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Farm Manager CV Template

Farm managers perform handle and oversee different kinds of farms.  They create and implement farming plans and determine the number and kind of crops to plant, as well as the farming methods to implement.  Farm managers supervise farm workers and are responsible for ensuring high production of crops and animals.


Sample Farm Manager CV Template

Janet Freeman

Midhurst Avenue, Muswell Hill

London, N14 3EP

Phone:  567-776-5555



I am a trained and enthusiastic individual with exceptional knowledge of farming who is looking for employment as a farm manager.


Summary of Qualification

  • Possess five years working as a farm manager.
  • Strong understanding of the processes of crop production from land preparation, planting, fertilizing, harvesting, and post production.
  • Highly knowledgeable of effective farm practices as well as the most effective kinds of plant material, fertilizers, and pesticides.
  • Sound knowledge of safety precautions and procedures to combat the occupational hazards.
  • Sound knowledge of plant pests and diseases and methods of control.


Career Experience/Job History

2005 – Present:  Farm Manager, Fresh Produce Company

  • Create a yearly plan of crops to plant as well as the expected output and target market.
  • Ensure the purchase of planting materials and other farm inputs before the start of each planting season.
  • Ensure that all equipment and farm implements are in good condition.
  • Manage the farm workers and ensure the proper timing and implementation of the farm plan.
  • Take charge and supervise the planting of crops until harvesting and marketing of the products.
  • Observe the outcome of each planting season and make a report and analysis of the outcome.
  • Make recommendations on the kind of crops to plant as well as farm upgrades that are needed to improve crop production.


2004:  High School Diploma

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.

Botanist CV Template

Botanists are biological scientists specializing in the science of plants.  Because of the broad number of species of plants, botanists may also specialize further depending on the type of plants they study.  Botanists may work in universities as researchers or professors and can also work in nature or agricultural organizations.


Sample Botanist CV Template

Gerry Fidler

Turnbridge Road

Liverpool, Merseyside, L35 2JE

Phone:  456-776-4444



A graduate of Botany with a wealth of knowledge and considerable experience who is seeking employment as a Botanist of a renowned company or agricultural research institution.


Summary of Qualification

  • Has three years of work experience as a botanist.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Great understanding of plants and sub-topics in the field such as plant anatomy, genetics, and phycology.
  • Has visited many forests and other sites and exposed to numerous plant types in different ecosystems.
  • Adept in the use of computer programs and applications related to the web in enhancing and making work more efficient.


Career Experience/Job History


2007 – Present:  Botanist, Quality Agri Company

  • Responsible for identifying plant samples and plants in the actual habitats.
  • Collect and preserve plant samples that have been identified.
  • Study different plants, their nature, and possible new uses in the field of agriculture and medicine.
  • Determine the properties and detailed development of plants as well as their anatomy and physiology.
  • Work with other experts to develop new methods of preserving plants and preventing the extinction of rare plants.
  • Make a complete documentation of all tests and identification.
  • Propose ways of making new knowledge known to the public for general use.



2003 – 2006:  Master of Science in Botany, Liverpool University

1999 – 2003:  Bachelor of Science in Botany, Liverpool University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.

Entomologist CV Template

Entomologists are professionals with expertise in the study of insects.  They identify and determine the nature of insects for possible use in agriculture and other fields.  Entomologists help develop alternative pest control by using beneficial insects.


Sample Entomologist CV Template

Philip Smith


Leicestershire, LE15 3TU

Phone:  345-776-3333



An expert in the field of studying insects who is seeking a position as an entomologist for a company that provides avenues for career development and would put to good use my skills and knowledge.


Summary of Qualification

  • Possess five years of work experience as an entomologist.
  • Sound knowledge about the principles and programs of the Food and Agriculture Organization and other national and international organizations involved in agriculture.
  • Great understanding of technological knowledge and issues surrounding the field of entomology.
  • Excellent ability to conceptualize and undertake research and extension work in entomology.
  • Up-to-date with new developments and discoveries related to the field.

Career Experience/Job History


2005 – Present:  Entomologist, BestProduce Company

  • Develop innovative techniques and methods to control insect pests in the farm.
  • Conduct research and tests to formulate new methods of integrated pest management discover effective methods of using beneficial insects to ward of harmful pests in the farm.
  • Introduce developed techniques and help in encouraging farmers to employ these new methods in their farms.
  • Lead the development and validation of new technologies developed by scientists in the company.
  • Help plan a program to introduce developments to the general public.



2002 – 2005:  Master of Science in Entomology, Leicestershire University

1998 – 2002:  Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Leicestershire University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.

Plant Pathologist CV Template

Plant pathologists are scientists involved in the study and research of plant diseases and their causes, nature and control.  They are employed as researchers and professors in schools or in industries involved in the development of pesticides and herbicides.


Sample Plant Pathologist CV Template

Quintin Lawson

Keppel Street

London, WC2E 7HT

Phone:  345-776-2222



I am highly talented and motivated expert in the field of plant pathology who is looking for a job that will employ my skills and abilities in improving crop production and agriculture, in general.


