satisfied clients and customers
  • Recipient of Outstanding Employee of the Year award for two consecutive years

Professional references upon request


Retail Banking CV Template

Retail banking employee surely has a nice and juicy position in both public and private sector. The position entails bringing more clients to the bank. It is also be main concern of Retail Banking employee to maintain stable client relationship by enticing them to open huge number of accounts. Potential candidate for this position carries the task of ensuring a continues flow of healthy bank transactions

Retail Banking CV Template

Steve Harmison

29, Prinston Street

Middlesex 4TJ

Mobile Number: 702 564 2314

Telephone Number: 204 213 4522



Seeking to get the desired job in the field where I can apply my knowledge in retail banking for the company’s professional growth.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Completed a Bachelors Degree in Banking and Finance
  • Six solid years of experience working with both commercial and state banks
  • Proven track record for exCellent work attitude
  • Glib conversationalist
  • Highly proficient in dealing with nearly anything pertinent to systems management in the financial institution
  • ExCellent computer literacy
  • Team player and results-oriented
  • Hardworking and top performer in the field of investment banking




Bachelors Degree in Commerce,

University of Abertay Dundee


Career Experience/Job History


2009- Present

Retail Banking Consultant

Banking Consultancy


Worked as a Bank manager

London Bank


Office clerk

Sherif arts school.


  • Academic exCellence for having graduate Cum Laude in College
  • Employee of the Year award for formulating strategies leading to financial growth of the company.

Professional references upon request

Investment Banking CV

Investment banking personnel is responsible for researching the latest financial updates. It is their duty to ensure that their company continuous to be in the forefront of the latest developments in the financial circle.

Potential candidate for this position is also responsible in advising clients and guiding them as to the proper flow of the monies they invest on something. It is also the responsibility of an Investment Banker to keep track of the company investments to ensure avoiding any losses.

Investment Banking CV Template

Samual L. Halen

Rhode Street

New Port 038997

U. K.

Home: 243-545-7653

Cell: 243-545-8665



To be able to work in a dynamic financial firm that will give me the chance to hone my skills and expertise in investment banking to the fullest.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Over seven years of investment banking experience
  • ExCellent accounting and financial management experience
  • Results-oriented and a team player
  • Highly efficient in fiscal management, systems development, and financial reporting.
  • Proven record of implementing financial and operational controls
  • Superb computer literacy with high proficiency in dealing with Microsoft applications, internet and email
  • ExCellent written communication and interpersonal skills
  • Honest and dedicated to work ethics



Masters In Business Management, University of London


Bachelor’s in business management, University of Leeds

Career Experience/Job History

2009- Present

Working as Investment Consultant in moneywealth consultancies.


Investment officer

Inventideas Pvt Ltd.



  • Academic exCellence for being a consistent honor student in College
  • Commended for providing superb customer/client satisfaction


Professional references upon request



Entry Level Banking CV

As an applicant of an Entry Level Banking position, I will be using my analytical and logical reasoning skills. These are among the essential qualities demanded for entry level banking applicants. An entry level banking position also entails work relative to management as well as audits and compliance. Above, all the willingness to learn further all the aspects of banking is also very essential for an entry level position in order for the bank to improve its working strategies in general.

Entry Level Banking CV Template


Shaun B. Marin

61, Donald Street,
London 03889

Home: 243-545-7653

Cell: 214-586-6786





To look and work with the best banking institution on an entry level banking position where my expertise and skills will be maximized. As an applicant for an entry level position it is also my desire to learn nearly all aspects in banking and cash management as well as the chance to deal with different people regardless of their race, gender and social status.


Summary of Qualifications


  • Bachelors Degree in Business Administration.
  • Very impressive communication skills
  • Highly proficient in using MS Office applications
  • Impressive interpersonal skills
  • Team player but also comfortable working independently even under pressure
  • Willing and able to do multi-tasking





Bachelors Degree in Business Administration.

Career Experience/Job History


2009- Present

Working as a Bank Officer in Industoday Bank








  • Academic exCellence for being a consistent Honor Student
  • Leadership award

Professional references upon request