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News Producer CV

A news producer is a professional who works along with the editorial team to create and coordinate variety of newscasts. S/he always ensures that the content, the writing style and the presentation style meets the prescribed standards of the organization. A news producer CV should represent the relevant experience of the candidate in efficiently handling the newsroom.

Sample News Producer CV 

Mircea Driga

440 W West Gate

Austin, TX

Contact No: 512 129 1245

Email Id:


I have been working as a news producer for the past five years. I have worked for the television channels and for the online media also. I have maintained good relationships with the group of editors and coordinated each and every task in a peaceful and effective way. I am not afraid to leave my comfort zone as and when needed and have good people skills.

Technical Skills

  • Proficient in computer applications such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver.
  • Strong writing and researching skills.
  • Ability to coordinate the complex available data in a quick manner.
  • Familiar with the web content management systems.
  • Good public speaking skills and leadership skills.

Career Objective

To be a news producer in a respected organization so that I can utilize my personal and professional skills to strengthen the editorial and the production team of the organization and thereby to increase the productivity.

Work Experience

41 Action News, 2009- Till Date

News Producer

My job role included coordinating the work done by the editors, reporters and anchors so as to design a perfect newscast, preparing the interview segments, managing the selection

procedure of the pre-production elements and coordinating the breaking stories. I was also developing creative promotion materials for upcoming shows and events.

Digital First Media, 2007-2008

News Producer

My responsibilities included updating the online sites with the latest news throughout the day, synchronizing the online content properly, updating the different sections such as politics, health, entertainment, sports with the latest content etc. I was also coordinating with the regional producers to post the stories associated with the local markets.

Educational Qualifications

Duration: 2005-2006

Course: Masters Degree in Journalism and Mass communication

University: Stony Brook University

Duration: 2001- 2004

Course: Bachelors degree in Science

University: Stony Brook University


Mr. Jeffrey Andrews

Senior Editor, Phoenix Media Services

Austin, TX

Email Id: jeff@shs.sjs

Digital Strategist CV

The sole purpose of a digital strategist is to manage the strategic planning processes of the various clients of the organization. A good digital strategist creates authentic brand strategies which are very effective in solving various pending problems. A digital strategist CV should represent the candidate with prior level of experience required for successfully handling the job role.

Sample Digital Strategist CV

Kenneth Diller

723 Canyon Hill Way

San Diego, CA

Contact No: 858 412 1025

Email Id: diller@ana.sks

Professional Summary

I have five years of relevant experience, working as a digital strategist. Over the period, I have acquired professional knowledge of the various principles used in the advertising and media industry. I am now acquainted with the different aspects of digital media such as SMS, Search etc.

Key Skills 

  • Good understanding of media data sources.
  • Thorough knowledge of the marketing and advertising concepts.
  • Sound mathematical and analytical skills.
  • Ability to multitask and to prioritize the tasks effectively.
  • Sound written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to work well as a part of a team.

Career Objective

To get a role as a digital strategist in a reputable organization where I can use my strategic thinking and project management skills in order to provide client satisfaction and thereby increase the growth rate of the organization even more.

Educational Qualifications

  • Masters degree in Interaction Design, Clarkson University, 2006
  • Bachelors degree in Mass Communication, Clarkson University, 2004

Employment History

Oncall, 2009- 2011

Digital Strategist

At Oncall, my tasks were to develop information architecture, user flows and wireframes. I created successful branding strategies, presented the clients with the strategic designs and UX concepts. I created innovative applications for the web, social networking sites and mobiles.

Omnicom Media, 2007-2008

Digital Strategist

My job duties included maintaining the budget and developing the media schedules, working with the internal research teams to execute the media plans successfully, handling the client requests and meeting with the industry representatives.


Available on request.

Digital Artist CV

A digital artist works for the digital media and makes use of the computer to develop various forms of designs. They are also called as multimedia artists. The digital artists are hired by the website designing companies, television channels, magazines and other forms of media enterprises. A digital artist CV must outline the experience of innovative and artistic work done in the past.

