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Brand Advertising Manager CV

The primary job responsibility of a brand advertising manager is to create strategies and implement them to ensure that client brands have a good recall value and higher visibility in the target market. It is important for a brand advertising manager CV to highlight the job responsibilities along with client details handled.

Sample Brand Advertising Manager CV

Virginia Hay

3630 Peachtree Road

Atlanta, GA 30326

Contact: (404) 365-7333


Career Objective:

Use my experience in handling brands, in shaping brands, in creating brands, and in making brands a success for the growth of the agency I am associated with and simultaneous career growth as well.

Educational Qualifications:

2004-2007: Bachelors in Brand and Product Management, Wisconsin School of Business

Work Experience:

2007 – till date

Agency: JWT

Designation: Brand Manager

I joined JWT (J. Walter Thompson) in summer of 2007 in their brand management team and have grown in terms of gaining experience and in terms of designation and job responsibility.


  • Have been managing key areas of product and corporate branding including creating awareness, co-branding, USP, various brand elements, brand recognition, brand franchise, and brand positioning
  • Have handled brands like Levi’s Strauss & Co, Kleenex Tissues, Corona, Nestle, Pepsi, and Reckitt & Benckiser
  • Have taken the initiative of creating and implementing brand positioning strategies for Nestle and Pepsi based on target audience of each state in the US
  • Have created a smooth process under which creative and concept teams can work together for creating global brands


My team was awarded the CLIO-2009 and 2010 award for the “Most Visible Brand” and the “Most Saleable Brand”

Advertising Sales Agent CV

The primary job responsibility of an advertising sales agent is to generate revenue through selling ad space. It is hence important to provide information of your communication abilities, any past experience in the same industry, and job detail in your advertising sales agent CV. The CV should also highlight your career objective.

Sample Advertising Sales Agent CV

Monica Belluci

1200 Club View Drive #11S,

Los Angeles CA 90024

Contact: (310) 208-2690


Career Objective:

My career objective is to apply knowledge of marketing and sales in real environments to drive revenue, growth, and clients for the agency.

Educational Qualifications:

2007-2010: Bachelors in Marketing, S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management

Work Experience:

2010 – till date

Agency: BGP

Designation: Sales Agent

I joined BGP (Big Picture Group) in summer of 2010 and have been responsible for handling most of the sales requirements in their Los Angeles, California office.


  • I was given the key responsibility of developing clients for the agency and I have won 4 different accounts, which are US Open 2010 (Print), Necessary Roughness (Interactive), CBS (Broadcast), and Food Network (Interactive)
  • I have been responsible for creating client presentations using PowerPoint and am an important member of the presentation team
  • I have initiated the creation of the twin sales strategy for catering to print and TV clients
  • I have toured across the US with our creative and events team to ensure that client ad campaigns are well monitored and reaching the right audience


I was awarded the BGP “performer of the year” medal for drives sales in excess of $500,000 in 2010-2011

Advertising Director CV

An advertising director CV needs to be extremely detailed and should contain work experience that highlights mainly achievement. An advertising director could be from a creative background, client servicing stream, or even from media planning. The most important aspect is that an advertising director brings a lot expertise to any agency and this should be clearly highlighted in the CV.

Sample Advertising Director CV

Jennifer Cage

3975 Utopia Court,

Miami FL 33133

Contact: (305) 443-6421


Career Objective:

With my expertise and experience in the advertising industry, I would like to guide your agency towards maximizing client deliverables, bringing new clients on board, and generating high sales volume.

Educational Qualifications:

2000-2003: Bachelors in Advertising and Graphic Design, Columbus College of Art & Design, Ohio

Work Experience:

2003 – 2005

Agency: Tinsley

Designation: Sr. Copywriter

Joined Tinsley as a copywriter and was promoted to Sr. Copywriter within a year


  • Was responsible for creating stand alone copy for print ads
  • Helped the design team in creating both print and animated adverts for our clients
  • Created concepts, wrote copy, and created graphic design for different media platforms including print, TV, radio, interactive, films, and P.O.P
  • Client portfolio include Miami Children’s Hospital, Coke, Bascom Palmer, Key West, and Nova


I created a print ad for Miami Children’s Hospital, which was nominated and won the 2004 Clio award for best content and design


Work Experience:

2005 – till date

Agency: Y&R

Designation: Creative Director

Joined Y&R as a Sr. Copywriter and grew within the agency to become the Joint Creative Director


  • Learnt the media planning and client servicing aspect of advertising
  • Got opportunity to experiment with graphic design and animation
  • Handled a team of graphic designers, animators, illustrators, and copywriters
  • Coordinated with the client servicing team on various client projects and to enhance client experience
  • Handled a wide range of clients and portfolios
  • Clients include Tiger Beer, Xerox, Tulipan, Bacardi, Red Cross, Gap, Sony, and BBC


  • Xerox Wind Tunnel advert created by my team was nominated for Clio 2010 awards
  • Won the Mobius Award 2010 best advertisement of the year for National Domestic Hotline

Advertising Sales Executive CV

The job responsibility of an advertising sales executive is to work with the sales team of an advertising agency in managing, servicing, and retaining existing clients. The role demands dedication and commitment apart from excellent communication ability. An advertising sales executive CV should not only include objective but also highlight capabilities.

