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Ballet Dancer CV Template

Ballet Dancers are highly skilled and artistic individuals who can interpret music through ballet dance.  They hard trained with the technical and physical skills necessary for the execution of the ballet dance steps and acts.  Ballet Dancers possess strong physical built and must maintain a graceful and healthy body to be able to look pleasing on stage.  They are also experts in the use of ballet shoes and other paraphernalia for the dance routines.

Ballet Dancer CV Template Example

Sally Simmons

Stalmine Road, Liverpool,

Merseyside, L9 5AY

Phone:  123-776-4567


I am a highly responsible and detail-oriented dance artist seeking for a position as Ballet Dancer in a ballet company.  I am available and ready to work in a highly demanding environment and can endure great levels of work pressure.  I also possess strong ability to master routines within the required time.

Professional Qualification

2007 – Present:  Ballet Dancer, Ottoman Ballet Company

  • Did routines as assigned by mastering the steps and the required artistic renditions
  • Followed the training and practice schedules with the ballet dance troupe
  • Made interpretations for the show and followed instructions of the dance director
  • Cooperated with other dancers and made schedules to master personal parts in the routine

2006-2007: Ballet Dancer, Vander Ballet Dance Troupe

  • Performed for the dance company in different shows and areas
  • Took up necessary parts for the dance routine
  • Coordinated and cooperated with the other members of the troupe for shows and mastery of skills


2002 – 2007:  Diploma in Ballet, Liverpool University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.

Disc Jockey CV Template

Disc Jockeys are highly artistic and skilled music artists who can operate the music and radio console to mix music, talk and voice over for a radio program or music show.  They may work for a bar and restaurant, music lounge and dance bars by mixing different sounds and music for the enjoyment of guests.  Disc Jockeys may also work for radio stations constantly being on air with a radio music program following the station’s own format and themes.

Disc Jockey CV Template Example

Risa Gilligan

High Street, Highgate

London, N6 9JG

Phone:  678-776-6034

Career Objective

I am a highly experienced and knowledgeable music enthusiast seeking for a position as Disc Jockey in a radio station.  I am very responsible and can fulfil responsibilities responsibly and in compliance with the station’s objectives and given format.

Professional Qualification

2006 – Present:  Disc Jockey, Love Radio

  • Prepared radio program run-down script using the music program format of the station
  • Attended to the requests of listeners sent through phone calls and text messages
  • Updated songs according to the latest releases of artists and provided information about the songs during the program

2004-2006: Disc Jockey, Last FM

  • Mixed songs and revived old songs with new renditions and upbeat tempo
  • Gave announcements for the latest schedules of dance mix get away and gathering
  • Attended to the listener’s questions and opinions


2000 – 2004:  Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications, London University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.

Technical Editor CV Template

Technical Editors evaluate and edit technical manuscripts based on topics coming from science and technology based activities and operations.  They edit manuals, books, research, journals and operations procedures and other manuscripts with technical content.  Technical Editors must be knowledgeable of the topics and area of specialization of the articles written so that they may be guided in representing and showing results and discussions. They must also be able to do two-stage editing.

Technical Editor CV Template Example

John Woods

Muswell Hill

London, N18 3EP

Phone:  111-776-6034

Career Objective

I am an industrious and knowledgeable writer and editor with relevant educational background hoping to obtain a job as Technical Editor in an information processing company.  I am trustworthy and implement tasks speedily without further supervision.  I am also a good communicator and willing to take assignments accordingly.

Professional Qualification

2007 – Technical Editor, Creative Bio Co.

  • Edited research results, thesis and journals based on topics related to biology and genetics
  • Record results of clinical tests accurately and presented data through descriptive interpretations and discussions
  • Coordinated with the writer and did mechanical and content editing of the manuscripts

2005 – 2007:  Researcher, London Biomedicals

  • Performed experiments on modern industry gadgets and submitted gathered data to the researcher
  • Consolidated data into information and made reports out of it
  • Kept records and used computer software for data analysis and information management
  • Did field work and purchased materials and other items necessary for the research


2002 – 2006:  Bachelor of Science in Biology, London University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.

Writer Editor CV Template

Writer Editors communicate and interact with different people, institutions and organizations to gather data and information for articles assigned to them.  They are also adept in online and offline research of the topics and are quick to identify places where they can get information efficiently.  Writer Editors choose the validity and credibility of their sources and write their articles with outmost care not to commit plagiarism.  They also act as editors of their work as well as the work of other writers within the agency.