Sample Digital Artist CV 

David Carlo

483 Ronson Ct

San Diego, CA

Contact No: 858 154 2015

Email Id: dcar@gma.efe

Professional Summary

I have four years of solid experience working as a digital artist. I have successfully executed the plans created by the designers and satisfied the clients most of the time. I always maintained the deadlines of my job without compromising on the quality. I have always tried to remain acquainted with the advanced technologies available in the market, in order to execute my job as quickly and accurately as possible.

Career Objective

Seeking a position as a digital artist in any digital media company or website designing company that will help me in utilizing my creative artistic skills and technical skills to develop state of art designs as per the specific requirements of the clients.

Work History

Duration: 2010- Till Date

Organization: RPA

Job Role: Digital Production Artist

Job responsibilities: At RPA, my job role was to prepare the images and handing over them to the animators for use in the animation projects, maintaining the essential documentations and implementing the designs created by the designers. I have worked in close association with the graphic designers and art directors.

Duration: 2008-2009

Organization: American Greetings

Job Role: Digital Artist

Job responsibilities: I was allotted the task of coordinating the equipments and the networks for digital imaging. I was creating assembly of designs via Macintosh and researching for new plans to be implemented in the digital image processing. In addition, I was performing regular maintenance of the digital imaging equipments and also troubleshooting different type of problems.

Educational Background

  • Bachelors degree in Information technology, Marist Institute of Technology, 2007
  • Diploma in Multimedia and Animation, Hilbert Institute of Animation, 2004

Professional Qualifications

  • Good working knowledge of Quark, Illustrator and Photoshop.
  • Knowledge of color printing aspects and graphic arts.
  • Basic knowledge of the computer applications like Microsoft Office.
  • Good working knowledge of Flash.
  • Creative thinking skills and good communication skills.


Available on request.

Theatrical Director CV

A theatrical director is a professional who has the important responsibility of creatively interpreting the whole script available, keeping in mind the budgetary concerns and other aspects of the project. Their role is quite important in all the stages of production, till the completion of the script. A theatrical director CV should depict the required level of experience on the part of the candidate so as to handle various complex scripts single handedly.

Sample Theatrical Director CV

Mark Deinert

509 Murphy Canyon Rd

San Diego, CA

Contact No: 858 452 4215

Email Id: med@ute.sus

Performance History

I have been working as a theatrical director in various organizations for the past three years. I have worked closely with the production team and always tried to create a performance which can directly connect to the audiences. I have worked full time in my past organizations and have acquired the knowledge of the various norms used in the media industry.

Career Objective

Seeking a position as a theatrical director in a respected organization where I can use my creative thinking and organizing skills in developing quality scripts and implementing them successfully.

Work Experience

Moxie Interactive, 2010-2011

Theatrical Director

I have worked with the actors, sound and light technicians, costume designers and the set designers in order to create a perfect ambience at the shooting set. I managed the budget issues related to the production, scheduled the rehearsals and reviewed the whole process of production in a detailed manner.

Prospects, 2008-2009

Theatrical Director

My typical activities included working with the writers to discuss any required improvement or deviation in the script, breaking down the script into parts for detailed

study and interpreting the same. I was also conducting auditions to hire the required personnel for the production house.

Educational Qualifications


Course: Bachelors degree in Mass Communication

Institution: Hilbert College of Media Education


Course: One year course in TV and Film editing

Institution: Manhattan College of Film Production

Additional Skill Sets

  • Strong organizational and managing skills.
  • Good leadership and public speaking skills.
  • Ability to negotiate well with various clients for the contracts.
  • Able to manage time well and to work as a team player.


Available on request.

Video Production Assistant CV

A video production assistant position in available in the media production houses, news channels and various other television channels. The post is very important for media industry because the production assistants play a very vital role in uploading the video content along with the written content. As written content is important for the newspapers, so the video content is important for the production houses. A video production assistant CV should outline the relevant experience of the candidate in this field.

Sample Video Production Assistant CV 

Gustavo Veciana

221 Walnut St

Philadelphia, PA

Contact No: 215 636 1245

Email Id:

Profile Snapshot

Throughout my four years tenure, I have been contributing to the production department of the media industry. I organized and maintained the video content library and customized video contents. I am always in search of innovative ideas so that I can further improve the processes for the betterment of the organization.