Sample Advertising Sales Executive CV

Susie Evans

13701 Southwest 109th Street,

Miami FL 33186

Contact: (305) 271-3711


Career Objective:

To use my knowledge gained through training and education of advertising and other media towards establishing great agency client relationships and to enhance my growth in the advertising industry.

Educational Qualifications:

2007-2010: Bachelor of Science in Advertising and Communication, University of Miami

Work Experience:

2010 to 2011

Agency: Creative Mind Works

Designation: Sales Executive

Joined Creative Mind Works as a Jr. Executive in their sales team and report to the Sales Manager


  • Managing the different client portfolios and keep abreast of their advertising needs
  • Have build a working and mutually beneficial relationship with print clients like Jackson South and Sun Vista Gardens
  • I am currently managing clients from different industries including healthcare, real estate, hospitality, law, and insurance
  • Have been responsible for creating result driven strategies that drive sales for the agency
  • Have been handling various aspects of advertising including strategy and production, brand positioning, client servicing, media planning, and sales auction services
  • Have been able to retain all my existing clients and have generated business worth $175,000 in the last 1 year.


  • Was among the top three students in Miami University majoring in advertising
  • Was applauded for carrying out a successful sales campaign called “Miami Calling” on behalf of Miami University

Advertising Sales Manager CV

The job responsibility of an advertising sales manager is to develop sound sales plans and create strategies that will generate revenue for the agency. The advertising sales manager CV should aim at providing information regarding your experience related to creating corporate presentations, client business proposals, and handling client queries and advertising needs.

Sample Advertising Sales Manager CV

James McKinsey

59 Woolton Hill Road,

Liverpool, Merseyside L18 8BT

Contact: 01625 460462


Career Objective:

With 5 years of experience in one of the top advertising agencies in the world, my goal is to grow with the organization. I would like to offer my skills and expertise in sales and my knowledge of advertising industry to help you agency to drive sales targets and achieve financial goals.

Educational Qualifications:

2002-2005: BA(Hons) in Advertising and Brand Management from Staffordshire University

Work Experience:

2006 to 2011

Agency: TBWA-London

Designation: Sr. Sales Manager

I joined TBWA-London as an advertising executive and was promoted twice during my tenure of 5 years.


  • Created business proposals on behalf of the agency using PowerPoint for client presentations
  • Generated a revenue of £350,000 in the first year of joining
  • Was responsible for getting client accounts worth £1,650,000 in the current financial year
  • Was responsible for creating business strategies that helped the agency to retain top clients including Absolut, Nissan, and Playstation
  • Currently handling a team of 12 sales executives
  • Have been responsible for training new recruits in the agency
  • Was instrumental in the development of the “Top-Up Client” business initiative catering to our existing clients


  • Won the “employee of the year” twice in a row (2009/2010)
  • Won the award of “Lion’s Share” for recording the maximum sales by any agency in the UK in 2009-10

Advertising Agency CV

The main aim of an advertising agency CV is to promote your skills and experience in the advertising industry to a reputed agency. The advertising agency CV should highlight experience and achievements in the industry as this is what will help you to get ahead of the immense competition that is there in the industry today.

Sample Advertising Agency CV

Harold Larwood

17 Best Beech Hill,

Wadhurst, East Sussex, TN5

Contact: 01424 230318


Career Objective:

To offer niche skills and solid advertising experience to your agency and carve a career where challenges will be mere hurdles and offering my best would simply be a walk in the park.

Educational Qualifications:

2005-2008: BA (Hons) Advertising from Edge Hill University, Lancashire

Work Experience:

2009 to 2011

Firm: Iris Nation

Designation: Accounts Manager

2 years of experience in development of new business, retaining existing clients, and working in-sync with the PR and creative team


  • Responsible for winning new business for the agency
  • Have won top accounts like Adidas and Philips
  • Responsible for managing these accounts and handling their PR requirements
  • Managing the release of print and electronic media adverts for clients
  • Managing a team of 9 account executives and 5 Sr. account executives
  • Initiated the “Thoughtful Campaign” for the homeless, which was rated Number Two in the UK and Number One advert in South East Asia
  • Created a PR campaign for Volkswagen’s Amarok for the UK audience


  • Was promoted as a Manager within 1 year of service
  • Won accounts worth £3,500,000 for the financial year 2010-2011
  • My campaign for the “Handicapped” was voted as the second best campaign in the UK

Advertising Coordinator CV

The job of an advertising coordinator is very integral to the client agency relationship. An advertising coordinator CV should not only show experience in building client relationships but also in maintaining those relationships. An advertising coordinator also takes care of all print and electronic media advertising requirements for clients.

Sample Advertising Coordinator CV

Jeremy Burns

Dale House, Lindrick Dale,

S81 8BB

Contact: 0114 321 5958


Career Objective:

To be able to use my skills, knowledge, and experience towards building long-term relationships with clients and manage agency corporate communication along with client’s advertising requirements.