Writer Editor CV Template Example

Gina Wallace

Bridport Place, Islington

London, N1 6JN

Phone:  260-776-1234

Career Objective

I am a hardworking and experienced individual seeking for a position as Writer Editor in a company.  I am highly knowledgeable in data gathering and have exceptional writing skills.  I have a wide network for sources of information and can edit manuscripts and other articles both mechanically and content wise.

Professional Qualification

2006 – Present:  Writer Editor, AFP News Agency

  • Identified news stories, gathered data through interviews, ocular inspections, research and verification
  • Wrote news reports from data and information and angled them according to pressing issues of the society
  • Incorporated human interest to the stories and tailored them according to the readers’ needs
  • Edited own work as well as those from colleagues

2004-2006: Writer, Atlas Biomedicals

  • Wrote product descriptions of new items for the company to be uploaded on their website
  • Made advertising slogans and catch lines for promotional of items
  • Made other reports and documents such as evaluations and plans


2000 – 2004:  Bachelor of Arts in Journalis, London University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.

Animator CV

An animator is a person who works on work related to animation in the field of films, television, internet and video games. This job requires special skills and certain specific qualifications without which one cannot be an animator. Thus an animator’s CV should give details of the course work pursued by the applicant and his skills in the animation field. The following is an example of an Animator CV.

Sample animator CV

Personal details:

Jessica Pitt

Mobile number: 5437904878094

Email address:

312-P, third floor, Kelly district



  • Schooling from St. Joseph’s international, CA
  • Graduation from University of NY in the subjects relating to business administration.
  • Diploma course of 12 months in animation from Arena institute of Art and animation, CA.
  • Advanced animation course for 8 months from Arena animation institute, CA.

Skills and expertise

  • Specialisation in cartoon animation used for making cartoon TV series and cartoon movies.
  • Expertise in minute details enhancements.
  • Expertise in motion pictures and art of story telling

List of past records

  • Worked as a junior animation expert with Brad film institute.
  • Worked as a trainer in Major animation academy for 8 months where students were taught latest animation techniques.
  • Worked on the popular cartoon series ‘Henna and Martin’ for a period of 12 months.

Future goals

To be one of the finest and recognised animation artists in CA and earn a name and reputation of being a skilful worker.

To open an academy for training of budding animation artists.

Sports Photographer CV

Sports photography is a genre of photography that can be easily tagged as one of the most difficult ones as it involves a lot of precision and timing. A sports photographer CV should be one that speaks on behalf of the applicant. All details of qualifications and skills of the person are mandatory to write. The following sample could give an idea so as to how a CV should be framed.

Sample sports photographer CV

Name: Jack Robinson

Contact details

Address: 567-F, first floor G complex, CA

Phone: 579438734095

Email address:

Details of academics and courses pursued

Graduation: Arts degree from Joseph’s college, CA with a 67% aggregate

Diploma courses:

  1. Basic photography course for a period of 6 months from Allen film studio, CA
  2. Advanced course in photography with the specialisation in sports from Allen film studio, CA
  3. Special training program at Gail sports academy for a period of 12 months.

Expertise and specialisation

  • Specialisation in sports photography
  • Shooting day and night cricket matches for long stretches of time
  • Recording key moments with precision and clarity
  • Advanced knowledge of sports like Cricket, tennis, car racing and football

Experience details

  • Worked as a junior assistant at Melbourne cricket ground for capturing test match for duration of 18 months.
  • Worked with commonwealth games federation for shooting archery and tennis
  • Training photography aspirants for 6 months in Australia


To be a well known and recognised sport event photographer and to start a photography institute in the later years of career.

Social and Wedding Photographer CV

Social and wedding photographers are the ones who work on covering family events and other occasions of celebration. In case when people who specialise in this field want to apply to a company, then the first step to be done is to prepare a CV. A social and wedding photographer’s CV should consist of all the details which talk about his skills and experience in the particular field.

Sample social and wedding photographer CV

Personal details:

Name: Peter Hanes

Address: 67-F, second floor Tim district, London

Contact number: 473904803094


Academical details:

  • Completed graduation as bachelor of arts in the year 2004
  • Got a diploma certificate in advanced photography and video recording technique in the year 2005.
  • Certificate course in printing pictures from Yale lab works in the year 2006.

Special skills and points of expertise:

  • Special interest in the field of social event coverage.
  • Expert training in video recording of weddings and other family events.
  • Specialisation in the area of portrait clicking.

Future plans:

  • To be a well known wedding photographer.
  • To be an inspiration for budding photographers.
  • To open a school of learning for amateur photographers to sharpen their skills.
  • To be able to prove self worth by doing good quality photography.