Career Objective

Seeking a position as a video production assistant so that I can use my personal and technical skills to the fullest, to contribute to the productivity of the organization in a very short period of time.

Work Experience

Time Period: 2010- Till Date

Organization: ContextMedia

Designation: Video Production Assistant

My principal tasks included encoding the video content for digital distribution, encoding the finished video segments into multiple digital formats and archiving the completed projects. I was also creating motion graphics and performing DVD authoring using DVD Studio Pro software. Moreover, I was supporting the marketing department by creating the print materials as and when needed.

Time Period: 2008-2009

Organization: Interweave

Designation: Video Production Assistant

My job responsibilities included managing the process of production, shooting and editing

the footages, managing the administrative tasks associated with the video production projects and reviewing the completed projects to check for any form of troublesome issues. I worked closely with the designers so as to produce high quality graphic materials.


  • Masters degree in media production, Adelphi University, 2007
  • Bachelors degree in journalism and mass communication, Adelphi University, 2005

Technical Skills

  • Working knowledge of Final Cut Pro 7, Photoshop CS5 and After Effects.
  • Ability to think out of the box.
  • Sound knowledge of digital compression formats, software encoders and Illustrator.
  • Ability to adapt to new situations quickly.
  • Good communication and organizational skills.


Mr. Hal Alper

Assistant Professor, Pathway School Of Communication

Philadelphia, PA

Email Id: hal@gss.sgs

News Producer CV Template

News Producers are involved in the production of a news report on television.  They are responsible for directing all activities necessary to put together a news show from the gathering of the news stories, reporting to the actual airing of the news reports.  They are in charge of making scripts and the flow of the show as well as supervise the direction of show while on air.  News Producers identify interesting news stories to be covered and make comparative studies with other network shows to improve viewership ratings.

News Producer CV Template Example

Erika Goodall

Antrobus Road, Birmingham

West Midlands, B25 9NX

Phone:  478-776-0909


I am a hard-working and dedicated professional with exceptional background in journalism and television productions seeking for a position as News Producer in a company.  I am confident and use influential approaches to responsibilities given.  I am also adept in coordinating efforts to achieve desired goals.

Professional Qualification

2007 – Present:  News Producer, BBC News

  • Visualized and made the program run down for the news reports and show
  • Identified news stories as beat for news writers and directed the delivery of the hosts of the reports
  • Chose appropriate sounds and audio effects during the show
  • Coordinated and directed activities of the different divisions for the effective and successful delivery of the show

2005 – 2007:  News Reporter, London News

  • Identified interesting news stories and made reports for these
  • Delivered news reports on television and made interactions with hosts if necessary
  • Kept records of news stories and related them to current news


2002 – 2006:  Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Birmingham University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.

Production Coordinator CV Template

Production Coordinators work with visual artists, lay out artists, publishers, management staff and clients to create the necessary materials required by a client or customer.  They make sure that the materials being produced are made on time, with quality and in accordance to the plans and objectives of their customers.  They keep close contact with the clients and update them of the status of the production of their materials.  Production Coordinators also sit down with the clients during the planning stage and incorporate suggestions for quality and stand out materials.

Production Coordinator CV Template Example

Denise Moore

Priory Road, Hornsey

London, N8 8NA

Phone:  234-776-1456

Career Objective

I am an organized and efficient professional hoping to land a job as a Production Coordinator in a publishing business company.  I am keen on details and can orchestrate a team effectively.  I also have the ability to perform customer relations accordingly.

Professional Qualification

2005 – Present:  Production Coordinator, Benpress Productions

  • Talked and coordinated with clients from the planning and the implementation stages
  • Consolidated efforts of the production team from the visual artist to the reproduction team
  • Kept records and used computer software for data analysis and information management
  • Identified areas of the production team that needs improvement and made necessary changes according to recommendations from the management

2003-2005: Production Staff, Homsey Publishers

  • Gathered information done by interviews, research and incorporated these in the materials produced
  • Worked with a team of artists and other production workers to achieve results
  • Made suggestions for the improvement of the outputs


2000 – 2004:  Bachelor of Arts in Visual Design, London University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.