Educational Qualifications:

2007-2008: MA Communication and Media from Sheffield Hallam University

2004-2007: BA (Honours) Public Relations from Sheffield Hallam University.

Work Experience:

2008 to current

Firm: Taylor Herring

Designation: Advertising and PR Co-ordinator

3 years of experience working with different clients and different advertising needs of each client.


Worked on several case studies for top clients including Legoland, Honda, Lovebox, HBO, Virgin Tv, and EMI

Initiated the Google Streetview awards campaign and delivered coverage worth £1.4Million

Worked with the client “Cadbury” and the creative team to conceptualize and develop and awareness campaign for Cadbury Flake 99 ice cream

Played an important role in creating walk-in fridge viral for Heineken

Have handled Public Relations and Advertising for different industries including books and publishing, food and drinks, sports, and even celebrity


  • Was responsible for pitching to clients like Fiat, Virgin, Dotmobile, and Mtv and won the accounts
  • Was awarded “Youngest PR achiever” award in summer 2010
  • Was able to retain clients like Honda, HBO, and EMI for 3 consecutive years and will be signing for the fourth year as well.

Marketing Advertising CV

The marketing advertising CV is for professionals who want to carve their niche in both marketing and advertising industry. At the heart of the marketing advertising CV is the educational information, the objective and the experience gained in the same industry. It is important to enclose relevant personal and professional details.

Sample Marketing Advertising CV

Elizabeth Grant

123 Western Avenue,

Branksome Park, Poole, Dorset BH11

Contact: 01202 665511


Career Objective:

To utilize my knowledge in both marketing and advertising to pursue a career that will offer challenges, which will stretch my imagination and creativity towards maximizing the final output using the resources available.

Educational Qualifications:

2006-2009: BA (Hons) Advertising and Marketing Communications from Bournemouth University, Dorset.

Work Experience:

2009 to current

Firm: Brand Republic

Designation: Manager – Media Communications

Joined Brand Republic as a Sr. executive in 2009 and was promoted to the position of a manager recently.


Managing client accounts and acting as a bridge between our clients and the creative team.

Initiated the “Save Our Wild” campaign, which is one of the most popular campaigns in Europe and was nominated for Golden Lion

Have been responsible for overseeing all marketing and promotional activities for various clients

Have provided creative inputs for development of Brand Republic website

Responsible for training of new recruits in creative and client accounts


  • Was promoted twice in a single year
  • My add campaign “Save Our Wild” received rave reviews in the British press and worldwide
  • Won “best advert award” from BBC in November 2009 and November 2010
  • Was awarded with the most creative ad trophy for a Reebok campaign in March 2010

Entry Level Advertising CV

The entry level advertising CV is used by those who have just passed out of college or university or an advertising school and are looking for an opportunity to begin their career in advertising. The advertising resume should include career objectives and educational qualifications and any experience in the industry will be a bonus.

Sample Entry Level Advertising CV

Naomi Sutherland

2391 Placid Way,

Ann Arbor MI 48105

Contact: (734) 761-9426


Career Objective:

Seeking an opportunity to utilize my knowledge of advertising, marketing as well as ability to create innovative concepts that will help shape my career in the industry.

Educational Qualifications:

2009-2011: Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising from Ferris State University, Michigan

Work Experience:

10 March 2010 – 10 June 2010: An internship with Leo Burnett

Was a part of the team that created advertising campaigns for print and electronic media for a Chicago based deodorant brand called Mean Stinks. The target audience for this deodorant is students and generation y teenagers. My responsibility was to work with the creative team to design and develop the concept. I also worked with the accounts team to understand the client requirement and accordingly incorporate those requirements into the storyboard.


Graduated top of the class

My final year advertising project called “Drops of Silver” was ranked number one (#1)

Have created student and staff caricatures, which was featured in; an online news portal for events from the State of Michigan.

Other Knowledge:

  • Well versed with computers
  • Knowledge of working with Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Imageready
  • I know painting, caricature, and can draw illustrations
  • Working knowledge of photography

Advertising CV

An advertising CV is a document which highlights the skills and qualifications of a candidate applying for a job in the field of advertising.

  • Such a CV, like all CVs, must require a comprehensive account of the candidate’s merits and eligibility for the job.
  •  However, a good advertising CV must also be impressive in highlighting those skills of the candidate which particularly pertain to advertising like creativity, proficiency in graphic designing or animation, and proficiency in skill.
  • An advertising CV must be appropriately creative and unique. Since uniqueness and innovation are the cornerstones of the field of advertising, these factors must be reflected in the candidate’s CV.
  • The advertising CV must be to the point, yet it must cover all the aspects of the candidate’s merits which may help him secure the job. A CV template is ultimately a pitching forward or selling of one’s skills and it is a sort of advertising itself. How the candidate frames his or her CV will be a good indication of how the candidate may fare in advertising.

Thus we see that there are many considerations which involve the framing of an advertising CV. They must be kept in mind to create that perfect CV Sample which will truly be valuable in securing, for the candidate, the coveted job in advertising.