Previous experience details:

Worked with Sony labs in printing and washing of pictures for a period of 8 months. Then got placed as a photography trainer at Click Institute in Central London for a 12 month period. Worked as assistant wedding photographer for 2 years.

Press Photographer CV

A Press photographer is a person who uses his photographic skills in the field of media and press. The job of these people is to work for newspapers, magazines or news channel. A press photographer CV is a document that should consist of all the details of the person along with his experience details. The following can serve as an example for a person interested in framing his Press photographer CV.

Sample Press photographer CV

Personal details

Gail Mathew

4-h, third floor

Three downtown, London

Mobile number: 4738948789990


Qualifications and academic details:

  • Pursued graduation in business marketing and administration from St. Xavier’s college, London.
  • Done a full time diploma course in advanced photographic methods and techniques.
  • Done a special training for people photography from Shoots institute for a period of 6 months.

Areas of expertise and interest:

  • Specialises in photography relating to clicking pictures of people.
  • Can work in critical environments like war ridden areas and places.
  • Expertise in night photography.

Aims and objectives for the future:
To be able to live up to the challenges of press photography and covering sensitive issues without fear or hesitation. To be a well known photographer especially for newspapers and magazines. To get pictures published in popular newspapers and feature in TV channels as well

Previous experiences:

  • Worked as a press photographer for ‘Hello magazine’ for a period of 12 months.
  • Worked for press photography post during 2000 war in Indonesia.
  • Prepared a documentary of photos for street photography which conveyed the situation of rural living in London.

Documentary Photographer CV

Documentary photography typically refers to a well-liked form of camera work used to record significant and past events. The photographer tries to create truthful photography of various events and subjects. The CV of a documentary photographer must contain the detailed information about the skills of an individual. It should also highlight all the qualifications as well as special achievements of a candidate.

Sample Documentary Photographer CV

Name: Anne Frank

Address: 32 New Jersey USA


Phone number-922233456

Educational qualification

I have studied photography at Southern Methodist College and the New York Photography Foundation.

Professional background

I have had several galleries exhibiting my work. Even many festivals and museums have had my work as exhibits. Various magazines have published my work.

Awards for photography

 Second Place in Photo Essay for today competition in the year 1995

 First Position in Times Photo Illustration in the year 1997

 Third Place in Best Photo Feature with a Cause in the year 2002

Previous experiences

 New Jersey-based Free-lance Photography journalist (September 2009)

 Manhattan-based Photojournalist (November 2007 – March 2009)

 North Hamptons Photo-journalist (July 2003 – November 2007)

 Theatre Project for Justice and equality, Wyoming, USA


 World Alumni Books

 Sun Times

 Jersey Journal of Today

 Youth Reporter

 Times Reporter Today

Exhibitions held

  • Norway Museum
  • New York Gallery of modern art
  • East Carolina Open House
  • Marching forward Campaign events

Special interests

I am very passionate about rights of women and children as well as abolition of drug abuse.

Corporate Photographer CV

Photographers, who work for the commercial or business world, are often termed as corporate photographer. They should also have undergone training in photography alongside other qualifications to be eligible and also a desirable candidate for this job. Thus, the person’s CV should accentuate the qualities that make him a commendable photographer.

Sample Corporate Photographer CV

Felicia Felixis,

15, Eccleston Square,

Newtown- B18 65J

Mobile: +12 49585 42409

Telephone: 056 3473 4456

Fax: 057 2335 5298

Email Address:

Objective: I have strong desire to make considerable contribution to the world of photography and become a recognized corporate photographer in the country with honest efforts.

Educational Qualification:

  • 1993- 2003- Finished schooling from Lire’s Micmac High School
  • 2003- 2005- Acquired a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.
  • 2005- 2007- undertook a course in photography at the school of photography British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP)

Professional Experience:

2007- 2009- Worked with ‘ABC Group of Industries’ and helped the conceptualisation of their promotional advertisements.

  • 2009- present- Currently working with ‘Warmheart Studios’ which specialize in photography contracts with various multinational brands.


  • Working in accordance to marketing staff and public relations department to understand the requirements and desires of the brand.
  • Exhibiting creativity to create unique business promotional that increase its brand value
  • Ability to capture people, their habits and habitats, places and anything the consumers or target audience would prefer or really appreciate
  • A member of the Association of Photographers (AOP)

References: Samuel Chekovsky, a renowned photographer in the business world. Further references are available on request.