Graphic Artist CV Template

Graphic Artists are responsible for formulating and designing graphic arts that are included in the advertising and promotion of a company.  They make sure that the art designs are in accordance to the vision and mission of the company and they represent the company’s ideals.  Graphic Artists are in charge of incorporating visuals in the information and advertising campaigns of the company by ensuring the well-balanced complementation of the two elements in a material.

Graphic Artist CV Template Example

Frank Foskett

Sydney Road, Muswell Hill

London, N15 2NL

Phone:  111-776-6789

Career Objective

I am an innovative and highly skilled artist seeking for a position as Graphic Artist in a company or government institution.  I have proficiency in the use of different computer software and art materials as well as the capacity to give sound recommendations for visual designs based from information given.

Professional Qualification

2007 – Present:  Graphic Artist, Sanders General Consultancy

  • Determined the appropriate arts and graphic designs for the released company advertisements as in posters, billboards, newspaper ads and the like
  • Gave recommendations to the management on product enhancement for promotional activities through graphics and visuals in promo booths
  • Designed visuals and graphics used for trainings and seminars

2004-2007 – Present:  Visual Artist, Mantlefree Inc.

  • Made artworks for the company through paintings, drawings and other visual arts
  • Interacted with clients of the company and delivered their required visual arts
  • Incorporated suggestions and requests in created visual arts and translated these using computer software


2000 – 2004:  Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, London University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.


Artist Statements

Desktop Publisher CV Template

Desktop Publishers are highly qualified professionals who use desktop or computer software and programs to produce materials in print.  They are knowledgeable in publishing and packaging documents and information to make it more appealing for the target readers or audience.  They make use of different computer programs to achieve this by incorporating the information with colour, graphic designs, artwork through lay out.  Desktop publishers are very skilful and must meet the needs according to schedule.

Desktop Publisher CV Template Example

Eric Smith

Hale Village, Liverpool

Merseyside, L27 5RR

Phone:  444-776-6034

Career Objective

I am a knowledgeable and experienced professional with expertise in Desktop Publishing.  I have strong written and visual skills as well as experience working with publishing software products.  I am also highly organized and artistic to convey clearly information that has been summarized.

Professional Qualification

2006 – Present:  Desktop Publisher, Artsigns and Designs

  • Did advertising lay out and designs for various clients with specific businesses and needs
  • Created original logos, t-shirt print designs, book covers, posters and tarpaulin materials for various clients
  • Published program papers, invitation cards, leaflets, brochures and newsletters
  • Handled the creative design team of the company and directed its activities to achieve goals

2004-2006: Head Lay out Artist, Andrew Webb Consultancies

  • Created lay outs for the company’s paper documents for advertisements and information dissemination
  • Verified and checked the efficiency of materials with the Lay out team and management
  • Conducted dynamic design strategies and planning for packaging materials


2000 – 2004: Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts, Liverpool University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.

Choreographer CV Template

Choreographers are responsible for creating artful interpretations of plays, skits and music incorporated through dances and other performances.  They are highly skilled in the use of graceful body interpretations using the beat and rhythms of music and songs.  Choreographers may work with art and film directors by creating scenes for them to be incorporated in the projects.

Choreographer CV Template Example

Katrina Cater

Innage Road, Birmingham

West Midlands, B34 2DU

Phone:  345-776-8888

Career Objective

I am a highly skilled and resourceful professional seeking for a job as Choreographer in a reputable company.  I have the ability to communicate with clients and the management to understand their needs.  I am also proficient in a number of analytical software and devices.

Professional Qualification

2007 – Present:  Choreographer, The Hand and Body Movers

  • Identified appropriate songs and music with body movements for film and plays
  • Conducted choreography dances and movements for stage plays and other presentations
  • Designed the movements for puppetry presentations and cultural dances
  • Attended to art and dance needs of audiences and stakeholders
  • Performed live and in other taped performances

2006-2008: Dance Coordinator, Ford Dance Company

  • Prepared troupe dance presentations for schools, universities, cultural centres and art galleries
  • Consolidated a dance group and maintained the unity of their dance and group dynamics
  • Choreographed dances and performances for the group and delivered them on stage


2002 – 2006:  Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, Birmingham University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.