Summary of Qualification

  • Possess four years of professional experience as a plant pathologist in a research institution.
  • Highly knowledgeable and trained in conducting field and laboratory tests.
  • Proficient in the subject of mycology, virology and bacteriology of various plants.
  • Highly capable of preparing detailed and scientific reports and documents as well as analysis of data and results.

Career Experience/Job History


2006 – Present:  Plant Pathologist, Planters Research Company

  • Gathered data and information about rare and endemic plants and their specific diseases, their cause and methods of control.
  • Conduct laboratory experiments to determine the symptoms, progression, and treatment of plant diseases.
  • Conduct tests to isolate disease-causing pathogens and study their nature and characteristics.
  • Determine and document methods of treating and controlling disease-causing pathogens in plants.
  • Study diseased plants to determine methods of transmission and document the progression of the disease.
  • Work with other experts to help come up with a comprehensive control and treatment plan.
  • Make accurate reports and detailed analysis of the experiments for verification and use.


2003 – 2006:  Master of Science in Plant Pathology, London University

1999 – 2003:  Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, London University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.

Agricultural Engineer CV Template

Agricultural engineers are engineering professionals who are experts in farming systems and agricultural industries.  They design farm equipment and machinery for use in pre-production, production, and post-production to increase farm productivity.


Sample Agricultural Engineer CV Template

Engr. Martin Webley

Houghton Street

London, WC2A 5AE

Phone:  234-776-1111



I am a highly qualified and dedicated agricultural engineer who is capable of fulfilling a challenging position with reputable company.  I am seeking employment in the field.


Summary of Qualification

  • Three years of work experience as an agricultural engineer.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Adept in the use of computer programs relative to the job.
  • Abreast with technological advancements and researches in agricultural engineering.
  • Highly capable of resolving problems and seeking improvements to work.
  • Exceptional familiarity in the use of tools and equipment in engineering.

Career Experience/Job History


2007 – Present:  Agricultural Engineer, GreatDesign Company

  • Design machineries and equipment for use in land preparation, planting, harvesting and post-production processes.
  • Create and implement effective irrigation plan for specific types and conditions of land.
  • Develop innovative strategies and methods to increase production and ease the manual labor in the farm.
  • Design systems and equipment for crop storage and processing.
  • Work with other agricultural experts in establishing efficient farming methods.
  • Test the condition of equipment and machineries.
  • Supervise the implementation of project to ensure that the plan is followed fully.
  • Meet with clients to discuss their specifications and recommendations.
  • Prepare reports of completed projects and developed equipment.


2003 – 2006:  Master of Science in Agricultural Engineering, London University

1999 – 2003:  Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering, London University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.



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Landscape Architect CV Template

A landscape architect specializes in planning and managing an aesthetic and practical outdoor environment for various clients.  They utilize and maximize natural resources such as plants and hills in making attractive landscapes for residential areas, parks, and other areas.

Sample Landscape Architect CV Template


Dame Greenaway

Vineyard Street, Liverpool

Merseyside, L15 2PU

Phone:  234-776-6034



I am hoping to be employed as a landscape architect of an agricultural company where I can reach my highest potential in the field.  Landscape architecture is my passion and I will be able to contribute to the company my skills and abilities.


Summary of Qualification

  • Four years of work experience as a landscape architect.
  • Highly skilled in technical drawing and graphics.
  • Capable of producing precise and complete written reports, making design presentation and construction documents.
  • Innovative in making landscape design.
  • Great skills in conceptual layout.

Career Experience/Job History


2006 – Present:  Landscape Architect, Best Landscaping Company

  • Coordinate and manage projects involving landscape design.
  • Conceptualize the layout and design of site as well as design development of existing areas.
  • Develop masterplan for project areas and company property.
  • Make planting design of sites.
  • Plan specifications for projects including residential areas, golf courses, and commercial properties.
  • Do land surveys and visual analysis for the company and clients.
  • Submit proposals based on plans and concepts.
  • Create design presentations for clients and develop these based on preference of clients.


2001 – 2005:  Bachelor of Science in Biology Agriculture Major in Landscape Architecture, Liverpool University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.

Dairy Manager CV

A dairy manager is accountable for the economic health of the dairy corporation, and for generating means to maintain the business. He should be able to care for farm animals as well as have the ability to work with co workers .The CV for a dairy manager must contain detailed information regarding past achievements as well as career objectives along with educational qualification of the person.

Sample Dairy Manager CV

Ross Geller

32 New Jersey Road

New Jersey


Phone Number- 9888675432


Career objective

To plan, expand, and put into practice policies, actions, and practices for the proper functioning of a dairy farm to guarantee compliance with the company’s standards.

Educational Qualifications

I have studied Bachelor of Science from Texas University and Diploma of dairy farming from New York State University.

Professional background

I was a dairy manager for 3 years in New Dairy farm, Texas. I had worked in Mary’s Dairy in New York, as a senior buyer for 5 years from 2002 to 2007.

Career skills

I have managed dairy animals, like breeding, feeding and milking and sustaining of health situations of the animals. I have also sustained milk produce as well as properly utilized their genetic capability. In the past I have increased dealer loyalty by constantly developing purchaser training update and stocked as well as shelved dairy products.

Awards acquired

I have won several awards such as

  • Winner of the golden stork award 2002 for best service
  • Winner of silver dairy award 2008 for excellent service
  • Rotary award for care of animals 2008

Agronomist CV

Agronomists operate in both laboratories and fields. They are mainly scientists who specialize in crops and the soil they grow in and dedicate themselves to conservation of soil and educating farmers in that matter.

Sample Agronomist CV

Calvin Macauley,

43, Euclid Avenue,

Cleveland, OH 98455-156032

Mobile: +32 78365 56339

Telephone: 025 5567 9982

Fax: 026 4958 4496

Email Address:

Objective: To stumble on a position as an agronomist in a stable company and make a useful contribution.

Educational Qualification:

  • 2000- schooling completed from St. Homer High School
  • 2000-2004 – Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from Cleveland State University
  • 2004-2006 – Master of Science degree in Biochemistry from Washington University of Life Sciences
  • 2007 – present – currently attached to researching to secure a PhD degree from Washington University of Life Sciences

Summary of Professional Experience:

  • 2006- present – rendering my services as a lecturer for Biochemistry in New York State University

Special Skills:

  • An excellent communicator who understands the special needs of any person and can provide proper guidance
  • Sharp mathematics skill utilized in research


  • Discussing and projecting research or survey results in seminars and conferences
  • To educate the farmers about the best practices that is instrument in conserving the soil and stimulating growth in plants
  • To develop special type of high yielding seeds that are resistant to disease and adapt better to the soil
  • Troubleshooting issues regarding source of poor and infertile quality soil
  • To provide proper guidance to the landscaping contractors in the urban areas and educate them about soil conservation

Irrigation Design Engineer CV

The job of an irrigation design engineer involves a lot of work both indoors and outdoors. Studying, gauging and evaluating the terrain and then designing an irrigation system that would be the most suitable is mainly the responsibility of irrigation design engineer.

Sample Irrigation Design Engineer CV

Charlie Brown,

43, HIDCO Road,

Fairfax, VA 98455-156032

Mobile: +32 78365 56339

Telephone: 025 5567 9982

Fax: 026 4958 4496

Email Address:

Objective: I am willing to join a stable company as an irrigation design engineer where it would shape up my work culture and I would in turn help it realize its goals.

Educational Qualification:

  • 2004- Passed out of Winchester High School in Fairfax
  • 2004-2008- Bachelor of Engineer with specialization in agriculture from George Mason University

Summary of Professional Experience:

  • 2008- present – holding a position as assistant irrigation design engineer in IDE Company Private Limited

Special Skills:

  • Open to work in rural areas
  • Laudable communication skills and knowledge of local languages along with English facilitates working in accordance with the local group of people
  • Proficient in handling statistical data and business mathematics
  • Skilled in Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Profound knowledge of water requirements of the different types of terrain


  • To produce the desirable and suitable results in an area by studying the landscape, understanding it and then designing and developing a reasonably economical irrigation system
  • Interpreting aerial photographs to facilitate the conservation of soil and water of a particular area
  • Troubleshooting during installation or use of the irrigation system

Pest and Weed Controller CV

The pest and weed controllers are entrusted with the job of exterminating harmful pests from homes, educational institutes like schools and colleges and offices. In fact, they can make both indoor and outdoor environments free of unwanted pests. They have to be essentially certified by state and federal agencies as they deal with very harmful chemicals and have to know the safety measures very thoroughly.

Sample Pest and Weed Controller CV

Homer Simpson,

43, Minor Herald Road,

New York – 98455-156032

Mobile: +32 78365 56339

Telephone: 025 5567 9982

Fax: 026 4958 4496

Email Address:

Objective: Looking forward to a job as a pest and weed controller that presents a lot of challenges and provides a scope for growth

Educational Qualification:

  • 2007- Completed school from New York High School
  • 2008- Certification in the categories- Turf and Ornamental Horticulture, Control of Wood Destroying Pests

Summary of Professional Experience:

  • 2009- present – Currently working with the renowned company of Dr. Cormac’s Anti Pesto

Special Skills:

  • Specific knowledge about pest management and their biology
  • Mastering techniques and tools used in annihilation of vermin
  • Good communication skills that facilitate interaction with customers


  • Operating and controlling machinery and equipment
  • Using mathematics to solve problems
  • Judging and purchasing the right equipment
  • Studying of the laws that forbid the use of some specific techniques to get rid of the vermin
  • Monitor technical changes to deliver high standard rodent managements programs
  • Work in accordance with the landscape contractors